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Family: valerianaceae

General resources

  • Wikipedia. Online encyclopedia entry (if defined).
  • GRIN. Taxonomical details, with common names, distribution, and synonyms.

Species of Valeriana

Valeriana acutiloba
Valeriana alliariifolia
Valeriana alpestris
Valeriana alypifolia
Valeriana arizonica
Valeriana asarifolia
Valeriana barbulata
Valeriana bracteata
Valeriana capitata
Valeriana celtica
Valeriana chionophila
Valeriana corymbulosa
Valeriana crinii
Valeriana daghestanica
Valeriana densa
Valeriana dioica
Valeriana dioscoridis
Valeriana edulis
Valeriana elegans
Valeriana fedtschenkoi
Valeriana ficariifolia
Valeriana flagellifera
Valeriana gibbosa
Valeriana globulariifolia
Valeriana henrici
Valeriana hirticalyx
Valeriana inconspicua
Valeriana jaeschkei
Valeriana jatamansi
Valeriana kassarica
Valeriana leucophaea
Valeriana longiflora
Valeriana macrorhiza
Valeriana mandoniana
Valeriana martjanovii
Valeriana microphylla
Valeriana micropterina
Valeriana montana
Valeriana moyanoi
Valeriana niphobia
Valeriana nivalis
Valeriana occidentalis
Valeriana officinalis
Valeriana olenaea
Valeriana pauciflora
Valeriana paulae
Valeriana petrophila
Valeriana philippiana
Valeriana plantaginea
Valeriana pyrenaica
Valeriana pyrolifolia
Valeriana saliunca
Valeriana sambucifolia
Valeriana saxatilis
Valeriana scouleri
Valeriana sedifolia
Valeriana sisymbriifolia
Valeriana sitchensis
Valeriana speluncaria
Valeriana supina
Valeriana tangutica
Valeriana texana
Valeriana tripteris
Valeriana uliginosa

Last updated:05 Jul 2020