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Family: ericaceae

General resources

  • Wikipedia. Online encyclopedia entry (if defined).
  • GRIN. Taxonomical details, with common names, distribution, and synonyms.

Species of Vaccinium

Vaccinium alaskense
Vaccinium ampullaceum
Vaccinium andersonii
Vaccinium angustifolium
Vaccinium arboreum
Vaccinium ashei
Vaccinium bancanum
Vaccinium boreale
Vaccinium bracteatum
Vaccinium carneolum
Vaccinium cercidifolium
Vaccinium cespitosum
Vaccinium corymbosum
Vaccinium crassifolium
Vaccinium darrowii
Vaccinium delavayi
Vaccinium deliciosum
Vaccinium dentatum
Vaccinium dunalianum
Vaccinium elliottii
Vaccinium exul
Vaccinium floribundum
Vaccinium formosum
Vaccinium fragile
Vaccinium fuscatum
Vaccinium glauco-album
Vaccinium hirsutum
Vaccinium keysseri
Vaccinium leptospermoides
Vaccinium macrocarpon
Vaccinium membranaceum
Vaccinium modestum
Vaccinium moupinense
Vaccinium myrsinites
Vaccinium myrtilloides
Vaccinium myrtillus
Vaccinium myrtoides
Vaccinium nummularia
Vaccinium oldhamii
Vaccinium ovalifolium
Vaccinium ovatum
Vaccinium oxycoccos
Vaccinium pallidum
Vaccinium parvifolium
Vaccinium praestans
Vaccinium scoparium
Vaccinium sikkimense
Vaccinium stamineum
Vaccinium striicaule
Vaccinium summifaucis
Vaccinium tenellum
Vaccinium uliginosum
Vaccinium vacillans
Vaccinium virgatum
Vaccinium vitis-idaea
Vaccinium yatabei

Last updated:27 May 2017