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NARGS 2022extra

The list below presents all the offerings from the current NARGS seed exchange. The default format shows three columns. For larger font size, you can try the two-column or single-column formats. Click on each species that you may be interested in to send it to your shortlist (you'll be able to whittle things down further from there). A new window will open to keep track of your shortlist (this uses a cookie on your computer). When you're ready for the next step, click on the 'Narrow it down' link in that window (or click here) for help with your shortlist.
Acaciella angustissima cream 100cm Arizona: Montezuma Pass 61 W
Acanthogilia gloriosa white/orange-red 1-3m 153 G
Acer davidii to 10m 167 G
Achillea clavennae white flr/silver lvs to 25cm 118 G
Achillea clypeolata yellow flr/grey felted lvs 45-60cm 11 G
Achillea holosericea yellow 15-20cm Bulgaria: Galicica 1900m 186 W
Achillea sp (ex Utah) yellow 4-15cm 142 G
Achillea tomentosa yellow flr/woolly lvs 15-30cm 71 72 G
Achyrachaena mollis yellow/white 30cm 13 G
Acis nicaeensis white 5-18cm 172 G
Aconitum anthora yellow 25-100cm 193 G
Aconitum krylovii cream-yellow 30-130cm 99 126 G
Aconitum palmatum violet 60-120cm 193 G
Aconitum sp blue 60cm 19 G
Aconitum tauricum dark violet-blue 10-80cm 107 G
Aconitum vulparia pale yellow 50-120cm 190 G
Actaea asiatica white/purple-black frt 30-80cm 134 193 G
Actaea japonica white 60-80cm 171 G
Actaea pachypoda white flr/white frt 45-60cm > G
Actaea simplex Atropurpurea Group white-pale pink flr/dark purple lvs 120-180cm 1 167 G
Adlumia fungosa white/pale pink-purple 0.5-4m 3 182 G
Aethionema armenum pink flr/blue-grey lvs 10-20cm 21 182 G
Aethionema capitatum pink-pale lilac flr/blue-green lvs 5-15cm 182 G
Aethionema glaucinum pink 5-10cm 130 G
Aethionema grandiflorum pink flr/blue-grey lvs 15-30cm > G
Aethionema kotschyi pink 10-15cm 142 G
Aethionema saxatile pink-white flr/blue-green lvs 5-20cm 27 182 191 G
Agapanthus sp (evergreen) white 75cm 184 G
Agastache foeniculum lavender-purple 60-120cm 167 G
Agastache rugosa 'Golden Jubilee' lavender-blue flr/yellow-green lvs 60-90cm 94 G
Agastache rupestris orange 120cm 128 G
Agastache rupestris pink 60-90cm 135 G
Agastache rupestris salmon orange-pink flr/grey-green lvs 60-90cm 178 G
Agastache rupestris x cana hybrid dark pink-orange 100cm 128 G
Agave bracteosa white-pale yellow 45cm/1.8m flr scape 175 G
Agave difformis light green-yellow/pink 45cm/3-5m flr scape 175 G
Agave maculata pale yellow-white turn pink-rose flr/spotted lvs 36cm lvs/130cm flr 48 G
Agave palmeri yellow/green 200cm Arizona: Chiricahuas 61 W
Agave parryi blue/green 150cm Arizona: Tonto National Forest 61 W
Agave undulata 'Cherry Chocolate Chip' burgundy flr/spotted wavy lvs w/red-white edge 20-120cm 166 G
Agave virginica green flr 40cm lvs/140cm flr 164 G
Akebia quinata (PI) pale purple-dark purple flr/whitish-purplish frt to 12m 182 G
Albuca canadensis white/green 40-150cm 110 194 G
Albuca humilis white/green stripe to 10cm 54 G
Albuca shawii yellow to 30cm 38 54 G
Albuca suaveolens yellowish/green 10-50cm 194 G
Alcea rosea yellow 200cm 184 G
Aletris farinosa white-cream 40-100cm 176 G
Allium altaicum white/yellow-tinged 40-100cm 42 91 G
Allium amplectens 'Graceful Beauty' white/lavender stamens 30cm 99 G
Allium carinatum ssp pulchellum rose-purple 30-50cm 99 187 G
Allium cernuum (large form) pink 45cm Canada: Gordon River_ Vancouver Island_ BC 173 W
Allium cernuum lavender 10-50cm 114 G
Allium cernuum pink 10-50cm 26 57 190 G
Allium cernuum pink/white 10-50cm > G
Allium cernuum white 10-50cm 140 G
Allium colchicifolium cream flr/blue-green lvs 15-20cm 100 G
Allium cristophii purple-lavender to 50cm > G
Allium cyathophorum purple-dark purple to 15cm 57 107 G
Allium daghestanicum pink/pale purple 20-30cm 95 G
Allium darwasicum greenish white 15-45cm 59 G
Allium decipiens pink-lilac 30-90cm 172 G
Allium flavum yellow 6-30cm > G
Allium guttatum white 30-70cm 194 G
Allium hollandicum 'Purple Sensation' purple-reddish violet to 80cm 19 G
Allium karataviense large rose-red 10-25cm 53 G
Allium karataviense mix 25-30cm 53 98 115 G
Allium lusitanicum pink-pale purple 20-45cm 178 G
Allium moly yellow 25-40cm 53 G
Allium neapolitanum white 15-50cm 52 G
Allium neriniflorum red-purple/pink 20-50cm 95 G
Allium nevskianum deep pink-red flr/blue-grey lvs 10-30cm 107 172 G
Allium nigrum white/green midvein 60-100cm 178 194 G
Allium nutans pink-pale purple 30-60cm 53 182 G
Allium olympicum lilac-pink/purple-red to 30cm 82 G
Allium oreophilum rose-red 15-20cm 172 G
Allium ovalifolium v ovalifolium white 30-60cm 95 G
Allium przewalskianum pale red-dark purple 10-40cm 89 G
Allium ramosum 'Hun Ken' white 50cm 41 G
Allium rotundum burgundy-purple 20-50cm 59 G
Allium rubrovittatum red-purple 5-20cm 194 G
Allium senescens 'Mini Milli' pink-purple 45cm 182 G
Allium senescens ssp glaucum pale pink-purple flr/blue-grey lvs 15-30cm 178 182 G
Allium siculum reddish/greenish-cream 50-120cm 114 182 G
Allium sp (ex Shaanxi_ China) purple/lilac 45cm 183 G
Allium sphaerocephalon reddish-purple 60-90cm 42 G
Allium stellatum deep pink 20-50cm 182 G
Allium thunbergii 'Album' white 20cm 74 G
Allium togashii pale pink/white 12-20cm 17 182 G
Allium tuberosum (PI) white 30-50cm 142 144 185 G
Allium unifolium bright pink 20-80cm 99 G
Allium victorialis 'Cantabria' greenish white 30-60cm 114 G
Allium victorialis white-greenish 25-80cm > G
Allium zebdanense white 25-40cm 182 G
Aloinopsis/Nananthus hybrids mix/various colors 4cm 130 G
Alopecurus lanatus white woolly lvs 3.5-30cm 178 G
Alstroemeria aurea yellow to 1m 116 G
Alstroemeria ligtu orange/pink 120cm 116 G
Alyssoides utriculata yellow 20-50cm 54 76 118 G
Alyssum montanum bright yellow flr/hairy grey-green lvs 5-25cm 110 G
Alyssum pateri bright yellow to 20cm 169 G
Alyssum propinquum silver lvs 2-3cm Turkey: Ala Dag 2600m 186 W
Alyssum wulfenianum yellow flr/grey-green lvs 5-20cm 53 G
Amelanchier grandiflora (x) white 8m 8 G
Amorpha canescens purple flr/grey-green lvs 30-100cm 84 G
Ampelodesmos mauritanicus 60-350cm 167 G
Amsonia ciliata v filifolia 'Georgia Pancake' pale blue 15cm 171 G
Amsonia hubrichtii pale blue 60-90cm 106 136 G
Amsonia illustris light blue 60-120cm 178 G
Amsonia tabernaemontana light blue 60-90cm 27 136 187 G
Amsonia tabernaemontana v salicifolia pale blue 60-90cm 184 G
Anacampseros rufescens pink-purple 5-8cm 35 G
Anaphalis margaritacea white 50cm Oregon: Mt Hood 1585m 112 W
Anchusa capensis cobalt blue 30-45cm 151 G
Androsace albana pink 5-25cm 118 G
Androsace chaixii pink/white 5-20cm 82 G
Androsace septentrionalis 'Stardust' white 10-25cm 25 G
Androsace septentrionalis (large-flowered form) white 10cm 63 G
Androsace villosa Turkey: Ilgaz Dag 2100m 186 W
Anemone berlandieri white 30-50cm 180 G
Anemone coronaria blue 20-40cm 29 G
Anemone hupehensis v japonica pink 30cm 190 G
Anemone multifida 'Major' white/creamy yellow 20-30cm 148 G
Anemone multifida 'Rubra' dark rose-pink to 30cm 68 G
Anemone multifida pink/cream 10-40cm 108 G
Anemone narcissiflora white 10-50cm 24 G
Anemone palmata yellow to 30cm 154 G
Anemone rupicola (cf) white/blue reverse 60cm 68 G
Anemone rupicola white/pink-violet reverse 5-25cm > G
Anemone sylvestris white 30-45cm 109 G
Anemone virginiana white/greenish-white 30-80cm 181 G
Anemonopsis macrophylla pale lavender-purple 40-80cm 134 126 21 G
Anemonopsis macrophylla white 40-80cm 126 21 G
Anethum graveolens yellow flr/blue-green lvs 40-120cm 178 G
Angelica gigas dark purple flr/purplish stems 1-2m 51 G
Anisodontea julii deep pink-purple to 2m 56 G
Antennaria dioica 'Rubra' deep pink flr/grey lvs 10-15cm 142 G
Antennaria dioica pale pink 3-10cm 53 G
Antennaria dioica white flr/grey woolly lvs 3-10cm 3 G
Antennaria parvifolia white-pink flr/grey woolly lvs 2-8cm 25 G
Antennaria rosea rose-cream flr/grey woolly lvs 9-40cm 74 G
Antennaria rosea ssp confinis cream yellow-red brown flr/grey woolly lvs 9-25cm 95 G
Antennaria rosea ssp pulvinata white 4-17cm 95 G
Anthemis cretica silver lvs 10-20cm Turkey: Bolkar Dag 2400m 186 W
Anthemis cretica white flr/grey lvs 10-30cm 130 G
Anthericum liliago white 60-90cm 22 55 69 G
Anthericum ramosum white 30-70cm 161 G
Anthoxanthum nitens (Midwest ecotype) green 60cm 41 G
Anthriscus sylvestris 'Ravenswing' white flr/dark purple-bronze lvs 30-90cm 110 G
Anthyllis aurea yellow 10-15cm Macedonia: Galicica 1900m 186 W
Anthyllis aurea yellow to 25cm 194 G
Anthyllis coccinea red 15-30cm 156 G
Anthyllis montana pink-dark purple 2-25cm 76 178 G
Anthyllis vulneraria red 10cm 54 G
Anthyllis vulneraria yellow 5-40cm 99 G
Anticlea (Zigadenus) elegans cream-greenish 20-80cm 74 G
Antirrhinum braun-blanquetii yellow 60-90cm 142 G
Antirrhinum hispanicum pink 10-30cm 180 G
Antirrhinum molle pale pink 12cm 130 G
Antirrhinum molle white to 30cm 118 G
Aquilegia 'Pink Ruffles' (nv) double deep pink 45cm 121 G
Aquilegia 'Swan Pink and Yellow' coral pink/pale yellow 50-60cm 19 G
Aquilegia bertolonii (cf) blue/white 15cm 174 G
Aquilegia bertolonii blue-violet 20-30cm > G
Aquilegia buergeriana 'Calimero' wine-purple/yellow 15-20cm 24 105 G
Aquilegia buergeriana (dwarf form) yellow/wine-purple 15-30cm > G
Aquilegia canadensis 'Corbett' pale yellow 30-45cm 3 G
Aquilegia canadensis 'Nana' red/yellow 15-20cm 35 G
Aquilegia canadensis (E Pennsylvania ecotype) red/yellow 30cm 176 G
Aquilegia canadensis (dwarf form) red/yellow 20-30cm 104 3 G
Aquilegia canadensis red/yellow 15-90cm 30 35 51 G
Aquilegia chrysantha 'Denver Gold' yellow flr/blue-green lvs 75-90cm 178 G
Aquilegia chrysantha yellow 30-120cm > G
Aquilegia coerulea blue/white 15-80cm 35 G
Aquilegia coerulea blue/white 30-60cm Colorado: San Juan Mtns 150 W
Aquilegia coerulea v ochroleuca white-pale blue 15-80cm 83 G
Aquilegia desertorum red/yellow 15-60cm 169 G
Aquilegia discolor blue/white 10-20cm 182 G
Aquilegia flabellata 'Cameo Rose & White' rose/white 15cm 190 G
Aquilegia flabellata Cameo Series pink 15cm 88 G
Aquilegia flabellata blue/white 20-30cm 22 G
Aquilegia flabellata v pumila blue 15cm 3 88 104 G
Aquilegia flabellata v pumila blue/white 15cm > G
Aquilegia flabellata v pumila pale pink/yellow cups 15cm 83 G
Aquilegia flabellata white 20-30cm 53 78 G
Aquilegia formosa (dwarf form) red/yellow 18cm 44 G
Aquilegia formosa orange/yellow Washington: Cascade Mtns 58 W
Aquilegia formosa red/yellow 30-100cm 155 G
Aquilegia fragrans creamy-white/pale purple tinge 15-80cm 70 88 G
Aquilegia glandulosa blue/white 20-40cm 70 88 G
Aquilegia hinckleyana yellow 50-70cm 180 G
Aquilegia micrantha v grahamii red/yellow 20-50cm 35 G
Aquilegia pyrenaica deep blue/lilac 10-30cm 42 G
Aquilegia saximontana (giant form) 178 G
Aquilegia saximontana blue/cream 5-25cm 151 G
Aquilegia saximontana x jonesii 89 G
Aquilegia shockleyi red/yellow 40-100cm 70 G
Aquilegia sibirica blue-purple/white 30-60cm 169 G
Aquilegia sp double white 50-60cm 81 G
Aquilegia sp mix orange/purple/pink 45cm 152 G
Aquilegia species mix mixed 71 G
Aquilegia viridiflora dark purplish brown/greenish 15-50cm 107 174 G
Aquilegia viridiflora v atropurpurea dark purple 15-50cm 24 G
Aquilegia vulgaris 'Black Barlow' double dark purple-black to 90cm 110 168 G
Aquilegia vulgaris 'Nivea' pure white to 90cm 110 G
Aquilegia vulgaris 'William Guiness' (true from seed) dark purple-black/white 60-75cm 21 G
Aquilegia vulgaris 'Winky Blue and White' blue/white to 45cm 182 G
Aquilegia vulgaris blue/white 60cm 76 142 G
Aquilegia vulgaris dark purple/white 60cm 19 G
Aquilegia vulgaris double red/purple/pink 75cm 22 G
Aralia californica greenish white 2-3m 175 G
Aralia racemosa white flr/purple frt 90-150cm 143 G
Arctostaphylos glandulosa (aff) white 150cm California: Smith River 183m 112 W
Arctostaphylos viscida (aff) pink 200cm California: Scott Valley 853m 112 W
Arctostaphylos viscida pale pink 2-4.8m California: W slope Sierra Nevada_ Mariposa Co 1524m 40 W
Arctotis fastuosa orange to 60cm 123 G
Argemone mexicana (PI) bright-pale yellow to 1m 15 G
Argemone munita white 40-160cm 178 G
Arisaema amurense green/carmine w/white stripes to 50cm 177 187 G
Arisaema flavum yellow 30-75cm 79 189 193 G
Arisaema sikokianum mix silver-center/all green lvs to 70cm 192 G
Arisaema triphyllum green/purple-brown w/white stripes 60-90cm 27 182 G
Aristea africana blue 10-15cm 156 G
Aristolochia fimbriata yellow-brown flr/silver-veined lvs 15-30cm > G
Aristolochia sempervirens yellow/purple-brown to 5m 150 191 G
Armeria 'Joystick' red/pink 30-35cm 66 G
Armeria caespitosa 'Red Faery' rose/red 7-12cm 72 G
Armeria girardii pink 8-15cm 47 G
Armeria maritima 'Cotton Tail' white 10-15cm 142 G
Armeria maritima 'Nifty Thrifty' pink flr/variegated lvs 5-15cm 71 72 G
Armeria maritima 'Rubra' deep pink 15-30cm 104 G
Armeria maritima 'Rubrifolia' rose-pink flr/burgundy lvs 15-20cm 71 72 79 G
Armeria maritima pale pink 20cm 142 G
Armeria maritima pink-white 15-30cm 77 G
Artemisia stelleriana yellow flr/white woolly lvs 15-60cm 63 G
Artemisia tridentata green 150cm Oregon: Strawberry Mtns 2377m 112 W
Arthropodium candidum white 10-30cm 157 G
Arum italicum cream-light green flr/orange-red frt 30-45cm 182 189 G
Aruncus dioicus 'Zweiweltenkind' cream white to 75cm 178 G
Aruncus sylvester v sylvester (as aethusifolius) cream-white 30cm 1 G
Asarina procumbens cream/yellow 5-7cm 25 72 151 G
Asarum caudatum v viridiflorum (moist packed) greenish-yellow flr 7-17cm 182 G
Asarum europaeum purple-brown to 15cm 76 G
Asclepias angustifolia 'Sonoita' blush pink buds/white flr 60cm 175 G
Asclepias incarnata pink-mauve 1-1.5m > G
Asclepias purpurascens deep rose-purple to 1m 166 G
Asclepias syriaca Connecticut: Southeast 21 W
Asclepias tuberosa Connecticut: Southeast 21 W
Asclepias tuberosa orange 30-100cm 113 116 171 G
Asimina triloba maroon flr/large green frt to 11m 144 G
Asperula lutea yellow-pink flr/greyish hairy lvs 8-30cm 194 G
Asperula orientalis pale-clear purplish blue to 30cm 30 G
Asperula rigida reddish-yellowish 7-30cm 194 G
Asperula taygetea pale creamy pink flr/grey woolly lvs 15-30cm 194 G
Asphodeline damascena (aff) white/pink mid-veins/silver swirl lvs 81cm 83 G
Asphodeline damascena white flr/blue-green lvs 45-170cm 18 73 G
Asphodeline liburnica yellow 60-100cm 99 G
Asphodeline lutea 'Italian Gold' yellow flr/grey-green lvs to 120cm 175 G
Asphodeline lutea yellow 90-120cm 118 G
Asphodeline taurica (ex Bolkar Dag_ Turkey) white flr/grey lvs 30-40cm 186 G
Asphodeline taurica white 60-80cm 91 100 G
Asphodelus albus white/pink-veined 50-120cm 70 90 G
Asphodelus sp Portugal: Sol e Serra 189 W
Aster alpinus lavender 15-30cm 14 G
Aster alpinus pink 15-30cm 129 G
Aster alpinus purple 15-30cm 59 118 G
Aster alpinus white 15-30cm 25 G
Aster amellus white 30cm 190 G
Aster flaccidus blue/mauve 3-30cm 107 G
Aster himalaicus blue-purple/lavender 8-25cm 65 66 G
Astilbe chinensis 'Pumila' lilac pink 15-30cm 77 G
Astilbe microphylla pale rose-pink 30-80cm 165 G
Astragalus canadensis cream/greenish-white to 120cm 8 178 G
Astrantia major pale pink 60-90cm 126 G
Astrantia major pink 60-90cm 58 G
Astrantia maxima white to 90cm 34 G
Atraphaxis billardierei white-pale pink/ages deep pink to 80cm 194 G
Aubrieta canescens blue/white eye 10cm 107 G
Aubrieta sp hybrids (ex Ukraine) mix 10-15cm 137 G
Aureolaria virginica Pennsylvania: Allegheny Co 185 W
Aurinia saxatilis golden yellow 10-30cm 118 G
Azorina vidalii pink 30-90cm 98 G
Balsamorhiza deltoidea yellow 20-90cm 132 G
Baptisia australis blue-violet flr/blue-black frt to 1.5m 77 182 G
Baptisia bracteata cream-pale yellow 45-75cm 114 G
Baptisia perfoliata yellow flr/blue-grey lvs 60-90cm 171 G
Beesia deltophylla white 14-34cm 58 G
Begonia dregei white to 40cm 13 157 G
Begonia grandis pink 28-60cm 182 G
Begonia grandis ssp sinensis pink 20-40cm 187 G
Bellevalia dubia blue violet-brownish 30-40cm 194 G
Bellevalia hyacinthoides pale blue-deep blue veining to 15cm 194 G
Bellevalia romana creamy white to 30cm 54 G
Bellevalia tabriziana white/pale blue to 15cm 29 G
Bellevalia trifoliata deep violet-ages white 25-40cm 194 G
Bellium bellidioides white 5-10cm 118 G
Berchemia scandens greenish-white flr/purple frt 6-18m 75 G
Bergeranthus vespertinus orange-yellow 2-5cm 130 G
Berlandiera lyrata yellow/red-maroon center 10-60cm 68 178 G
Berlandiera pumila 'Chocoholic' yellow fragrant flr 90cm 175 G
Berlandiera texana deep yellow-orange yellow to 120cm 180 G
Beta trigyna greenish-white to 100cm 178 G
Betonica officinalis 'Hummelo' rose-lavender 45-60cm 58 G
Betonica officinalis 'Nana' pink 25cm 91 G
Betonica officinalis reddish-purple 30-60cm > G
Betonica officinalis white 45-60m 99 G
Betula tianschanica (aff) (ex Halda) white bark 34 G
Billardiera longiflora greenish-cream flr/blue-purple frt 2-3m 150 G
Bletilla striata mix pink/white 44cm 68 G
Bloomeria crocea yellow 15-70cm 29 G
Boechera (Arabis) breweri (cf) lilac 25cm 99 G
Boechera (Arabis) breweri purple-lavender 6-35cm 150 G
Brimeura amethystina deep-pale blue 10-15cm 47 G
Brimeura amethystina sky blue 10-15cm 99 G
Briza maxima 20-60cm 25 63 G
Brodiaea elegans bluish purple-violet 10-50cm 178 G
Brodiaea elegans lavender 12cm Oregon: Trail_ Jackson Co 44 W
Brodiaea elegans purple 45cm Oregon: Jackson Co 13 W
Bulbinella angustifolia yellow 50-100cm 69 G
Bulbinella hookeri yellow to 60cm 69 G
Bunias orientalis (PI) yellowish green 40-100cm 41 G
Bupleurum ranunculoides 'Compactum' yellow 15cm 145 G
Bupleurum ranunculoides yellow 10-60cm 67 G
Bupleurum rotundifolium yellow-green 10-40cm 76 97 G
Bupleurum spinosum yellow to 30cm 178 G
Calandrinia sp (G&K 4698) orange 15cm 130 G
Calceolaria 'John Innes' yellow/reddish-brown spots 10-20cm 25 G
Calceolaria biflora yellow 10-45cm > G
Calceolaria cana purplish-rose pink/maroon-spotted flr 30-50cm 52 G
Calliandra californica red 60-180cm 70 G
Callicarpa dichotoma pink-white flr/purple frt 1-2m 21 G
Callirhoe bushii magenta-pale red 45-90cm 93 G
Callirhoe digitata reddish purple 50-200cm 170 G
Callirhoe involucrata reddish-purple 15-30cm > G
Calochortus albus white-pink 20-80cm 48 99 G
Calochortus argillosus white-purple/red center spots 40-60cm 39 G
Calochortus leichtlinii white 40cm California: Butte Co 138 W
Calochortus luteus deep yellow/red-brown 20-50cm 39 G
Calochortus venustus red/pink 10-60cm 12 G
Calochortus vestae white 15cm California: Mendocino Co 103 W
Calylophus sp yellow 40cm Arizona: Chiricahuas 61 W
Calyptridium monospermum white-pink 55cm California: W slope Sierra Nevada_ Mariposa Co 1524m 40 W
Camassia leichtlinii blue 45cm Canada: Langford_ BC 173 W
Camassia leichtlinii ssp leichtlinii creamy white 20-130cm 19 99 G
Camassia leichtlinii ssp suksdorfii blue-violet 20-130cm 117 G
Camassia quamash purple 60cm Oregon: Jackson Co 13 W
Camassia sp blue to 30cm 1 G
Campanula ajugifolia lavender blue 20-35cm 178 G
Campanula alliariifolia white-light violet 50-70cm 66 G
Campanula barbata pale-deep blue 10-30cm 118 159 G
Campanula carpatha rich-violet blue flr/dark grey-green lvs to 20cm 107 G
Campanula cervicaria pale blue-violet 30-100cm 63 G
Campanula collina rich purple-blue 15-35cm 182 G
Campanula formanekiana lilac blue-white flr/grey-downy lvs 15-30cm 107 G
Campanula glomerata dark violet-blue/purple 20-60cm 85 G
Campanula incurva pale blue-lilac to 30cm 59 101 178 G
Campanula lyrata violet-blue 20-50cm 194 G
Campanula moesiaca pale lilac-blue 30-45cm 159 G
Campanula pelviformis blue-violet 20-30cm 194 G
Campanula pendula creamy white 30-60cm 118 G
Campanula prenanthoides light blue to 122cm California: W slope Sierra Nevada_ Mariposa Co 1524m 40 W
Campanula primulifolia lavender blue to 90cm 99 159 G
Campanula rapunculus light blue/violet 40-80cm 56 G
Campanula sp purple 50cm Spain: Anisclo_ Aragon 61 W
Campanula thyrsoides pale yellow-cream 20-40cm 114 G
Campanula wanneri violet 30cm 73 G
Campsis radicans yellow 10m 56 G
Capnoides (Corydalis) sempervirens pink/yellow tip 5-80cm 63 182 G
Cardiocrinum cordatum v glehnii (hort) greenish-white/red throat to 180cm 193 G
Cardiocrinum giganteum v yunnanense (ex Chen Yi) white/maroon stripes 2-3m 192 G
Cardiocrinum giganteum white/streaked purple 1-3m 159 G
Carex heteroneura green 80cm California: Butte Co 138 W
Castilleja applegatei orange-red to 79cm California: W slope Sierra Nevada_ Mariposa Co 1524m 40 W
Castilleja elmeri red/orange 30cm Washington: Kittitas Co 1700m 132 W
Castilleja hispida orange/red 20cm Washington: Thurston Co 60m 132 W
Castilleja hispida red-orange 40cm Oregon: Sisters 1036m 112 W
Castilleja litoralis red 20cm Oregon: Short Beach 191 W
Castilleja miniata red/orange 25cm Washington: Pierce Co 1600m 132 W
Castilleja parviflora pink 30cm Oregon: Mt Hood 1707m 112 W
Castilleja parviflora v oreopola magenta 20cm Washington: Yakima Co 1700m 132 W
Castilleja thompsonii pale yellow/maroon 15cm Washington: Kittitas Co 1700m 132 W
Catananche caerulea lavender-blue 30-60cm 93 G
Ceanothus americanus white 80-150cm 17 41 G
Ceanothus cordulatus white 90-180cm California: W slope Sierra Nevada_ Mariposa Co 1524m 40 W
Ceanothus integerrimus white 90-400cm California: W slope Sierra Nevada_ Mariposa Co 1524m 40 W
Cenolophium denudatum white 50-150cm 1 G
Centaurea montana blue-purple 30-70cm 28 G
Centaurium scilloides bright pink 7.5cm 68 151 G
Cephalaria ambrosioides white-light yellow 60-180cm 194 G
Cephalaria gigantea pale yellow 120-180cm 1 87 G
Cerastium banaticum white to 40cm 194 G
Cerastium candidissimum white flr/woolly lvs 10-15cm 194 G
Ceratotheca triloba 'Alba' white 90-180cm 110 G
Cercis chinensis purplish red/pink/white 2-5m 21 G
Chaenactis nevii (aff) yellow 80cm Oregon: Mitchell 762m 112 W
Chamaebatiaria millefolium white 60-200cm 178 G
Chamaedorea microspadix white flr/red frt 1.2-3m 43 G
Chamaedorea radicalis red frt 3-4m 43 G
Chamaelirium luteum white 30-60cm 162 G
Chasmanthe floribunda v duckittii yellow 40-100cm 101 G
Chasmanthe sp yellow 50cm 37 G
Chasmatophyllum musculinum bright yellow 5cm 130 G
Cheirolophus burchardii pale lavender-purple 120-180cm 101 G
Chelone glabra white/pink tinged 20-230cm 143 G
Cherleria capillacea white 5-15cm 118 G
Chesneya ternata yellow 2cm 130 172 G
Chiastophyllum oppositifolium yellow 15cm 69 118 187 G
Chlorogalum pomeridianum white 100cm Oregon: Selma 427m 112 W
Chlorogalum pomeridianum white 60cm Oregon: Jackson Co 13 W
Chrysanthemum zawadskii ssp zawadskii (as weyrichii) pink 10-30cm 90 G
Chrysolepis chrysophylla 200cm Oregon: Timothy Lake 1067m 112 W
Cistus ladanifer Portugal: Faro 189 W
Cistus parviflorus rose-pink flr/grey-green felted lvs to 90cm 117 G
Cistus salviifolius 'Restonica Strain' white 80-120cm 117 G
Cistus sp Portugal: Faro 189 W
Clarkia pulchella bright pink/lavender to 50cm 26 G
Clarkia purpurea ssp quadrivulnera lavender-purple/dark wine red to 100cm 70 G
Clarkia sp (ex Greenhorn Mtns_ CA) pink 30cm 133 G
Claytonia rubra white 30cm California: W slope Sierra Nevada_ Mariposa Co 1676m 40 W
Clematis addisonii reddish-purple/cream tips 60-100cm 119 177 G
Clematis albicoma purplish-yellowish tips hairy flr 20-40cm 188 G
Clematis alpina pink to 2m 50 G
Clematis coactilis pale yellow/purple-tinged hairy flr 20-45cm 188 G
Clematis crispa violet-blue to 3m 105 G
Clematis fremontii pale blue-violet/purple 15-45cm > G
Clematis fruticosa yellow to 1m 178 G
Clematis fusca dark blue/maroon to 150cm 63 G
Clematis fusca purple-brown 35-200cm 114 G
Clematis heracleifolia 'Cassandra' mid-deep blue/fragrant 60-100cm 184 G
Clematis heracleifolia v heracleifolia (v urticifolia) violet/lilac-blue 30-100cm 188 G
Clematis heracleifolia v tubulosa blue-purple 30-100cm 188 G
Clematis hexapetala 'Mongolian Snowflake' white 30-90cm 175 G
Clematis hexapetala white 30-100cm > G
Clematis hirsutissima v scottii dark violet-blue 15-65cm > G
Clematis integrifolia 'Lake Baikal' lavender-blue 15-45cm 35 182 G
Clematis integrifolia 'Mongolian Bells' blue/lavender/pink/white 25-35cm 178 G
Clematis integrifolia purple to 1m 91 G
Clematis integrifolia purple/blue/white to 1m 11 G
Clematis ispahanica white/purple anthers to 2m (scarify seed) 188 G
Clematis ligusticifolia white 100cm Oregon: Aldrich Mtns 1067m 112 W
Clematis ligusticifolia white-cream to 6m 161 G
Clematis morefieldii (cannot send outside USA) pinkish/green to 5m 188 G
Clematis occidentalis lavender 3m 31 G
Clematis ochroleuca 'Bald Knob' creamy white fuzzy flr 38cm 188 G
Clematis ochroleuca pale yellow-pale purple 20-70cm 188 G
Clematis otophora yellow to 3m 188 G
Clematis pitcheri bluish-purple/reddish-purple to 4m 188 G
Clematis recta 'Lime Close' white flr/dark purple lvs to 1.5m 159 G
Clematis recta 'Purpurea' white flr/purple new lvs to 1.5m 1 182 G
Clematis tangutica bright yellow 2-4m 78 100 G
Clematis terniflora (PI) white vine Massachusetts: Chilmark_ Dukes Co 127 W
Clematis terniflora v mandshurica white 90-150cm 178 188 G
Clematis tibetana v laciniifolia yellow/yellow-brown 4-5m 188 G
Clematis tibetana v vernayi yellow/yellow-brown 3-5m 188 G
Clematis tibetana yellow/golden-brown 3-5m 188 G
Clematis versicolor (ex Humphreys Co_ TN) purple/white tips 3-5m 60 G
Clematis viorna reddish purple-lavender/cream-yellow to 4m > G
Clematis viticella blue-violet/rose-violet 2-4m 188 G
Cleome dodecandra white/pink/rose/purple 10-60cm 157 28 G
Cleomella serrulata purple 30-80cm 151 G
Clerodendrum trichotomum white flr/dark blue frt in red calyx 3-6m 21 G
Clianthus puniceus red/pink 0.8-3m 154 G
Clinopodium arkansanum white-pale purple 15-30cm 8 G
Clinopodium mimuloides salmon orange 30-200cm 39 G
Clintonia umbellulata white-greenish white flr/black frt 27-60cm 114 182 G
Codonopsis alpina purple-green/purple veins 15-25cm 47 G
Codonopsis clematidea pale blue/dark veins/purple spots inside 50-100cm 24 63 G
Codonopsis lanceolata yellow greenish-cream/purple inside to 3.5m 159 G
Codonopsis obtusa pale blue/pale purple inside to 60cm 47 G
Codonopsis ovata pale blue/purple veined 30-40cm 169 G
Colchicum 'Zephyr' violet-purple 15-20cm 87 G
Colchicum autumnale purplish pink/rose lilac 14-35cm 29 G
Colchicum cupanii pale-deep purplish pink 7-15cm 194 G
Colchicum montanum purple-red purple to 22cm 145 172 G
Colchicum rechingeri white 2-7cm 194 G
Colchicum speciosum (cf) 'TBD' (ex Daffodils and More) lavender pink 87 G
Colchicum woronowii pink 20cm 120 G
Collinsonia canadensis Connecticut: Franklin 1 W
Collinsonia canadensis yellow 60-120cm 175 G
Collinsonia japonica 'Snow White' white to 90cm 175 G
Collomia grandiflora apricot 40cm 15 G
Collomia linearis white/light peach to 30cm California: W slope Sierra Nevada_ Mariposa Co 1524m 40 W
Comarum palustre red-purple to 45cm 76 G
Commelina tuberosa bright blue to 60cm 159 G
Conoclinium coelestinum blue-violet to 1m 142 G
Conopholis americana yellow 10cm Michigan: Leelanau Co 17 W
Corallorhiza sp red-purple 40cm Oregon: Mt Hood 1158m 112 W
Coreopsis gigantea yellow 30-250cm 70 G
Coreopsis lanceolata yellow 70cm Massachusetts: South Easton 163 W
Coreopsis palmata Virginia: New River_ Grayson Co 35 W
Coreopsis tripteris yellow 90-200cm 35 G
Cornus nuttalli white/green 3.7-20m California: W slope Sierra Nevada_ Mariposa Co 1524m 40 W
Cornus sericea Wyoming: Big Horn Co 2012m 185 W
Cornus sericea white to 4m California: W slope Sierra Nevada_ Mariposa Co 1524m 40 W
Corydalis aurea yellow 20-35cm 67 G
Corydalis cheilanthifolia pale-bright yellow flr/bronze-silvery lvs 10-30cm 31 G
Corydalis nobilis cream-yellow/dark tip 30-50cm 82 G
Corydalis solida (moist packed) mix 10-25cm 182 G
Corylopsis gotoana yellow to 5m 21 G
Corynabutilon vitifolium white 180-240cm 116 G
Coryphantha kracikii LM 42 yellow 10cm 7 G
Cosmos sulphureus yellow-red orange 30-200cm 28 G
Cota melanoloma ssp melanoloma green 15-20cm Turkey: Ilgaz Dag 2100m 186 W
Cotoneaster salicifolius 'Repens' white flr/red frt to 30cm 21 G
Crambe maritima white flr/blue-green lvs to 75cm 140 G
Crassocephalum rubens blue/purple/mauve/pink 20-100cm 170 G
Crassula peploides white/pink 7.5cm 178 G
Crepis rubra pink/white 4-40cm 39 185 G
Crocosmia 'Lucifer' scarlet red 60-120cm 117 124 G
Crocus cartwrightianus lilac/purple veining 8-10cm 194 G
Crocus goulimyi lilac-blue 13-18cm 29 G
Crocus kotschyanus 'Reliance' pale bluish-lilac 10-15cm 2 G
Crocus kotschyanus pale-mid lilac/darker veining 10-18cm 29 99 G
Crocus pulchellus pale to mid-lilac/darker veins 12-20cm 172 G
Crocus salzmannii lilac/purple 10-15cm 172 G
Crocus vernus ssp vernus lilac-purple 8-12cm 29 G
Cyanella hyacinthoides pale-deep mauve/blue to 40cm 194 G
Cyclamen coum pink 10cm 54 G
Cyclamen graecum 'Windmill' pink 131 G
Cyclamen graecum pink 6-16cm 9 110 179 G
Cyclamen hederifolium pink 8-20cm 47 G
Cyclamen hederifolium pink-white 8-20cm 107 G
Cyclamen hederifolium v confusum pink-rose flr/thicker lvs 15cm 117 G
Cyclamen hederifolium white 8-20cm 182 G
Cynoglossum montanum dull maroon-deep pink 30-50cm 165 G
Cyrtanthus epiphyticus reddish-orange 30-50cm 191 G
Dactylicapnos (Dicentra) macrocapnos yellow 2-8m 99 G
Dactylicapnos (Dicentra) scandens yellow 2-5m 31 159 G
Dactylorhiza purpurella violet-purple to 45cm 68 G
Dalea frutescens purple to 90cm 180 G
Dalea purpurea rose-purple 20-90cm 151 175 G
Daphne laureola ssp philippi yellow-green 30-60cm 25 82 G
Daphne mezereum pink-light purple 50-150cm 25 29 76 G
Daphne mezereum white flr/yellow frt to 100cm 178 G
Daphne oleoides cream-white/pink tinted to 60cm 43 178 G
Darlingtonia californica green 60cm California: Shasta Co 138 W
Darmera peltata white-pink 30-150cm 19 178 G
Dasiphora fruticosa (ex Olympics) dwarf 178 G
Datura wrightii (PI) white-tinted purple 30-150cm 44 G
Daucus carota 'Rosea' (PI) rose-pink 40-100cm 182 G
Delosperma 'Jewel of Desert Garnet' deep reddish-pink 5-15cm 178 G
Delosperma 'Jewel of Desert' bright pink/red 10-15cm 31 G
Delosperma 'Orange Glow' orange-pink 10-15cm 178 G
Delosperma congestum yellow 5-10cm 31 130 178 G
Delosperma lydenbergense purple-pink 20cm 178 G
Delosperma nelii bright pink-purple to 15cm 178 G
Delosperma sutherlandii bright pink-purple 10-15cm 31 G
Delphinium andesicola Arizona: high country above Flagstaff 20 W
Delphinium elatum 'Black Knight' dark purple-black 150-180cm 123 G
Delphinium elatum 'King Arthur' dark blue-purple/white eye 120-180cm 123 G
Delphinium exaltatum pale lavender/purple 70-200cm 11 33 G
Delphinium grandiflorum hybrid white 100cm 29 G
Delphinium requienii lavender-grey to 150cm 52 119 G
Delphinium sp dark blue 90cm 116 G
Delphinium tatsienense purple-blue 30-80cm 158 G
Dianthus 'Peppermint Star' pink/red center flr/blue-green lvs 20cm 88 G
Dianthus Allwoodii Group pink/red/white 30-45cm 42 G
Dianthus alpinus rich pink 5-10cm 91 G
Dianthus alpinus white/red 5-10cm 172 G
Dianthus arenarius (cf) 178 G
Dianthus arenarius v bohemicus white 5-15cm 65 G
Dianthus arenarius white 20-30cm 76 G
Dianthus armeria deep pink to 60cm 142 G
Dianthus barbatus white 30-60cm 136 G
Dianthus callizonus pink-carmine 5-10cm 10 91 104 G
Dianthus carthusianorum deep pink-purple to 60cm 1 G
Dianthus chinensis 'Siberian Blue' lavender-blue/reddish-violet to 30cm 59 88 G
Dianthus crinitus white/pinkish 30-40cm 130 G
Dianthus deltoides 'Arctic Fire' white/red-pink eye 15-20cm 24 142 144 G
Dianthus deltoides 'Leuchtfunk' deep red 45cm 182 G
Dianthus deltoides magenta 30cm 116 G
Dianthus giganteus red-pink to 1m 42 62 178 G
Dianthus glacialis white to 5cm 118 G
Dianthus haematocalyx (cf) purple/red 35 G
Dianthus haematocalyx purple-red/pink 5-25cm 14 G
Dianthus haematocalyx ssp pindicola (cf) 35 G
Dianthus haematocalyx ssp pindicola pink 1-6cm > G
Dianthus hybrid pink/dark eye 15cm 44 G
Dianthus myrtinervius deep-bright pink 5-15cm 59 G
Dianthus nitidus deep pink 7-15cm > G
Dianthus pavonius pink-purple 5-10cm 121 149 G
Dianthus petraeus ssp noeanus white 10-15cm 35 102 178 G
Dianthus pinifolius bright pink 25cm 91 G
Dianthus plumarius mix 30-40cm 142 185 G
Dianthus plumarius ssp hoppei pale pink-white flr/blue-green lvs 10-20cm 35 G
Dianthus pungens ssp brachyanthus pink 5-10cm 21 130 G
Dianthus pyrenaicus pink to 30cm 194 G
Dianthus serratifolius pale pink-white 15-30cm 194 G
Dianthus sp mixed rock garden forms pink-dark pink/pink with black stipes 30 cm 2 G
Dianthus spiculifolius white 10-30cm 194 G
Dianthus squarrosus white flr/grey-green lvs to 10cm 53 117 G
Dianthus subacaulis pale-carmine pink 3-20cm 35 76 G
Dianthus subacaulis pink flr/grey lvs 15-25cm 22 G
Dianthus superbus 'Crimsonia' crimson red 45-60cm 30 G
Dianthus superbus dark pink 60-75cm 22 G
Dianthus superbus pink-lavender 25-45cm 110 G
Dianthus superbus pure white 25-45cm 110 G
Dianthus superbus ssp alpestris pink-white 30cm 174 G
Dianthus sylvestris ssp bertisceus pink 5-20cm 65 G
Dicentra eximia (large vigorous form) pink 45cm 182 G
Dicentra eximia rose-pink 30-45cm 74 G
Dichelostemma congestum bluish purple 30-80cm 150 G
Dichelostemma congestum purple 60cm Oregon: Jackson Co 13 W
Dichelostemma ida-maia red 20cm California: Mendocino Co 103 W
Dichelostemma ida-maia red/green 30-90cm 58 159 G
Dictamnus albus 'Purpureus' pink w/dark veins 60-90cm > G
Dictamnus albus white 60-90cm 68 G
Digitalis ciliata pale yellow 30-60cm 110 G
Digitalis ferruginea 'Gelber Herold' yellow/rusty veining 90-150cm 110 G
Digitalis ferruginea yellow-rusty brown to 120cm 28 G
Digitalis grandiflora pale yellow 70-120cm > G
Digitalis ikarica yellow-brown 40cm 194 G
Digitalis lutea ivory white to 100cm 28 37 G
Digitalis lutea pale yellow 60-90cm > G
Digitalis mertonensis (x) salmon 100cm 29 G
Digitalis obscura rusty dark orange/green-yellow 30-60cm 48 179 G
Digitalis parviflora 'Milk Chocolate' reddish-brown 60-90cm 47 G
Digitalis parviflora reddish brown 30-60cm 69 118 G
Digitalis purpurea 'Sutton's Apricot' pale apricot-pink 60-120cm 110 G
Digitalis purpurea purple-rose pink 60-150cm 27 G
Digitalis purpurea white 60-150cm 119 G
Digitalis purpurea white/gold flecks 90cm 110 G
Digitalis thapsi 'Spanish Peaks' rose-pink 45-60cm 175 G
Digitalis thapsi pink flr/woolly lvs 30-60cm 110 179 G
Digitalis viridiflora yellow-green 60-90cm 51 110 G
Dimorphotheca pluvialis whitish/bluish-purplish reverse 5-40cm 70 G
Diplarrena latifolia white/purple-yellow markings to 60cm 56 G
Diplarrena moraea white 50-100cm 159 G
Draba aizoides yellow 5 -10cm > G
Draba cappadocica yellow flr/grey lvs 5-10cm 151 G
Draba cusickii yellow 3-12cm 47 G
Draba cuspidata yellow flr/hairy lvs 5-10cm 182 G
Draba dedeana white 5-8cm > G
Draba densifolia pale yellow 2-10cm 26 73 107 G
Draba fladnizensis white 103-cm 24 G
Draba glacialis yellow to 20cm 107 G
Draba hispanica yellow 2-10cm 118 122 178 G
Draba incerta yellow flr/hairy lvs 4-14cm 36 107 182 G
Draba novolympica bright yellow to 4cm 95 182 G
Draba oligosperma yellow/cream white 2-10cm 151 G
Draba paysonii pale yellow 3cm 107 G
Draba polytricha yellow flr/grey-green lvs 1-5cm 10 151 G
Draba ramosissima white 7-30cm 107 G
Draba rigida yellow 5-10cm 107 182 G
Draba sphaeroides yellow 3-8cm 107 182 G
Dracocephalum argunense 'Fuji Blue' blue to 30cm 191 G
Dracocephalum argunense blue-purple 25-57cm 97 G
Dracocephalum botryoides lavender-pink flr/woolly lvs 10-15cm 91 169 G
Dracocephalum ruyschiana blue-purple 15-25cm > G
Drimia platyphylla reddish brown-creamy pink flr/velvety lvs 3-15cm 158 G
Dryas integrifolia cream 5cm Canada: Cape Norman_ NL 24 W
Dryas octopetala white/cream 3-12cm > G
Drymocallis (Potentilla) corsica white 5-20cm 121 G
Drymocallis (Potentilla) rupestris 'Nana' white 7-12cm 35 G
Drymocallis (Potentilla) rupestris white 18-45cm 121 G
Dudleya anthonyi red flr/chalky white lvs 30-60cm 160 G
Dudleya pulverulenta red flr/chalky white lvs 30-100cm 160 G
Dystaenia takesimana white to 180cm 120 G
Eccremocarpus scaber cherry red/dark orange lips 3m 159 G
Eccremocarpus scaber pink/yellow lips 3m 159 G
Echeandia chandleri 'Sierra Chiquita' golden yellow to 120cm 175 G
Echinacea Sombrero Series mix orange/red 60cm 116 G
Echinacea paradoxa yellow to 90m 86 G
Echinacea purpurea pink-purple 50-120cm 33 G
Echinacea purpurea red 100cm 163 G
Echinocereus rigidissimus L088 white 20cm 7 G
Echinocereus rigidissimus stout form x L088 red 25cm 7 G
Echinocereus viridiflorus yellowish green/dark red 8-30cm 91 G
Echinops sphaerocephalus 'Arctic Glow' white flr/red stems/silver lvs to 90cm 58 G
Echium amoenum russet-red 15-40cm 36 59 G
Echium vulgare 'Blue Bedder' violet-blue 40-50cm 119 G
Echium vulgare blue-purple 30-90cm 178 G
Edraianthus graminifolius blue-violet 5-10cm > G
Edraianthus pumilio violet-blue flr/silver lvs 1-3cm 118 130 G
Edraianthus serpyllifolius deep violet 2-5cm 151 G
Edraianthus tenuifolius blue-violet 5-20cm 65 G
Elmera racemosa white 20cm Washington: Lewis Lake 191 W
Elmera racemosa white/cream 10-35cm 182 G
Elsholtzia stauntonii rose-lilac purple 70-170cm 86 G
Elymus hystrix Michigan: Kent Co 143 W
Emilia javanica orange 30-60cm 178 G
Encelia californica yellow 50-150cm 154 G
Enemion biternatum (moist packed) white 10-40cm 182 G
Ephedra fedtschenkoae red cones to 10cm 91 G
Epilobium canum ssp garrettii pink 15-40cm 178 G
Epipactis gigantea greenish-rose/red-brown 30-100cm 99 G
Epipactis palustris deep pink-brownish/white 25-60cm 76 G
Eragrostis spectabilis reddish-purple 30-70cm 8 G
Eranthis hyemalis yellow to 15cm 151 173 G
Eremogone (Arenaria) acerosa white/purple 10-15cm 178 G
Eremogone (Arenaria) hookeri v hookeri white 1-15cm 151 G
Eremogone (Arenaria) kingii white/rarely pink 3-20cm 130 G
Eremogone (Arenaria) pseudacantholimon white 15-30cm 169 G
Eremurus himalaicus white 120-180cm 147 G
Eremurus isabellina (x) 'Cleopatra' peach-soft orange to 1.5m 116 G
Erica arborea white 1-4m 56 G
Ericameria nauseosa yellow 10-250cm 178 G
Erigeron compositus 'Betty Lowry' lavender 8cm 174 G
Erigeron compositus 'Como' lavender 15-18cm 174 178 G
Erigeron compositus 'Railroad Ridge' lavender-pink flr/grey-green lvs 5cm 72 151 G
Erigeron compositus 'The Giant' white 20-25cm 132 G
Erigeron compositus (dwarf form) pink 8cm 174 G
Erigeron compositus (tall form) white 178 G
Erigeron compositus lavender 5-15cm 174 G
Erigeron compositus lavender-pink 12cm 174 G
Erigeron compositus mix 5-15cm 42 G
Erigeron compositus pink 15cm Washington: Wing Lake 191 W
Erigeron compositus white 5-15cm 174 G
Erigeron glaucus 'Olga' lavender to 30cm 178 G
Erigeron glaucus purple 5-30cm 107 G
Erigeron leiomerus lavender-purple 4-12cm 110 G
Erigeron leiomerus white/blue-purple 4-12cm 71 72 G
Erigeron linearis bright yellow-cream flr/greenish-white lvs 5-20cm 178 G
Erigeron linearis yellow 10-20cm Washington: Douglas Co 400m 6 W
Erigeron nanus white 2-10cm 63 G
Erigeron ochroleucus white-pinkish 8-18cm 178 G
Erigeron pinnatisectus light blue-purplish 4-11cm 65 151 G
Erigeron poliospermus pink-purple 10-15cm Washington: Grant Co 650m 6 W
Erigeron scopulinus white 0.5-3.5cm 65 G
Erigeron speciosus (ex Colorado) purple 45cm 24 G
Erigeron tener blue-purple flr/grey-green lvs 2-15cm 65 130 G
Erigeron tweedyi blue-purple/white 4-20cm 79 G
Erigeron ursinus pink-bluish purple 5-25cm 65 G
Erinus alpinus mix 10-15cm 98 177 G
Eriogonum allenii yellow 30-50cm 176 G
Eriogonum compositum cream-white 20-40cm 174 G
Eriogonum corymbosum (ex NW New Mexico) dwarf 178 G
Eriogonum corymbosum white-cream/pink/yellow 15-80cm 178 G
Eriogonum crocatum yellow flr/silver-grey woolly lvs 30-50cm 160 G
Eriogonum douglasii cream-yellow 5-15cm Washington: Wenatchee Mtns_ Chelan Co 1800m 6 W
Eriogonum fasciculatum white-pinkish 2-150cm 133 G
Eriogonum heermannii v sulcatum yellowish white 10-40cm 130 G
Eriogonum heracleoides cream 30cm Washington: Kittitas Co 1700m 132 W
Eriogonum jamesii white-cream 5-25cm 178 G
Eriogonum pulchrum white-rose/greyish lvs 8-15cm 130 178 G
Eriogonum umbellatum v aureum 'Kannah Creek' yellow turns orange/purple-red winter lvs 30-40cm 178 G
Eriogonum umbellatum v hypoleium yellow 8-12cm Washington: Wenatchee Mtns_ Chelan Co 1750m 6 W
Eriogonum umbellatum v munzii (ex San Gabriel Mtns_ CA) yellow 153 G
Eriogonum umbellatum v umbellatum bright yellow 10-35m 130 G
Eriophorum sp white 30-60cm Michigan: Keweenaw Co 97 W
Eriophyllum ambrosiodes white to 100cm 70 G
Eriophyllum lanatum yellow flr/woolly grey lvs 10-60cm 26 178 G
Eritrichium canum blue 15-40cm 15 94 136 G
Eryngium agavifolium green/white 1m 178 G
Eryngium alpinum blue 30-70cm 104 G
Eryngium aquaticum v ravenelii 'Charleston Blues' blue to 75cm 175 G
Eryngium bourgatii silver-blue 15-45cm 178 G
Eryngium campestre blue 50cm 76 G
Eryngium creticum blue 25-100cm 110 G
Eryngium eburneum whitish-green 90-180cm 150 G
Eryngium giganteum bluish-silver 60-120cm > G
Eryngium leavenworthii purple-wine 60-90cm 171 G
Eryngium zabelii (x) 'Big Blue' deep blue to 90cm 24 G
Erysimum franciscanum hybrids 70 G
Erysimum pulchellum golden yellow 5-15cm 98 G
Erysimum sp (compact lvs/long stems) 178 G
Erythranthe (Mimulus) cardinalis orange-red/scarlet 25-80cm 99 G
Erythranthe (Mimulus) erubescens pink 80cm California: Butte Co 138 W
Erythranthe (Mimulus) grandis yellow/red spots 50-120cm Oregon: Short Beach 191 W
Erythranthe (Mimulus) lewisii crimson/pink 30cm Washington: Kittitas Co 1700m 132 W
Erythranthe (Mimulus) lewisii magenta 30cm Washington: Lewis Lake 191 W
Erythronium grandiflorum yellow 20cm Washington: Kittitas Co 1700m 132 W
Erythronium montanum white 30cm Washington: Indian Heaven 191 W
Erythronium oregonum (as ssp leucandrum) cream-pale yellow/pale anthers 15-40cm 14 G
Erythronium revolutum pink 30cm Canada: Loss Creek_ Vancouver Island BC 173 W
Erythronium sp mix 98 G
Eschscholzia caespitosa yellow/orange base 5-30cm 13 G
Euonymus americanus pale green flr/red-orange frt 2-3.5m 75 G
Farfugium japonicum yellow to 70cm 70 G
Felicia fruticosa purple-violet to 100cm 70 G
Ferocactus fordii red 10cm 7 G
Ferocactus gracilis ssp coloratus red to 70cm 7 G
Ferulago nodosa yellow to 60cm 194 G
Festuca brachyphylla 8-35cm 130 G
Festuca californica greenish grey lvs 30-150cm 70 G
Fibigia clypeata yellow flr/grey felted lvs 15-75cm 47 70 178 G
Filipendula camtschatica 'Summer Snow' white 213cm 175 G
Foeniculum vulgare 'Purpureum' yellow flr/purple-bronze lvs 90-180cm 171 G
Francoa appendiculata v ramosa white/pink 60-90cm 69 G
Francoa appendiculata v sonchifolia pale pink/dark veins to 60cm 69 G
Frangula californica green/white 1.8-4.5m California: W slope Sierra Nevada_ Mariposa Co 1524m 40 W
Frasera speciosa white 50cm Colorado: San Juan Mtns 150 W
Freesia laxa 'Joan Evans' white/red eye to 30cm 60 180 G
Freesia laxa red/white 20-35cm 98 G
Freesia laxa salmon 20-35cm 155 G
Freesia leichtlinii ssp alba (ex Kirstenbosch BG) white/yellow-lavender flush 10-20cm 49 G
Freesia leichtlinii ssp alba cream-white/flush mauve reverse 12-40cm 37 G
Fritillaria acmopetala yellowish green-purplish brown 30-70cm 99 172 G
Fritillaria affinis brown 15cm California: Mendocino Co 103 W
Fritillaria affinis brown 45cm Canada: Ruxton Island_ BC 173 W
Fritillaria affinis brown-purple/pale yellow-green 10-120cm 14 G
Fritillaria amana green/brown 8-35cm 174 G
Fritillaria carica 'Brown' brownish 3-15cm 172 G
Fritillaria elwesii dark purple/green 15-30cm 172 G
Fritillaria graeca green/purplish 6-20cm 172 G
Fritillaria imperialis red/orange 40-100cm 29 G
Fritillaria kurdica hybrid green/brown/yellow 20cm 174 G
Fritillaria meleagris mix 15-40cm 22 G
Fritillaria meleagris purple checkered 15-40cm 29 G
Fritillaria messanensis ssp gracilis red-purple/brown 20-35cm 175 G
Fritillaria pallidiflora pale yellow 15-45cm 100 189 190 G
Fritillaria pinardii purple/yellow 10-15cm 172 G
Fritillaria purdyi x biflora white/brown 40cm 2 G
Fritillaria pyrenaica brownish-purple/yellow-greenish 15-30cm 117 172 178 G
Fritillaria raddeana pale yellow-green 50-80cm 12 29 184 G
Fritillaria sewerzowii greenish-yellowish/purplish 15-25cm 172 G
Fumana procumbens yellow 10-30cm 59 G
Fumaria officinalis purplish-pink 10-70cm 63 G
Gaillardia sp (ex Colorado) red/yellow 60cm 5 G
Galatella (Aster) sedifolia lavender-blue/pinkish-lilac 60-90cm 178 G
Galax urceolata Virginia: Galax 35 W
Garrya wrightii yellow/green 3m Arizona: Montezuma Pass 61 W
Gaultheria procumbens white flr/red frt 5-20cm 182 G
Gaultheria pyroloides cream-light pink flr/white frt 10-30cm 99 G
Gazania linearis yellow/orange to 30cm 151 G
Geissorhiza erosa red 12-35cm 194 G
Geissorhiza radians deep blue-violet/red center 8-16cm 194 G
Geissorhiza splendidissima dark purple-blue 8-20cm 194 G
Geissorhiza tulbaghensis white/dark brown-purple center 5-15cm 194 G
Gelasia sericea yellow flr/white woolly hard cushion Turkey: Ilgaz Dag 2300m 186 W
Gelasine coerulea blue-lavender 30-50cm 157 175 G
Gelasine elongata bright blue-violet flr/grey-green lvs to 60cm 134 G
Gentiana acaulis blue 2-8cm 169 G
Gentiana andrewsii or clausa (cf) (bottle-type) blue 30cm 85 G
Gentiana andrewsii rich deep blue 30-60cm 83 G
Gentiana andrewsii white 30-60cm 144 G
Gentiana angustifolia deep sky blue to 10cm 104 147 149 G
Gentiana asclepiadea 'Knightshayes' deep blue 30-60cm 69 G
Gentiana asclepiadea 'Rosea' pink-rose 30-60cm 146 G
Gentiana asclepiadea blue 60-90cm 159 G
Gentiana asclepiadea deep blue 60-90cm 193 159 G
Gentiana asclepiadea lavender-rose 60-90cm 159 G
Gentiana asclepiadea white 60-90cm 159 G
Gentiana clausa blue-purple 30-60cm 1 51 G
Gentiana clusii blue 5-10cm 63 149 G
Gentiana cruciata violet-blue 20-40cm 53 142 G
Gentiana decumbens (aff) (section Cruciata) 178 G
Gentiana linearis blue-purple 30-60cm 162 G
Gentiana lutea yellow 1-2m 69 145 193 G
Gentiana newberryi ssp tiogana white 10cm California: Butte Co 138 W
Gentiana pumila ssp delphinensis deep blue 5-12cm 149 G
Gentiana tibetica pale yellow-green/cream 40-50cm 118 159 G
Gentianopsis crinita blue 30-60cm 162 G
Gentianopsis paludosa blue 25-60cm 63 G
Geranium brevicaule 'Nigricans' white flr/dark brown lvs 2.5-15cm 182 G
Geranium maculatum (ex wild Michigan) lilac-pink/rose to 60cm 182 G
Geranium phaeum 'Samobor' maroon flr/purple-brown marked lvs 30-90cm 140 G
Geranium sanguineum magenta-pink to 40cm 182 G
Geranium saxatile purplish 9-48cm 178 G
Geum 'Mrs. J. Bradshaw' semi-double orange-scarlet 45-60cm 1 G
Geum montanum bright yellow 10-35cm 35 76 G
Gilia capitata blue-bluish violet 10-50cm 133 G
Gillenia trifoliata white/pale rose 40-100cm 147 G
Gladiolus atroviolaceus black-purple 35-70cm 131 G
Gladiolus byzantinus magenta/deep red-purple to 90cm 187 G
Gladiolus carmineus deep pink-carmine 30-50cm 39 G
Gladiolus cunonius red 20-70cm 39 G
Gladiolus flanaganii bright red/paler red to 30cm 66 99 G
Gladiolus grandiflorus white/yellow 50cm 37 G
Gladiolus imbricatus reddish-violet purple 40-60cm 187 G
Gladiolus italicus pink-light purple 50-100cm 194 G
Gladiolus palustris red-purple 30-45cm 169 G
Gladiolus priorii red 30-40cm 23 39 G
Gladiolus scabridus bright pink to 100cm 170 G
Glaucidium palmatum pink-pale purple 45-60cm > G
Glaucium flavum yellow to 80cm 185 G
Globularia bisnagarica blue 5-30cm 2 118 G
Globularia cordifolia pale lavender-blue 5-10cm 98 124 G
Globularia incanescens pale blue 5-10cm 173 178 G
Globularia meridionalis lavender-blue 10-15cm 65 G
Globularia nudicaulis violet-blue 20-30cm 114 182 G
Globularia punctata (aff) blue 12-15cm 64 G
Globularia trichosantha violet-blue 15-20cm 90 141 G
Gymnocalycium capillense pink-white/red throat to 9cm 39 G
Gymnocalycium gibbosum (as v nigrum) off-white flr/black-grey body & spines 10-25cm 130 G
Gypsophila capitata white 20-35cm 174 G
Habranthus tubispathus yellow/copper reverse 10-20cm > G
Halesia diptera Magniflora Group white 7-11m 21 G
Haplocarpha scaposa pale yellow 20-50cm 170 G
Hastingsia alba white 30cm Oregon: Rough and Ready Flat 396m 112 W
Hechtia montana silver lvs 80cm Mexico: Sierra de la Laguna 61 W
Helenium amarum yellow 10-100cm 8 G
Helianthemum nummularium red shades 20-30cm 178 G
Helianthus giganteus (E Pennsylvania ecotype) yellow 3m 176 G
Helianthus strumosus (E Pennsylvania ecotype) yellow 2m 176 G
Helichrysum amorginum white-whitish pink flr/white woolly lvs 15-30cm 178 G
Helichrysum plicatum yellow 10-15cm Turkey: Abant 1630m 186 W
Helichrysum splendidum yellow flr/grey woolly lvs to 1.5m 170 G
Heliophila coronopifolia bright blue to 60cm 133 G
Heliopsis helianthoides 'Prima Ballerina' semi-double orange-yellow 60-100cm 185 G
Heliosperma pusillum white 8-20cm 118 G
Helleborus foetidus 'Sienna' (moist packed) pale green flr/dark greenish-black lvs 30-60cm 182 G
Helleborus foetidus yellow-green/burgundy edge 30-80cm 126 G
Helleborus hybridus (x) 'Eco Dragon's Blood' (moist packed) pink-green w/dark spots to 45cm 182 G
Helleborus hybridus (x) 'Sunshine Strain' (moist packed) mix 30-45cm 182 G
Helleborus hybridus (x) (moist packed) black-slate flr/dark green lvs to 45cm 182 G
Helleborus hybridus (x) (moist packed) dark pink/red spots to 45cm 182 G
Helleborus hybridus (x) (moist packed) deep pink picotee/maroon eye to 45cm 182 G
Helleborus hybridus (x) (moist packed) mixed to 45cm 182 G
Helleborus hybridus (x) (moist packed) pure white to 45cm 182 G
Helleborus hybridus (x) (moist packed) white/dark spots & veins to 45cm 182 G
Helleborus hybridus (x) mixed to 45cm 182 G
Heloniopsis umbellata white/pink-tinged 4-20cm 99 G
Hemerocallis citrina v citrina lemon yellow 100-130cm 85 G
Hemionitis bonariensis 10-60cm 158 G
Heracleum maximum (CA ecotype) white 300cm 41 G
Heracleum maximum Connecticut: Lebanon 1 W
Herbertia lahue bluish purple-violet 8-15cm 175 G
Hesperantha bachmannii white 15-30cm 194 G
Hesperantha cucullata white/red reverse 30cm 194 G
Hesperantha oligantha bright pink-purple 6-10cm 194 G
Hesperostipa spartea 40-80cm Minnesota: Washington Co 95 W
Heterotheca oregona yellow 50cm California: Smith River 122m 112 W
Heuchera abramsii reddish-purple/white 6-15cm 42 G
Heuchera americana greenish white/pink/purple 40-145cm 18 G
Heuchera cylindrica v alpina (cf) creamy white 10cm 122 G
Heuchera elegans pink-purplish/white 10-40cm 36 G
Heuchera micrantha cream 30cm Canada: Ruxton Island_ BC 173 W
Heuchera pulchella reddish rose/pinkish-white 7-15cm 169 178 G
Heuchera richardsonii green/greenish-white 20-95cm 42 51 G
Hibiscus coccineus bright red to 3m 195 G
Hibiscus moscheutos mix to 2.5m 113 G
Hibiscus moscheutos pink/white w/maroon eye to 2.5m 178 G
Hibiscus syriacus purple 125cm 56 G
Hieracium maculatum 'Leopard' yellow flr/maroon mottled lvs 15-25cm 1 157 G
Hieracium maculatum yellow flr/mottled lvs 10-50cm 178 G
Hieracium tomentosum (cf) soft yellow flr/silver lvs 15cm 1 G
Hieracium tomentosum yellow flr/white woolly lvs 10-40cm 19 42 178 G
Hieracium villosum yellow flr/silver-grey woolly lvs 30-45cm > G
Horkelia yadonii (cf) white 6-40cm 49 G
Horminum pyrenaicum pink 20-45cm 118 G
Horminum pyrenaicum violet-blue/dark purple 20-45cm 10 107 G
Hornungia (Hutchinsia) alpina white 5-10cm 118 G
Houstonia canadensis pale purplish pink-white 10-25cm 182 G
Hudsonia tomentosa yellow flr/woolly lvs to 40cm 62 G
Hyacinthoides hispanica mix 20-45cm 178 G
Hyacinthoides mauritanica lavender blue 8-30cm 9 G
Hyacinthoides non-scripta white/blue 20-50cm 120 G
Hyacinthoides reverchonii blue 10-25cm 29 G
Hydrangea arborescens white 150cm Ohio: Vinton Co 8 W
Hydrangea petiolaris white 9-15m 182 G
Hydrastis canadensis (moist packed) white flr/red frt 15-50cm 182 G
Hylotelephium tatarinowii white-pinkish 8-15cm 178 G
Hylotelephium telephium 'Matrona' mauve-pink 45-60cm 178 G
Hymenoxys hoopesii yellow 100cm Arizona: Mt Lemmon 61 W
Hypericum ascyron (ex New Hampshire) yellow 80cm 162 G
Hypericum buckleyi (ex North Carolina) yellow 20cm 162 G
Hypericum cerastoides (ex Rhodope Mtns_ Bulgaria) yellow prostrate 186 G
Hypericum coris yellow 10-40cm 3 G
Hypericum hircinum yellow 30-150m 100 G
Hypericum montbretii golden yellow 15-60cm 194 G
Hypericum oblongifolium bright yellow-orange 50-120cm 100 G
Hypericum olympicum f uniflorum 'Citrinum' pale yellow flr/grey-green lvs 10-30cm 72 G
Hypericum olympicum yellow flr/grey-green lvs to 25cm > G
Hypericum orientale yellow 10-30cm 154 G
Hypericum prolificum Pennsylvania: Allegheny Co 185 W
Hypericum przewalskii yellow 30-55cm 100 G
Hypericum sp (ex Maoxian_ Sichuan_ China) yellow 91cm 170 G
Hypericum uniflorum yellow 3-10cm 95 G
Hyssopus officinalis purplish-blue/pink/white 30-60cm 185 G
Hyssopus seravschanicus blue-violet 40-50cm 178 G
Iberis aurosica ssp nana white-lilac 5-15cm 65 G
Iberis sempervirens (compact form) white 8cm 122 G
Iberis simplex white-lilac 10-20cm 35 178 G
Ikonnikovia kaufmanniana purple 14-35cm 178 G
Ilex verticillata Connecticut: Southeast 21 W
Iliamna rivularis pinkish-white/rose-purple 50-200cm 185 G
Impatiens bicolor pink/yellow 26-75cm 178 G
Incarvillea delavayi rose-purple/pink 30-60cm 66 69 G
Incarvillea olgae pink-purple 100-150cm 159 G
Incarvillea zhongdianensis deep pink-magenta 20-50cm 69 G
Inula helenium yellow 50-150cm 129 159 181 G
Inula hookeri yellow 60-150cm 66 G
Inula magnifica yellow to 1.8m 159 G
Inula rhizocephala yellow 5-10cm 169 G
Iodanthus pinnatifidus light violet-white 30-80cm 8 G
Ionactis (Aster) linariifolia white 10-50cm 104 G
Ipheion uniflorum 'Alberto Castillo' white 7-15cm 59 G
Ipomopsis aggregata orange 60cm Colorado: Fremont Co 1850m 65 W
Ipomopsis aggregata red 25-40cm Washington: Wenatchee Mtns_ Chelan Co 1800m 6 W
Ipomopsis aggregata scarlet-red 30-150cm 27 150 G
Ipomopsis longiflora white/pale lavender-blue 20-45cm 151 G
Ipomopsis rubra scarlet red 60-180cm > G
Iris Cal-Sib hybrid (Pacific Coast x Sibirica) (dwarf) white 25cm 21 G
Iris Pacific Coast hybrid yellow 20-25cm 58 G
Iris brevicaulis blue-violet/lavender 35-70cm 183 G
Iris bulleyana dark-flowered form dark purple-black 60cm 69 G
Iris clarkei blue-violet 30-60cm 187 G
Iris delavayi dark violet 50-80cm 69 G
Iris dichotoma lavender 60-90cm 95 G
Iris dichotoma mixed lavender-purple 70cm 111 G
Iris dichotoma violet-pale blue 40-60cm 164 165 G
Iris domestica 'Freckle Face' orange/heavy red spots 45-60cm 182 G
Iris domestica 'Hello Yellow' yellow 25-60cm 60 G
Iris domestica orange-red-yellow/red spots 60-90cm 56 127 129 G
Iris douglasiana lavender-blue/tan-yellow 30cm 49 G
Iris ensata (wild Russian form) purple 91cm 170 G
Iris ensata dark reddish purple 25-100cm 111 G
Iris giganticaerulea blue/blue-purple 100-150cm 170 G
Iris graminea purple/violet-blue 20-50cm 88 126 G
Iris halophila v sogdiana (ex Ketman_ Kazakhstan) pale blue 30-50cm 186 G
Iris hookeri blue 30cm Canada: Cape St Mary's_ NL 24 W
Iris hookeri deep-pale blue/blue-violet 5-60cm 99 G
Iris jacquinii pale blue-deep blue purple to 50cm 99 G
Iris lactea (ex Almaty_ Kazakhstan)(hp) lavender-blue 50cm 111 G
Iris lactea pale violet/milky white-yellow 14-70cm 174 G
Iris missouriensis (ex Hohnholz Lakes_ CO) blue/lavender/white 60cm 5 G
Iris norrisii (x) mix 60-90cm 68 G
Iris norrisii (x) orange 30-60cm 64 G
Iris prismatica lavender/pale blue-violet 30-80cm 162 G
Iris ruthenica deep blue to 20cm 107 G
Iris ruthenica tall stem 178 G
Iris ruthenica violet to 20cm 100 G
Iris setosa (dwarf arctica form) blue-violet 15-30cm 69 G
Iris setosa dark blue-violet/purple 15-90cm 21 107 126 G
Iris sibirica 'Caesar's Brother' deep blue-purple 75-100cm 17 G
Iris sintenisii blue-violet 20-35cm 146 182 G
Iris tectorum blue/white mix 20-45cm 35 G
Iris tectorum bluish-violet 20-40cm 185 G
Iris tenax pink 15-45cm 52 G
Iris tenax purple 15-30cm 191 G
Iris tuberosa greenish-yellow/purplish brown-black 35-50cm 172 G
Iris typhifolia (hp) purple 65cm 111 G
Iris versicolor violet-blue/purple 20-60cm 185 G
Iris wilsonii yellow 50-60cm 69 G
Ixia patens purple 25cm 23 G
Ixia purpureorosea rose 25cm 23 G
Ixia viridiflora (ex Silverhill Seeds) turquoise/pale blue 20-30cm 49 G
Ixiolirion tataricum light blue-dark violet 10-40cm 169 172 G
Jeffersonia diphylla white 40cm 126 131 G
Juniperus turbinata Portugal: Sagres 189 W
Kalmia latifolia pink-purple 2-8m 99 G
Kniphofia hirsuta orange red/greenish yellow 30-60cm 124 G
Koelreuteria paniculata 'Rose Lantern' yellow flr/rose pink frt to 10m 21 G
Kolkwitzia amabilis light pink to 3m 21 182 G
Lablab purpureus rose-purple flr/maroon-purple frt to 6m 106 G
Lachenalia arbuthnotiae yellow 10-35cm 194 G
Lachenalia ensifolia white-pale blue 5cm 194 G
Lachenalia juncifolia (ex Silverhill Seeds) lavender-pink 10cm 49 G
Lachenalia mathewsii yellow 10-20cm 194 G
Lachenalia paucifolia pale-deep lilac to 7cm 194 G
Lachenalia pusilla white 1-4cm 156 G
Lallemantia canescens dark violet blue-lavender 20-50cm 169 178 G
Lamprocapnos (Dicentra) spectabilis 'Valentine' red/white flr/dark lvs 30-60cm 146 G
Lapeirousia divaricata white-pale pink 7-25cm 194 G
Lapeirousia jacquinii dark purple 20-30cm 194 G
Laser trilobum white 60-120cm 51 G
Lathyrus sp burgundy 30-40cm 37 G
Lathyrus vernus 'Alboroseus' pink/white 20-40cm 22 140 G
Lathyrus vernus 'Gracilis' violet-purple flr/long narrow lvs 30cm G
Lathyrus vernus f roseus rose pink 30cm 22 G
Lathyrus vernus pink 20-40cm 113 G
Lathyrus vernus reddish-purple 20-40cm 182 G
Leibnitzia anandria white 5-20cm 95 G
Leontice leontopetalum yellow 15-60cm 194 G
Leontopodium junpeianum white flr/grey lvs 2-25cm 145 G
Leopoldia comosa violet-blue/brownish-green 20-60cm 70 G
Leopoldia tenuiflora cream-brown/violet 25-50cm 172 G
Lepechinia ganderi white-lavender 1-2m 153 G
Leptospermum scoparium 'Adrianne' double red 2-3m 47 G
Lespedeza virginica pink-rose to 75cm 100 G
Leucojum aestivum white/yellowish green tips 30-60cm 17 G
Lewisia columbiana v wallowensis white/pink veins 10-30cm 65 74 G
Lewisia cotyledon mix 10-30cm 43 151 G
Lewisia cotyledon white 10-30cm 117 132 178 G
Lewisia rediviva pink 10cm Washington: Yakima Co 150 W
Lewisia rediviva rose-pink 1-3cm 26 G
Lewisiopsis tweedyi apricot 15-25cm Washington: Wenatchee Mtns_ Chelan Co 1550m 6 W
Liatris ligulistylis pinkish purple 20-100cm 1 83 108 G
Liatris microcephala lavender-purple 30-80cm 1 G
Liatris punctata magenta 15-85cm 92 G
Liatris punctata pink 15-85cm 104 G
Liatris punctata rose lavender 30cm Colorado: Boulder 84 W
Liatris pycnostachya deep rose purple 60-120cm 1 175 G
Liatris scariosa lavender-purple 30-150cm 164 G
Liatris scariosa v nieuwlandii (ex Franklin Co_ MO) 175 G
Liatris spicata (E Pennsylvania ecotype) purple 200cm 176 G
Libertia peregrinans white flr/green-orange lvs 15-70cm 70 G
Ligularia dentata 'Britt Marie Crawford' orange-yellow flr/purple-black lvs 60-100cm 85 G
Ligularia heterophylla yellow flr/grey-green lvs 20-200cm 24 G
Ligularia japonica yellow 50-100cm 1 104 G
Ligularia subsagittata yellow 25-90cm 24 G
Ligusticum grayi white 100cm Oregon: Strawberry Mtns 2377m 112 W
Lilium columbianum orange 150cm Oregon: Mt Hood 457m 112 W
Lilium columbianum orange 50cm Washington: Skagit Co 1600m 132 W
Lilium columbianum yellow/orange w/maroon spots to 1.7m 14 57 G
Lilium concolor orange 30-50cm 175 G
Lilium formosanum (cf) (1 year to bloom_ fragrant) white 100cm 106 G
Lilium formosanum v formosanum (ex Hehuanshan_ Taiwan) white 30cm 170 G
Lilium formosanum v formosanum white/flushed purple reverse 20-55cm 35 171 G
Lilium humboldtii ssp ocelllatum yellow-light orange/red spots to 3m 153 G
Lilium maritimum red-orange 1.2-2.3m 134 G
Lilium martagon 'Black Prince' dark burgundy-red to 120cm 122 G
Lilium martagon 'Cadense' yellow 90-180cm 34 G
Lilium martagon 'Painted Ladies' mix 60cm 22 G
Lilium martagon bright orange 90cm 22 G
Lilium martagon dark pink 1-2m 76 G
Lilium martagon mix 1-2m 25 126 G
Lilium martagon pink-purple/spotted 1-2m 69 127 189 G
Lilium martagon rose 1-2m 22 G
Lilium martagon white 1-2m > G
Lilium pardalinum ssp shastense orange-red to 2m 9 G
Lilium pensylvanicum orange-brick red 30-70cm 63 G
Lilium pumilum bright red 15-60cm 172 G
Lilium pyrenaicum yellow/orange/red to 130cm 24 G
Limonium minutum light violet 10-15cm 65 G
Linaria alpina mix 5-20cm 142 G
Linaria hybrids (dwarf species inc. 'Neon Lights') mix 10cm 159 G
Linaria purpurea 'Springside White' white flr/grey-green lvs 30-60cm 110 G
Linum arboreum yellow 30-50cm 64 G
Linum capitatum yellow 15-20cm Montenegro: Komovi 1800m 186 W
Linum capitatum yellow 20-30cm 172 G
Linum flavum yellow 15-20cm Macedonia: Galicica 1850m 186 W
Linum leucanthum white to 15cm 194 G
Linum lewisii blue 5-80cm 39 G
Linum perenne pale blue 40-60cm 171 G
Loasa tricolor white/red-yellow center 90-100cm 67 G
Lobelia cardinalis (NE ecotype) red 100cm 41 G
Lobelia cardinalis red 60-120cm > G
Lobelia cardinalis red 75cm New York: Arietta_ Hamilton Co 113 W
Lobelia siphilitica 'Mistassinica' blue 10-25cm 35 182 G
Lobelia siphilitica Virginia: Chestnut Creek_ Grayson Co 35 W
Lobelia siphilitica blue 60-90cm 181 G
Lobelia siphilitica blue/white mix 60-90cm 182 G
Lomatium grayi yellow 15-50cm 130 G
Lomatium nudicaule yellow 45cm Canada: Victoria_ BC 173 W
Lomelosia caucasica 'Fama Deep Blue' blue to 60cm 116 G
Lomelosia crenata ssp dallaportae pink 3-8cm 194 G
Lomelosia graminifolia lilac-pink 20-30cm 65 178 G
Lomelosia minoana (shrubby form) lilac-white 10-30cm 194 G
Lonicera sempervirens scarlet-orangish red 3-4.5m 91 G
Lotus corniculatus (PI) yellow 3-12cm 93 G
Ludwigia maritima 'Life's a Beach' yellow 90cm 175 G
Luina hypoleuca cream 40cm California: Smith River 366m 112 W
Lunaria annua 'Alba Variegata' white flr/variegated lvs 60-90cm 185 G
Lunaria annua purple-violet 60-90cm 51 G
Lupinus albicaulis white to 122cm California: Sierra Nevada foothills_ Madera Co 762m 40 W
Lupinus bicolor white/blue to 30cm California: Sierra Nevada foothills_ Madera Co 792m 40 W
Lupinus bicolor white/purple 30cm Oregon: Jackson Co 13 W
Lupinus densiflorus white-yellow/pink-lavender 10-80cm 70 G
Lupinus nanus blue/white 10-60cm 101 G
Lupinus polyphyllus blue/pink mix to 1m 81 G
Lupinus regalis (x) 'Morello Cherry' deep cherry red 60-90cm 58 G
Lupinus sp blue 90-150cm 116 G
Lupinus sp coral 60-90cm 116 G
Lutzia cretica yellow flr/grey woolly lvs 15-20cm 101 194 G
Luzula nivea white 30-60cm 58 G
Lysimachia atropurpurea dark red-purple 20-65cm 52 G
Lysimachia dubia pink to 80cm 194 G
Magnolia loebneri (x) 'Leonard Messel' white/rosy purple to 4.5m 1 G
Magnolia sieboldii white 5-10m 1 189 G
Maianthemum (Smilacina) racemosum Michigan: Kent Co 143 W
Maianthemum (Smilacina) racemosum white 50-90cm California: W slope Sierra Nevada_ Mariposa Co 1524m 40 W
Maianthemum (Smilacina) racemosum white flr/red frt 75-125cm 1 3 182 G
Malcolmia orsiniana ssp anglifolia pink-lilac 10-40cm 194 G
Malephora spp mixed yellow/red-orange 86 G
Malope trifida 'Vulcan' magenta pink 90-120cm 119 G
Malva cachemiriana reddish purple to 1m 185 G
Malva sylvestris 'Zebrina' pink/purple veins to 1m 94 G
Mandragora officinarum greenish-white/violet 10-15cm 172 186 G
Margyricarpus pinnatus white frt 20-30cm 70 G
Marrubium incanum white-pale lilac flr/silver woolly lvs 30-50cm 194 G
Marrubium supinum lavender-lilac flr/white woolly lvs 10-45cm 194 G
Matthiola perennis white flr/grey lvs 30-60cm 159 G
Mattiastrum racemosum blue flr/hairy lvs 12-40cm 91 G
Meconopsis Fertile Blue Group blue 60-120cm 66 G
Meconopsis baileyi (cluster-head form) 69 G
Meconopsis gakyidiana purple-blue 45-120cm 69 G
Meconopsis staintonii red to 2m 69 G
Melanthium virginicum white-greenish yellow 60-200cm 114 G
Melasphaerula graminea cream-pale yellow 30-50cm 39 G
Melissa officinalis 'Gold Leaf'/'All Gold' white flr/golden yellow lvs to 50cm 185 G
Mentzelia laevicaulis yellow 120cm California: Salmon Mtns 305m 112 W
Mentzelia laevicaulis yellow 22-100cm 5 160 G
Meum athamanticum white 30-60cm 118 G
Micranthes reflexa white 7-60cm 63 G
Milium effusum 'Aureum' yellow-green lvs 30-60cm 178 G
Mimulus ringens blue 90cm Ohio: Franklin Co 8 W
Mirabilis longiflora white 50-150cm 178 G
Mirabilis multiflora magenta-pink 40-70cm 93 115 G
Mitchella repens Connecticut: Southeast 21 W
Mitchella repens Pennsylvania: Venango Co 185 W
Mitella diphylla white 10-45cm 8 G
Mitella ovalis greenish yellow 15-35cm 179 G
Monardella villosa purple to 50cm 133 G
Monotropa uniflora Connecticut: Southeast 21 W
Moraea alticola pale yellow to 90cm 54 G
Moraea comptonii yellow-salmon/yellow center 18-40cm 194 G
Moraea miniata salmon/yellow 15-60cm 194 G
Moraea vegeta dull yellow-brown 15-30cm 194 G
Moraea villosa white to 40cm 103 G
Morina longifolia white turns pink-deep red to 90cm 15 38 66 G
Muhlenbergia (cf) sp (tall_ airy) gold 100cm Arizona: Mt Graham 61 W
Muhlenbergia reverchonii brown-purplish 40-80cm 178 G
Muhlenbergia sp (tall_ golden) gold 100cm Arizona: Montezuma Pass 61 W
Mukdenia rossii white 20-36cm 63 G
Muscari 'Jenny Robinson' pale blue-white to 15cm 98 G
Muscari latifolium dark purple/pale violet 15-30cm 172 G
Muscari macrocarpum (ex Rodericks Form) yellow 30cm 29 G
Muscari neglectum (as leucostomum)(ex Turkmenistan) 194 G
Muscari neglectum dark blue 5-20cm 54 G
Muscari pulchellum dark blue/pale blue 10-15cm 194 G
Myrica pensylvanica green-red flr/waxy pale blue-white frt to 2m 176 G
Napaea dioica white 1-2.2m 4 51 G
Narcissus assoanus yellow 7-25cm 172 G
Narcissus bulbocodium 'Apollo Gold' bright yellow 10-15cm 172 G
Narcissus romieuxii yellow 9-16cm 81 G
Narcissus rupicola yellow to 23cm 172 G
Narcissus tazetta ssp tazetta white/yellow 25-45cm 70 G
Narcissus tazetta white-cream/yellow 25-45cm 194 G
Narcissus triandrus white-pale yellow to 30cm 172 G
Narcissus watieri pure white 14cm 172 G
Narthecium californicum yellow 60cm California: Shasta Co 1676m 138 W
Nemophila maculata white/purple spots 15-30cm 123 G
Nemophila menziesii blue/white eye to15cm 123 133 G
Nepeta argolica white/purple spots flr/grey-felted lvs 45-75cm 194 G
Nepeta nepetella ssp aragonensis white flr/silver lvs 30-60cm 194 G
Nepeta trachonitica dark reddish-purple 35-110cm 194 G
Nepeta tuberosa purple-violet flr/woolly grey lvs 30-60cm 133 G
Nicotiana attenuata white 50-150cm 5 6 G
Nicotiana langsdorffii chartreuse to 1.5m 110 G
Nicotiana sylvestris white to 1.5m > G
Nigella damascena blue 20-50cm 28 113 G
Noccaea bellidifolia pink-lilac 5-6cm 118 G
Noccaea oppositifolia pink-lilac flr/grey-green lvs to 5cm 73 89 G
Noccaea stylosa pale violet-pink 3-7cm 121 151 G
Noccaea vesicaria white 4-18cm 65 G
Noccaea zaffranii white-pale pink flr/grey-green lvs 3-5cm 182 G
Nolana paradoxa blue/white center 15cm 123 G
Nolina beldingii cream 400cm Mexico: Sierra de la Laguna 61 W
Nothochelone nemorosa pink 40cm Washington: Indian Heaven 191 W
Notholirion bulbuliferum pale purple/blue purple 60-150cm 55 G
Notholirion thomsonianum pink/lavender white/pale-rose purple 40-100cm 175 G
Notholirion thomsonianum white/pink-yellow blush to 180cm 139 G
Notholithocarpus densiflorus 10m California: Oregon Summit 670m 112 W
Odontarrhena (Alyssum) argentea yellow flr/grey-green lvs 15-40cm 113 G
Odontarrhena (Alyssum) chalcidica yellow flr/grey lvs 10-60cm 178 G
Odontarrhena (Alyssum) lesbiaca yellow 15cm 194 G
Odontostomum hartwegii creamy white-yellowish to 55cm 194 G
Oenothera biennis yellow 1m Massachusetts: South Easton 163 W
Oenothera cespitosa white fades pink to 20cm 65 178 G
Oenothera curtiflora light pink 60-180cm Colorado: Boulder 1767m 84 W
Oenothera filiformis white fades pink 50-400cm 93 G
Oenothera flava pale yellow 7-10cm 155 G
Oenothera incana narrow lvs 178 G
Oenothera macrocarpa ssp fremontii yellow flr/silvery-green lvs 15-20cm 178 G
Oenothera macrocarpa yellow 4-40cm 35 91 G
Oenothera odorata yellow turns red 60-90cm 52 G
Oenothera organensis yellow/fades deep reddish orange 30-60cm 178 G
Oenothera serrulata (cf) yellow to 75cm 35 G
Oenothera sp (ex Peru) orange 178 G
Oenothera speciosa white-pink fades rosy-pink 4-60cm 99 G
Onobrychis ebenoides light-dark pink hairy flr 30-45cm 194 G
Onosma cinerea cream-yellow flr/grey-green hairy lvs 25-30cm 15 68 G
Onosma echioides pale yellow 15-30cm 178 G
Ophiopogon planiscapus purplish white flr/blue-black frt 20-30cm 70 G
Opuntia cespitosa yellow/red center 5-15cm 35 G
Orbexilum psoralioides 'Nash' lavender 45cm 175 G
Origanum microphyllum purple 20-50cm 194 G
Origanum rotundifolium lavender-pink/large pale green bracts/greyish lvs 10-20cm 159 G
Ornithogalum exscapum white 5-15cm 1 G
Ornithogalum magnum white 30-60cm 134 G
Ornithogalum princeps pale green-cream 60-90cm 55 G
Ornithogalum viridiflorum pale yellow-green to 1m 55 99 G
Orostachys fimbriata white flr/brown-orange lvs 10-20cm 178 G
Osmorhiza occidentalis yellow 180cm Oregon: Ochoco Mtns 1463m 112 W
Oxytropis besseyi reddish purple flr/silvery hairy lvs 14-19cm 108 G
Paeonia 'White Flower Farm Strain' single pink/yellow 90cm 17 G
Paeonia anomala rose-red to 1m 22 90 G
Paeonia anomala ssp veitchii rose-pink/red 30-90cm 34 38 189 G
Paeonia daurica ssp daurica pink 60-100cm 67 G
Paeonia daurica ssp mlokosewitschii deep magenta 45cm 67 G
Paeonia daurica ssp mlokosewitschii hybrid cream/pink center 60cm 68 G
Paeonia daurica ssp mlokosewitschii pinkish-yellow 45cm 67 G
Paeonia lactiflora 'Krinkled White' white 60-90cm 22 G
Paeonia lactiflora 'Sea Shell' pink 75-90cm 22 G
Paeonia mascula deep purplish-pink to 90cm 68 G
Paeonia obovata ssp japonica white 30-70cm 126 G
Paeonia obovata ssp willmottiae white 30-70cm 16 67 G
Paeonia rockii bright pink 90-120cm 147 G
Paeonia rockii hybrid pink 70-80cm 90 G
Paeonia suffruticosa (x) pink to 1.5m 184 G
Paeonia suffruticosa (x) white-light pink 64 G
Papaver alboroseum pink 5-10cm 63 G
Papaver alpinum pale orange 5-25cm 36 G
Papaver alpinum white 5-25cm 118 161 G
Papaver atlanticum 'Flore Pleno' semi-double orange 45-60cm 121 178 G
Papaver atlanticum soft apricot orange to 45cm > G
Papaver cambricum mix 40-60cm 51 G
Papaver cambricum orange 40-60cm 66 G
Papaver cambricum yellow 40-60cm 113 G
Papaver commutatum red/black blotches to 45cm 123 G
Papaver nigrotinctum red/black base 30-50cm 194 G
Papaver nudicaule yellow/orange/reddish-orange 10-40cm 22 G
Papaver orientale 'Prinzessin Victoria Louise' salmon-pink/black center 60-90cm 22 G
Papaver radicatum yellow to 25cm 108 G
Papaver rhoeas red/black base to 70cm 81 123 G
Papaver rupifragum orange-red to 50cm 11 178 G
Papaver somniferum 'Caroline's Pink' deep pink double & peony forms 60cm 152 G
Papaver somniferum 'Lauren's Grape' deep red-purple to 100cm > G
Papaver somniferum 'Orange Chiffon' orange to 100cm 110 G
Papaver somniferum coral-salmon to 100cm 182 G
Papaver somniferum mix pink/purple to 100cm 22 50 G
Papaver somniferum mix to 100cm 113 G
Papaver somniferum orange 60cm 77 G
Papaver somniferum pink to 100cm 17 133 G
Papaver somniferum red fringed/black center to 100cm 136 G
Papaver sp apricot-orange 30-40cm 50 G
Papaver sp orange/purple spots 30cm 68 G
Papaver ssp (somniferum and rhoeas mix) mostly pink 87 G
Paradisea liliastrum white 30-90cm 98 134 172 G
Paradisea lusitanica white 80-120cm > G
Paris quadrifolia yellow-green flr/blue-black frt 25-40cm 69 193 G
Parnassia glauca white/green veins 10-60cm 51 G
Parnassia grandifolia (ex Missouri) 162 G
Parnassia palustris white 8-35cm 63 G
Parodia mammulosa pale-golden yellow/pale pink 5-10cm 175 G
Pasithea caerulea blue 60cm 116 134 G
Paulownia tomentosa purple/violet-blue to 20m 56 G
Pavonia lasiopetala lavender-deep pink 50-100cm 175 G
Pedicularis bracteosa (aff) yellow 40cm Oregon: Mt Hood 1585m 112 W
Pedicularis bracteosa yellow/bronze 45cm Washington: Skagit Co 1600m 132 W
Pedicularis groenlandica purple 25cm Washington: Skagit Co 1600m 132 W
Pedicularis racemosa white 20cm Oregon: Mt Hood 1707m 112 W
Pediomelum tenuiflorum purple 60-90cm 5 G
Peltandra virginica (moist packed) Pennsylvania: Allegheny Co 185 W
Penstemon 'Merlot' (nv) purple 80cm 174 G
Penstemon acuminatus violet 40cm Oregon: Aldrich Mtns 1006m 112 W
Penstemon albertinus blue/violet 15-38cm 26 G
Penstemon barbatus ex 'Rondo' deep purple 30cm 122 G
Penstemon barbatus red/orangish red 30-100cm 174 G
Penstemon calycosus pink/rose/rosy-purple 60-90cm 46 G
Penstemon cardinalis red-crimson 32-100cm 92 128 168 G
Penstemon cardwellii purple 12cm Washington: Mt St Helen 9 W
Penstemon cardwellii purple 20cm Oregon: Santiam Pass 1463m 112 W
Penstemon cardwellii purple-violet 10-30cm 29 G
Penstemon clevelandii v connatus (ex Santa Rosa Mtns_ CA) red 153 G
Penstemon clutei pink-rose pink flr/blue-green lvs 30-60cm 84 135 G
Penstemon confertus pale yellow 20cm Washington: Kittitas Co 1700m 132 W
Penstemon davidsonii purple 15cm Oregon: Mt Hood 1280m 112 W
Penstemon deustus white 30cm California: Salmon Mtns 610m 112 W
Penstemon digitalis 'Husker Red' white flr/maroon lvs to 90cm 129 G
Penstemon digitalis white 25-90cm 33 46 110 G
Penstemon eatonii red 200cm Oregon: Prineville 914m 112 W
Penstemon euglaucus purple 50cm Oregon: Mt Hood 1219m 112 W
Penstemon euglaucus violet-blue/purple 15-55cm 14 G
Penstemon fruticosus lavender blue 18cm Washington: Kittitas Co 1700m 132 W
Penstemon fruticosus purple 20cm Oregon: Aldrich Mtns 1737m 112 W
Penstemon fruticosus v scouleri blue-lavender 15-40cm 149 G
Penstemon gairdneri lavender-rose 20-30cm Washington: Grant Co 650m 6 W
Penstemon glaber hybrid blue 60cm 174 G
Penstemon glaber v brandegeei blue-violet 50-65cm 92 G
Penstemon gormanii lavender-purple/bluish violet 10-30cm 108 G
Penstemon gracilis (cf) 178 G
Penstemon grandiflorus 'War Axe' lavender/white/purple flr/blue-grey lvs 60-90cm 92 G
Penstemon grandiflorus (ex Minnesota) pink/mauve to 90cm 95 G
Penstemon grandiflorus cerise-deepest pink red 60-90cm 125 G
Penstemon heterophyllus blue-violet/purple 30-150cm California: Mendocino Co 143 W
Penstemon hirsutus 'Blue Foam' blue to 45cm 121 G
Penstemon hirsutus 'Pygmaeus' lavender/white 15cm > G
Penstemon hirsutus 'Pygmaeus' pink 15cm 121 G
Penstemon hirsutus 'Pygmaeus' white 15cm 71 G
Penstemon hirsutus lavender-violet/white 20-60cm 110 G
Penstemon laetus blue-lavender/white to 76cm California: W slope Sierra Nevada_ Mariposa Co 1524m 40 W
Penstemon laevigatus pale lavender-violet 10-115cm 166 G
Penstemon laricifolius white/pink-violet/purple 10-30cm 89 G
Penstemon linarioides blue/lavender 8-50cm 178 G
Penstemon lyallii pink 30cm 191 G
Penstemon mexicali (x) 'Red Rocks' bright rose-red to 45cm 177 G
Penstemon mexicali (x) red/purple mix 30-60cm 116 G
Penstemon mexicali (x) rose-violet 50cm 159 G
Penstemon mucronatus blue-violet 10-35cm 178 G
Penstemon nitidus bright blue-pinkish flr/blue-grey lvs 5-40cm 108 G
Penstemon palmeri pale pink-white/pinkish lavender 43-140cm > G
Penstemon penlandii (cannot send outside USA) blue-bluish violet 7-25cm 178 G
Penstemon pinifolius 'Mersea Yellow' yellow 20-30cm 159 G
Penstemon pinifolius scarlet 10-50cm > G
Penstemon procerus purple 15cm Oregon: Mt Hood 1707m 112 W
Penstemon pruinosus deep blue 16cm Washington: Kittitas Co 1700m 132 W
Penstemon pseudospectabilis rose pink 30-100cm 91 178 G
Penstemon rostriflorus orangish red-scarlet 30-100cm 65 92 178 G
Penstemon secundiflorus mix 15-50cm 59 G
Penstemon serrulatus blue-violet/purple 13-80cm 99 116 G
Penstemon smallii pale red-purple 40-60cm 50 G
Penstemon sp red 30cm 116 G
Penstemon sp red short Arizona: Mt Lemmon 61 W
Penstemon sp red/orange 100cm Arizona: Mt Lemmon 61 W
Penstemon sp scarlet 100cm Arizona: Tonto National Forest 61 W
Penstemon spatulatus purple 30cm Oregon: Strawberry Mtns 2377m 112 W
Penstemon speciosus blue 40cm Oregon: Maury Mtns 1219m 112 W
Penstemon speciosus blue-lavender 60-75cm California: E slope Sierra Nevada_ Mono Co 2408m 40 W
Penstemon speciosus blue-violet/reddish purple 7-65cm 13 G
Penstemon spectabilis lavender/blue/pink/purple 80-120cm 156 G
Penstemon strictus 'Bandera' dark purple-blue 60cm 178 G
Penstemon strictus Wyoming 178 W
Penstemon strictus purple-violet/blue 35-70cm > G
Penstemon venustus lavender-purple/violet 18-80cm 6 G
Penstemon virens blue-light purple/violet 10-40cm 65 G
Penstemon whippleanus Wyoming 178 W
Penstemon whippleanus brownish purple-bluish violet 20-65cm 174 G
Penstemon whippleanus dark purple 20-60cm 191 G
Penstemon whippleanus mix 20-65cm 174 G
Penstemon whippleanus purple 25cm Colorado: Flat Tops Wilderness_ Garfield Co 2804m 135 W
Penstemon xylus blue-lavender/violet 6-12cm 135 G
Pentanema ensifolium yellow-golden 10-30cm 66 143 G
Persicaria orientalis (PI) rose red 60-250cm 68 G
Persicaria virginiana 'Painter's Palette' red flr/green-white-red lvs 45-60cm 75 G
Petrophytum caespitosum white to 10cm 130 178 G
Petrorhagia saxifraga pink-white 5-40cm 63 142 158 G
Petrosedum rupestre yellow lvs 35 G
Phacelia hastata white 50cm Oregon: Santiam Pass 1463m 112 W
Phacelia imbricata white 50-90cm California: W slope Sierra Nevada_ Mariposa Co 1524m 40 W
Phemeranthus brevifolius rose/lavender/white 6cm 151 G
Phemeranthus calcaricus rose-purple to 25cm 35 G
Phemeranthus calycinus pink/red-purple 25-40cm > G
Phemeranthus sediformis white to 10cm 6 179 G
Phemeranthus teretifolius (cf) rose-purple to 15cm 182 G
Phleum phleoides 10-70cm 178 G
Phlomis 'Orangette' (leucophracta x lunariifolia) orange/yellow to 150cm 194 G
Phlomis bovei ssp maroccana soft pink flr/grey-felted lvs 60-80cm 194 G
Phlomis cytherea (x) (fruticosa x cretica) yellow flr/grey lvs to 80cm 194 G
Phlomis russeliana soft yellow flr/grey-green lvs to 100cm 58 G
Phlomoides oreophila purple 30-80cm 178 G
Phlomoides tuberosa purple-pink 40-150cm > G
Phyllanthopsis phyllanthoides greenish-yellow 50-100cm 8 G
Physaria arizonica yellowish flr/grey-green lvs 2-10cm 151 G
Physaria bellii yellow flr/silvery hairy lvs 5-13cm 65 G
Physaria fendleri orange-yellow 5-25cm 60 G
Physochlaina orientalis violet 40-60cm 97 182 G
Phyteuma confusum deep blue 5-15cm 121 G
Phyteuma orbiculare deep blue-purple 20-50cm 104 G
Phyteuma persicifolium violet blue 30-90cm 193 G
Phyteuma scheuchzeri deep blue to 40cm > G
Phyteuma scheuchzeri light blue 30cm 10 G
Phyteuma sieberi blue-violet 5-30cm 65 G
Pilosella tardans yellow flr/hairy lvs 10-15cm 161 G
Pinellia pedatisecta yellowish-green to 45cm 178 G
Plagiorhegma (Jeffersonia) dubium pale lilac 10-30cm 193 G
Plantago maritima green 15cm Oregon: Short Beach 191 W
Plantago patagonica white woolly flr/woolly lvs 4-24cm 73 G
Plantago sempervirens greenish yellow 10-40cm 10 G
Platycodon grandiflorus 'Twinkle Blue' blue 15-20cm 142 G
Platycodon grandiflorus (dwarf form) blue 10-30cm 51 3 178 G
Platycodon grandiflorus (dwarf form) mix 10-30cm 77 G
Platycodon grandiflorus (dwarf form) pink 10-30cm 178 G
Platycodon grandiflorus (dwarf form) white 10-30cm 88 178 G
Platycodon grandiflorus blue/purple 30-90cm 88 G
Plocama calabrica pink 5-10cm 145 G
Podophyllum hexandrum mix 15-60cm 69 113 G
Podophyllum hexandrum pink 15-60cm 147 G
Polemonium boreale blue-purple flr/hairy lvs 10-20cm 53 G
Polemonium brandegeei pale yellow-white 10-20cm 21 G
Polemonium caeruleum blue-lavender 45-60m 19 G
Polemonium californicum blue 20cm Oregon: Mt Hood 1585m 112 W
Polemonium pauciflorum soft yellow/red tinge 30-45cm 38 174 G
Polemonium viscosum Wyoming: Libby Flats 178 W
Polemonium yezoense 'Purple Rain' blue flr/dark purple lvs 30-60cm 1 G
Pollia japonica white flr/blue frt 30-90m 73 75 G
Polygonatum biflorum Michigan: Kent Co 143 W
Polygonatum biflorum white-greenish yellow 50-200cm 88 136 G
Polygonatum latifolium white/green tips 10-120cm 193 G
Polygonatum odoratum 'Ruby Slippers' white flr/bright red stems 50cm 88 G
Polygonatum prattii white/pale purple 8-30cm 69 G
Polygonatum sibiricum white 50-90cm 68 G
Pontechium maculatum crimson red 40-70cm 158 G
Potentilla glaucophylla Wyoming: Johnson Co 2332m 185 W
Potentilla gracilis yellow 20-70cm 101 G
Potentilla hyparctica yellow 2-20cm 118 G
Potentilla megalantha yellow 10-20cm 35 G
Potentilla nepalensis 'Melton Fire' red-coral/cream 45-60cm 116 G
Potentilla nepalensis rose red 50cm 159 G
Potentilla porphyrantha pink flr/silver felted lvs 5-15m 130 G
Potentilla sp (ex Albania) white 30cm 165 G
Potentilla sp F&JK1098 (ex Albania_ Serpentine NE Pass) yellow to 25cm 35 G
Potentilla sp yellow to 60cm 76 G
Potentilla speciosa pale yellow flr/white woolly lvs 15cm Macedonia: Galicica 2000m 186 W
Potentilla speciosa very silver lvs 178 G
Potentilla speciosa yellow flr/white woolly lvs 10cm Turkey: Ala Dag 2200m 186 W
Potentilla uniflora yellow 5-10cm 63 G
Potentilla villosa yellow 5cm Canada: Port Renfrew_ BC 173 W
Primula alpicola mix 15-60cm 69 G
Primula alpicola violet/purple 15-60cm 152 G
Primula aurantiaca dark reddish-orange 5-30cm 69 G
Primula auriculata rose flr/farinose lvs 10-20cm Turkey: Ilgaz Dag 2180m 186 W
Primula bulleesiana (x) mix 45-60cm 68 169 G
Primula bulleyana orange-yellow 20-70cm 69 G
Primula chungensis pale orange 15-80cm 152 G
Primula clevelandii ssp insulare magenta-white 10-40cm 153 G
Primula cortusoides pink 20-30cm 63 G
Primula daonensis reddish pink-lilac to 9cm 145 G
Primula elatior light yellow to 30cm > G
Primula florindae red 30-120cm 69 G
Primula florindae yellow 30-120cm 69 99 G
Primula frondosa pinkish-purple 4-12cm 118 G
Primula japonica 'Apple Blossom' pale pink to 60cm 134 152 G
Primula japonica 'Miller's Crimson' crimson red 45-60cm 58 G
Primula japonica 'Postford White' white 45-60cm 38 G
Primula japonica dark crimson 45-60cm 159 G
Primula japonica dark red-magenta 45-60cm 1 G
Primula japonica pink 45-60cm 9 G
Primula japonica red 45-60cm 19 134 G
Primula japonica reddish pink 45-60cm 105 G
Primula jeffreyi magenta-lavender/cream 10-60cm 34 G
Primula latiloba white 15-40cm 99 G
Primula laurentiana lavender-pink 10-48cm 107 G
Primula matthioli pink-purple 20-25cm 34 G
Primula matthioli ssp pekinensis purple-violet/pink 20-25cm 152 G
Primula matthioli white 20-25cm 34 152 G
Primula meadia 'Aphrodite' magenta-pink 30-45cm 29 G
Primula meadia purple 10-50cm 60 G
Primula meadia white 10-50cm 17 21 G
Primula parryi Wyoming: Albany Co 3200m 185 W
Primula pauciflora magenta-lavender 10-45cm 22 69 99 G
Primula prolifera bright golden-yellow to 90cm 70 G
Primula pubescens (x) mix 15-20cm 151 G
Primula pulverulenta rose-purple 25-100cm 69 G
Primula secundiflora rose-purple/deep rose 10-60cm 69 G
Primula sieboldii mix 12-25cm 1 74 G
Primula sikkimensis yellow/cream 15-90cm 169 G
Primula veris red 8-30cm 114 G
Primula veris yellow 8-30cm 35 184 G
Primula vulgaris pale yellow/deep yellow center 5-15cm 192 G
Prometheum pilosum bright pink to 10cm 107 G
Prometheum sempervivoides bright red flr & frt Turkey: Ilgaz Dag 1730m 186 W
Prometheum sempervivoides scarlet 7-20cm 151 G
Prospero autumnale lilac/pink/bluish purple to 15cm 54 98 178 G
Psephellus bellus pink flr/silver-grey lvs 25-40cm 151 G
Pseudofumaria (Corydalis) alba ssp acaulis white-cream/yellow lip to 40cm 182 G
Pseudomuscari pallens pale blue-white 10-15cm 172 G
Pterocephalus pinardii pink 4cm 108 130 G
Pterospora andromedea cream 100cm Oregon: Mt Hood 914m 112 W
Pulsatilla ambigua (cf) dark blue 15-45cm 63 G
Pulsatilla campanella blue-violet 14-20cm 193 G
Pulsatilla grandis violet-purple 5-30cm 117 G
Pulsatilla patens blue/purple 5-40cm 1 G
Pulsatilla vernalis white/blue or pink reverse 5-15cm 47 145 G
Pulsatilla vulgaris 'Dissecta' red 40cm 22 G
Pulsatilla vulgaris dark red 15-40cm 43 G
Pulsatilla vulgaris mix 15-40cm 98 G
Pulsatilla vulgaris pink 15-40cm 104 178 G
Pulsatilla vulgaris purple 15-40cm > G
Pulsatilla vulgaris red/purple mix 15-40cm 85 G
Pulsatilla vulgaris white 15-40cm 77 G
Purshia mexicana white-cream 1-3m 84 G
Puschkinia scilloides white/pale blue stripe 10-15cm 29 G
Pyrgophyllum yunnanense pale yellow 25-55cm 189 G
Rabiea albipuncta yellow to 22cm 130 G
Raffenaldia primuloides yellow/lilac/white 15cm 82 G
Ramonda myconi deep violet 6-12cm 73 117 G
Ramonda serbica lilac to 8cm 117 G
Ranunculus calandrinioides white/tinged pink to 20cm 29 G
Ranunculus gramineus yellow 30-45cm 57 82 130 G
Ranunculus lanuginosus yellow-orange 30-80cm 82 G
Ranunculus occidentalis yellow 30cm Oregon: Jackson Co 13 W
Ranunculus parnassifolius white/flushed pink 2-20cm 63 G
Ranunculus platanifolius white 30-100cm 82 G
Ratibida columnifera 'Red Midget' reddish brown-yellow to 50cm 93 G
Ratibida columnifera yellow/maroon to 1m 84 G
Ratibida pinnata yellow to 125cm 86 156 G
Rhexia mariana pink-lavender/white 20-80cm 3 G
Rhexia virginica rose-lavender 20-60cm 68 G
Rhodiola rhodantha Colorado 178 W
Rhododendron catawbiense North Carolina: Avery Co 137 W
Rhododendron kiusianum rose-purple 45-60cm 182 G
Rhododendron pseudochrysanthum pink 90-250cm 21 G
Rhodotypos scandens white flr/jet-black frt to 2m 75 G
Ribes nevadense dark pink to 180cm California: W slope Sierra Nevada_ Mariposa Co 1524m 40 W
Ribes roezlii white-red flr/spiny frt to 1.5m California: W slope Sierra Nevada_ Mariposa Co 1524m 40 W
Rivina humilis white/green-pink/purplish 40-200cm 178 G
Rohdea fargesii 'Green Panda' (moist packed) white ages orange 60cm 175 G
Romanzoffia sitchensis white 20-30cm 146 G
Romulea bulbocodium violet-lilac/yellow/white 10-15cm 117 G
Romulea columnae ssp grandiscapa dark purple 5-15cm 194 G
Romulea diversiformis yellow 8-20cm 194 G
Romulea multisulcata yellow/white 30-50cm 194 G
Romulea ramiflora mauve to 15cm 54 G
Romulea rosea pink-magenta 6-15cm 54 G
Romulea sabulosa dark red/black-yellow green center 12-40cm 194 G
Romulea subfistulosa rose-pink/yellow eye 10-25cm 23 G
Romulea tetragona rose-lilac 8-30cm 54 194 G
Rosa acicularis Wyoming: Johnson Co 2332m 185 W
Rosa canina pale pink/deep rose-white 1-5m 185 G
Rosa gallica pink Romania 183 W
Rosa spinosissima cream-white/pale pink 20-140cm 99 119 G
Roscoea scillifolia dark purple-black 10-25cm 117 G
Rubus parviflorus white/yellow 120-240cm California: W slope Sierra Nevada_ Mariposa Co 1524m 40 W
Rudbeckia alpicola black/brown 60cm Washington: Kittitas Co 1600m 132 W
Rudbeckia alpicola rayless/brown-purple corollas to 150cm 6 G
Rudbeckia californica black 120cm Oregon: Strawberry Mtns 2377m 112 W
Rudbeckia laciniata yellow to 3m 86 G
Rudbeckia occidentalis purple-brown cone center to 2m 101 G
Ruellia humilis lavender-lilac 30-60cm 35 50 177 G
Rumex paucifolius red 90cm Oregon: Ochoco Mtns 1372m 112 W
Ruschia pulvinaris deep magenta flr/blue-green lvs 7-12cm 125 130 G
Ruta graveolens yellow flr/blue-green lvs 60-90cm 171 185 G
Sabulina attica white 4-10cm 178 G
Sabulina verna white 5-10cm 118 G
Salpingostylis coelestina blue-violet 15-30cm 32 G
Salvia 'Royal Bumble' scarlet-red flr/purple-black calyxes & stems 60-120cm 58 G
Salvia apiana white-pale lavender flr/silver-white lvs to 1.5m 156 G
Salvia argentea white flr/silver-grey woolly lvs 30-60cm > G
Salvia azurea blue 90-150cm 59 101 161 G
Salvia candelabrum violet-blue flr/woolly grey lvs to 1m 194 G
Salvia candidissima creamy white/white woolly lvs 60-90cm 194 G
Salvia canescens v daghestanica purple flr/silver-white woolly lvs 10-30cm 178 G
Salvia chamaedryoides deep blue flr/grey-green lvs to 60cm 116 G
Salvia chrysophylla lilac/yellow lip 20-60cm 178 G
Salvia coccinea 'Coral Nymph' coral pink/white 60-90cm 136 G
Salvia coccinea scarlet/orange-red to 1m 136 G
Salvia cyanescens purple-violet flr/velvety grey-green lvs 30cm 161 178 G
Salvia darcyi 'Vermilion Bluffs Pscarl' red 90-100cm 128 G
Salvia darcyi coral-red to 1m 116 178 G
Salvia forsskaolei violet blue/white 60cm 49 119 G
Salvia henryi bright red flr/grey lvs to 30cm 65 G
Salvia indica lilac/white w/dark purple spots 60-120cm 194 G
Salvia interrupta violet to 60cm 194 G
Salvia jurisicii violet-lavender flr/grey-green lvs to 30cm 185 G
Salvia lyrata pale lavender flr/red-purple lvs 20cm 3 G
Salvia lyrata white flr/purple lvs 30-60cm 1 G
Salvia microphylla pale pink-deep red 100-130cm 70 G
Salvia nubicola pale yellow/maroon marks to 90cm 150 G
Salvia nutans violet-blue/pink 50-100cm 140 175 178 G
Salvia officinalis 'Nana' lavender-blue 30-45cm 178 G
Salvia officinalis ssp lavandulifolia pale lavender flr/grey-green lvs to 45cm 73 G
Salvia pachyphylla blue-violet/mauve-purple 30-60cm 116 161 178 G
Salvia palaestina white-pale lilac 30-60cm 194 G
Salvia patens blue 30-60cm 116 G
Salvia pentstemonoides dark rose-red/wine red to 150cm 124 170 G
Salvia recognita pale pink flr/grey hairy lvs 60-90cm 178 G
Salvia reflexa (PI) pale-dark blue 10-70cm 178 G
Salvia reptans dark blue to 90cm 116 178 G
Salvia sclarea pale mauve-lilac/white-pink 90-120cm 93 G
Salvia spinosa white 30-50cm 194 G
Salvia staminea off-white/cream to 75cm 165 178 G
Salvia tingitana pale lavender-pale yellow 60cm 194 G
Salvia transsylvanica lavender blue 60-90cm 178 G
Salvia verticillata 'Purple Rain' purple to 60cm 58 G
Salvia virgata (PI-California) violet-blue/lilac to 1m 194 G
Sanguisorba japonensis pink/purple 50-120cm 193 G
Santolina virens 'Lemon Fizz' pale yellow flr/bright yellow lvs 30-45cm 71 G
Saponaria caespitosa purplish-pink 5-15cm > G
Saponaria cypria pink to 15cm 35 91 G
Saponaria lutea pale yellow 2-12cm 118 G
Saruma henryi (moist packed) soft yellow 40-60cm 182 G
Saruma henryi soft yellow 45-60cm > G
Satureja spicigera white 5-10cm 194 G
Saxifraga corymbosa yellow to 15cm 118 G
Saxifraga hoekiana (x) Castellane1 (callosa x paniculata) white 20cm 118 G
Saxifraga hostii white 20-60cm 29 118 G
Saxifraga macnabiana (x) white/red spotted to 45cm 182 G
Saxifraga mutata orange-yellow 10-50cm 118 G
Saxifraga paniculata white-cream to 30cm 34 178 G
Saxifraga tricuspidata white-cream 4-10cm 63 G
Scabiosa 'Butterfly Blue' lavender-blue 30-45cm 142 G
Scabiosa 'Pink Mist' pink 30-40cm 182 G
Scabiosa japonica 'Ritz Blue' blue-lilac 10-20cm 71 G
Scabiosa ochroleuca cream-yellow 60-90cm 185 G
Schivereckia podolica white to 25cm 179 G
Schizachyrium scoparium red/gold 150cm Arizona: Tonto National Forest 61 W
Scilla cilicica blue 15-25cm 29 G
Scilla litardierei blue-violet 15-20cm 54 G
Scilla litardierei mixed 98 G
Scilla monophyllos deep blue 5-15cm 29 G
Scilla peruviana violet-blue 15-40cm 54 G
Scilla verna violet-blue 5-15cm 172 G
Scrophularia californica purple 150cm Oregon: Mt Hood 1372m 112 W
Scrophularia chrysantha yellow 10-60cm 130 G
Scrophularia vernalis yellowish green 20-80cm 119 G
Scutellaria alpina blue-violet/purple-white 10-30cm 35 114 135 G
Scutellaria altissima blue-purple/white 30-60cm 31 G
Scutellaria baicalensis blue-purple 30cm 30 91 147 G
Scutellaria diffusa blue 25cm 159 G
Scutellaria diffusa purple-pink flr/grey downy lvs 5-8cm 101 G
Scutellaria incana blue-purple 60-90cm 1 164 G
Scutellaria laeteviolacea red-purple/purple 9-20cm 47 G
Scutellaria orientalis ssp pinnatifida yellow flr/grey lvs 5-15cm 59 G
Scutellaria orientalis yellow flr/grey woolly lvs to 30cm 179 G
Scutellaria ovata blue-purple 40-60cm 164 G
Scutellaria parvula v leonardi blue-violet 10-20cm 8 95 G
Scutellaria pinnatifida yellow flr/grey-green lvs 5-15cm 178 G
Scutellaria pseudoserrata (cf) purple 15cm Virginia: Chestnut Creek_ Grayson Co 35 W
Scutellaria resinosa 'Smoky Hills' blue-purple flr/grey-green lvs 15-30cm 179 G
Scutellaria resinosa deep violet-blue flr/grey-green lvs 10-20cm 151 G
Scutellaria rupestris ssp parnassica lilac-purple 40cm 194 G
Scutellaria salviifolia yellow flr/grey lvs 5-15cm 173 175 G
Scutellaria serrata West Virginia: Craig Co 164 W
Scutellaria suffrutescens bright rose-pink 10-20cm 117 182 G
Sedum glaucophyllum white 4-18cm 35 G
Sedum sp pink flr/trailing rosettes lvs 3-8cm 53 G
Sedum takesimense yellow 15-30cm 178 G
Sedum ternatum Virginia: New River_ Grayson Co 35 W
Sedum ternatum white 4-20cm 95 G
Sempervivum heuffelii mixed 7-20cm 71 72 G
Senecio abrotanifolius yellow-orange red 10-40cm 145 G
Senecio seminiveus yellow 40cm 191 G
Senecio triangularis yellow 50-120cm 169 G
Senna artemisioides ssp artemisioides yellow flr/silver lvs 1-3m 180 G
Serratula tinctoria ssp seoanei pinkish-purple 25-30cm 142 G
Seseli gummiferum white-pink tinged flr/silver-grey lvs to 90cm > G
Sibbaldiopsis tridentata white 3-30cm 179 G
Sidalcea candida 'Bianca' white 90cm 185 G
Sideritis cypria yellow flr/grey woolly lvs to 60cm 133 G
Sideritis eriocephala violet-purple flr/white woolly lvs 60-90cm 101 G
Silene acaulis magenta 3cm Washington: Wing Lake 191 W
Silene acaulis pink 3-6cm 63 G
Silene alpestris white 12-20cm 65 114 G
Silene armeria pink 20-40cm 142 G
Silene asterias carmine-crimson/blue anthers 30-50cm 39 190 G
Silene caroliniana 'Red Wherry' red-pink 8-20cm 98 G
Silene chalcedonica scarlet 35-100cm 182 G
Silene coronaria white flr/grey-felted lvs 40-100cm 87 185 G
Silene drummondii Wyoming: Albany Co 3200m 185 W
Silene flos-cuculi pink 20-90cm 29 G
Silene flos-jovis bright clear pink 60cm 110 G
Silene flos-jovis mix 30-45cm 99 115 G
Silene gigantea pale yellow-greenish 60-100cm 194 G
Silene lemmonii white to 45cm California: W slope Sierra Nevada_ Mariposa Co 1524m 40 W
Silene ovata white 30-150cm 175 G
Silene parishii pale greenish-yellow/white 10-40cm 160 G
Silene petersonii bright pink 5-15cm 65 G
Silene regia scarlet 50-160cm 8 195 G
Silene saxifraga white 10-20cm 187 G
Silene saxifraga white/pink 10-20cm 35 G
Silene schafta rose-pink to 25cm 101 146 G
Silene stellata white 30-80cm 164 G
Silene suecica bright pink 5-35cm 91 G
Silene uniflora 'Compacta' white-light pink flr/grey-green lvs 5-15cm 71 105 G
Silene uniflora white flr/blue-green lvs to 15cm 118 G
Silene viscaria rose pink/purple 30-60cm 24 115 185 G
Silene yunnanensis pink 20-80cm 183 G
Silene zawadzkii white 15-30cm 82 115 G
Silphium integrifolium yellow 40-200cm 178 G
Silphium mohrii pale yellow 40-160cm 140 G
Silybum marianum white flr/white veined lvs 30-200cm 63 G
Sisyrinchium angustifolium pale-deep blue to 45cm 3 142 G
Sisyrinchium bellum light blue-dark violet to 38cm 70 G
Sisyrinchium bellum purple 45cm Oregon: Jackson Co 13 W
Sisyrinchium californicum (dwarf form) yellow 15-25cm 35 G
Sisyrinchium californicum yellow 5-40cm 70 G
Sisyrinchium idahoense bluish-violet to 45cm 182 G
Sisyrinchium idahoense v macounii 'Moody Blues' blue-violet to 15cm 182 G
Sisyrinchium palmifolium yellow 30-60cm 101 G
Sisyrinchium patagonicum yellow/brown throat 10-30cm 99 G
Sisyrinchium striatum pale yellow 30-60cm 58 G
Solenopsis corsica blue 5-10cm 118 G
Solidago caesia Michigan: Kent Co 143 W
Solidago elongata yellow 50cm Oregon: Mt Hood 1585m 112 W
Solidago nemoralis yellow 40cm Pennsylvania: Kittatinny Ridge_ Schuylkill Co 176 W
Solidago petiolaris yellow 40-150cm 178 G
Solidago rugosa yellow 1m Massachusetts: North Cambridge 163 W
Solidago simplex v racemosa (E Pennsylvania ecotype) yellow 45cm 176 G
Solidago speciosa yellow 50-200cm 176 185 G
Sparaxis elegans salmon-orange/purple center 9-20cm 49 G
Sparaxis metelerkampiae violet-purple 15-30cm 15 39 G
Sparaxis villosa cream-yellow/violet-purple 12-35cm 194 G
Sphaeralcea caespitosa red-orange flr/grey-green lvs 20-25cm 130 G
Sphaeralcea munroana orange 30-60cm Washington: Grant Co 375m 6 W
Spigelia marilandica red/yellow tip 30-60cm 8 G
Stachys chamissonis v cooleyae Washington: Tacoma_ Pierce Co 58 W
Stachys lavandulifolia mauve-purple woolly flr/grey-green lvs 15-25cm 151 G
Stachys nivea white flr/white woolly lvs 20-30cm 91 G
Stachys parolinii yellow 30-80cm 194 G
Stachys spathulata rose-purple 7-25cm 96 114 G
Stachys spinosa pale pink flr/woolly lvs 10-30cm 194 G
Staphylea bumalda white to 6m 193 G
Stenanthium gramineum white-greenish yellow 50-200cm 162 G
Stenotus acaulis yellow 3-21cm 130 G
Sternbergia lutea ssp sicula yellow to 7cm 194 G
Streptanthus farnsworthianus white flr/purple stems_ lvs_ bracts 20-50cm 160 G
Stylophorum diphyllum (moist packed) yellow to 50cm 31 G
Styphnolobium japonicum (PI) white-creamy yellow to 25m 47 G
Styrax americanus 'Kankakee Form' white to 1.5m 8 G
Styrax americanus white to 5m 1 G
Styrax huanus (ex Guizhou_ China) white 183 G
Styrax japonicus white 4-8m 50 G
Symphyotrichum (Aster) laeve (E Pennsylvania ecotype) purple-blue 150cm 176 G
Symphyotrichum (Aster) novae-angliae dark rose-deep purple 30-120cm 176 G
Symphyotrichum (Aster) patens lavender-violet 10-100cm 176 G
Symphyotrichum (Aster) puniceum Pennsylvania: Allegheny Co 185 W
Syneilesis aconitifolia pink-white 70-120cm > G
Syneilesis palmata white 45-60cm > G
Talinum paniculatum 'Kingwood Gold' pink flr/chartreuse lvs 45-60cm 140 G
Tanacetum coccineum 'Robinson's Red' red 60-90cm 123 G
Tanacetum praeteritum ssp massicyticum white flr/grey-white downy lvs 15-30cm 178 G
Taraxacum albidum white to 40cm 8 95 G
Taraxacum atrans white/blush 2-8cm 13 118 130 G
Taraxacum pseudoroseum pink/yellow center 10-20cm 151 G
Tellima grandiflora Odorata Group white-cream 45-60cm 132 G
Tephrosia spicata 'Awakening' white ages pinky red 15cm 175 G
Tephrosia virginiana pale yellow/pink 30-60cm 175 G
Tetraneuris acaulis yellow 2-30cm 130 151 G
Tetraneuris herbacea yellow 6-35cm 178 G
Tetraneuris scaposa yellow 14-40cm 178 G
Tetraneuris torreyana yellow 2-15cm 65 G
Teucrium botrys pink-purple 10-30cm 178 G
Teucrium divaricatum pink/purple 10-30cm 194 G
Teucrium flavum pale yellow flr/grey-green lvs 30-60cm 159 G
Teucrium hircanicum deep reddish-purple 45-60cm 58 159 G
Teucrium lamiifolium white 20-75cm 194 G
Teucrium montanum yellowish white 15-30cm 10 191 G
Teucrium polium white flr/white woolly lvs prostrate Turkey: Kure 1280m 186 W
Teucrium procerum blue-violet 50-60cm 194 G
Teucrium pseudochamaepitys white-pink 20-50cm 194 G
Teucrium pyrenaicum cream/lavender 15-25cm 10 G
Teucrium subspinosum red purple-pink flr/white woolly stems 10cm 194 G
Thalictrum 'Elin' pale lilac-lavender flr/blue-green lvs to 2.5m 167 G
Thalictrum alpinum purplish-green 5-20cm 11 154 G
Thalictrum aquilegiifolium 'Album' white to 90cm 18 G
Thalictrum baicalense white flr/slight bronze new lvs 40-80cm 182 G
Thalictrum dasycarpum white 40-150cm 167 G
Thalictrum delavayi white 60-150cm 159 G
Thalictrum flavum ssp glaucum yellow flr/blue-green lvs 60-120cm 94 G
Thalictrum minus 'Adiantifolium' creamy yellow 30-90cm 95 G
Thalictrum minus yellowish green 30-90cm 67 G
Thalictrum pubescens white-purplish 50-300cm 18 G
Thalictrum rochebruneanum lavender-purple 120-180cm 29 164 187 G
Thalictrum tuberosum cream to 40cm 178 G
Thalictrum uchiyamae white-lavender to 60cm 99 G
Thelesperma filifolium yellow/red-brown 10-40cm 123 G
Thelocactus macdowellii red 10cm 7 G
Thermopsis lanceolata yellow to 100cm 95 G
Thymus camphoratus pink/purple 15-30cm 101 G
Tiarella 'Elizabeth Oliver' white-pale pink flr/maroon-veined lvs 15-40cm 1 G
Tiarella 'Sylvan Lace' white flr/maroon-center lvs 20-40cm 1 G
Tithonia rotundifolia 'Torch' red-orange 120-180cm 136 G
Tofieldia coccinea pinkish cream-deep crimson 2-20cm 149 G
Townsendia exscapa white 1-3cm 89 G
Townsendia hookeri white 1-3cm 2 151 161 G
Townsendia incana white-pinkish tint 2-12cm 151 G
Townsendia leptotes 'Jeannie's Purple' lavender-purple 2.5cm 151 G
Townsendia leptotes white-pinkish 1-3cm 43 G
Townsendia montana mix 2cm 151 G
Townsendia montana pink 2cm 76 G
Townsendia parryi blue-purplish 5-12cm 59 150 151 G
Townsendia parryi lavender 5-12cm 63 G
Townsendia rothrockii blue-purplish 1-3cm 151 G
Townsendia rothrockii pink 1-3cm 25 G
Trachelium caeruleum 'Hamer Pandora' deep purple flr/purple-black lvs 60-90cm 179 G
Tradescantia tharpii deep rose/purple to 20cm 178 G
Trautvetteria caroliniensis (ex West Virginia) 162 G
Triantha occidentalis ssp occidentalis white 70cm California: Butte Co 138 W
Trichostema lanatum blue-lavender woolly flr to 150cm 153 G
Tricyrtis 'Angel's Halo' white/lilac spots 60cm 1 G
Tricyrtis 'Lemon Twist' light yellow flr/speckled lvs 30-45cm 183 G
Tricyrtis hirta white-pale lilac/purple spots 45-90cm 126 G
Tricyrtis puberula yellowish-green/purplish-brown spots to 70cm 62 G
Trifolium ochroleucon creamy-yellow to 45cm 62 G
Trillium cernuum white 15-40cm 109 G
Trillium chloropetalum green 20-65cm 120 G
Trillium cuneatum (moist packed) maroon-purple flr/mottled lvs to 45cm 182 G
Trillium erectum (moist packed) red/maroon-dark purple 15-60cm 182 G
Trillium flexipes hybrid (moist packed) red-maroon flr/white ovary 20-50cm 182 G
Trillium flexipes hybrid (moist packed) reddish-brown over cream/white ovary to 50cm 182 G
Trillium kurabayashii dark maroon red/purple 25-55cm 120 G
Triteleia bridgesii lilac/blue-purple/reddish purple 10-60cm 13 G
Triteleia bridgesii purple 30cm California: Smith River 152m 112 W
Triteleia hyacinthina white 30-60cm 83 G
Triteleia hyacinthina white 60cm Oregon: Jackson Co 13 W
Triteleia laxa pale blue/deep purple 10-70cm 48 G
Trollius acaulis deep yellow 10-25cm 34 G
Trollius chinensis 'Golden Queen' golden orange 60-90cm 152 G
Trollius chinensis orange 20-80cm 51 G
Trollius farreri v farreri yellow 5-19cm 69 G
Trollius hondoensis yellow-orange 40-60cm 99 G
Trollius kytmanovii orange 20-50cm 68 G
Tulipa greigii scarlet-orange red flr/spotted-striped lvs 20-30cm 52 172 G
Tulipa humilis carmine to 20cm 131 G
Tulipa ostrowskiana scarlet-orange red to 30cm 172 G
Tulipa ostrowskiana yellow 20-30cm 52 G
Tulipa sp (mixed-dwarf) mix 35 G
Tulipa sprengeri 'Trotters Form' red to 50cm 69 G
Tulipa sprengeri bright red/scarlet 20-40cm 98 117 131 G
Tulipa sylvestris ssp australis yellow/red-tinged reverse to 40cm 182 G
Tulipa sylvestris yellow to 45cm 29 68 95 G
Tulipa urumiensis yellow/white tip 10cm 17 182 G
Umbilicus rupestris greenish-pink to 25cm 107 G
Uvularia grandiflora (moist packed) yellow 20-75cm 182 G
Vaccinium vitis-idaea white-pale pink 10-30cm 1 G
Vancouveria hexandra (moist packed) white 8-30cm 1 G
Veratrum californicum white 150cm Washington: Kittitas Co 1700m 132 W
Veratrum californicum white 200cm Oregon: Ochoco Mtns 1463m 112 W
Veratrum formosanum dark purple 30cm 178 G
Veratrum nigrum black-purple to 1m 161 178 G
Verbascum 'Governor George Aiken' white flr/grey lvs 150-180cm 92 G
Verbascum arcturus yellow w/purple stamens/woolly lvs 30-70cm 194 G
Verbascum atroviolaceum dark violet-purple 30-45cm 182 G
Verbascum blattaria f albiflora (PI) Pennsylvania: Allegheny Co 185 W
Verbascum lychnitis white-yellow flr/white woolly under lvs-stems to 150cm 178 G
Verbascum nigrum yellow/purple stamens 60-90cm 94 G
Verbascum phlomoides (cf) (PI) white 150cm 120 G
Verbascum phoeniceum purple 30-100cm 62 G
Verbascum roripifolium yellow to 1.2m 178 G
Verbascum rupicola yellow 20-30cm 173 G
Verbascum speciosum ssp megaphlomos yellow flr/grey woolly lvs to 2m 194 G
Verbascum wiedemannianum violet-purple 35-125cm 91 G
Verbena bonariensis (PI) lavender-rose purple to 180cm 119 G
Verbena hastata blue-violet 35-150cm 41 G
Verbena rigida 'Polaris' pale lavender 30-60cm 30 G
Verbena simplex (E Pennsylvania ecotype) light blue 20-70cm 176 G
Verbena stricta blue-purple flr/grey-green lvs 60-120cm 140 G
Verbesina alternifolia yellow 1-2m 143 G
Vernonia gigantea purple 80-200cm 33 G
Vernonia larseniae purple flr/silver woolly lvs 70-100cm 178 G
Vernonia lettermannii purplish-pink 50-60cm 136 G
Vernonia missurica Michigan: Kent Co 143 W
Vernonia noveboracensis purple 80-120cm 33 G
Veronica allionii deep blue-violet 5-15cm 182 G
Veronica armena violet-blue flr/grey-green lvs 5-15cm 178 G
Veronica missurica blue to 33cm 63 G
Veronica missurica ssp stellata lavender-blue to 30cm 47 G
Veronica porphyriana blue-purple 20-30cm 65 G
Veronica prostrata blue 10-15cm 11 G
Veronica schmidtiana pink 114 G
Veronica spicata purple/blue 15-50cm 77 G
Veronicastrum virginicum white 80-200cm 93 G
Viburnum acerifolium Connecticut: Southeast 21 W
Viburnum acerifolium Pennsylvania: Allegheny Co 185 W
Viburnum acerifolium white flr/purple-black frt 1-2m 143 G
Viburnum betulifolium (aff) (moist packed) white/bright red frt 200cm 183 G
Viburnum rufidulum creamy white flr/dark blue frt 3-6m 75 G
Vigna trilobata (ex Silverhill Seeds) pink 15cm 170 G
Viola calcarata violet/blue/yellow 5-15cm 154 G
Viola cornuta violet-blue 20-30cm 99 G
Viola cornuta white 20-30cm 99 G
Viola pedata Connecticut: Sprague 1 W
Viola pedata f concolor lilac/lavender 10-20cm 97 G
Viola pedata light-dark blue-violet 5-30cm 88 G
Viola sp (possibly Asian species) long spur purple flr/narrow cordate-deltoid lvs 15cm 50 G
Wulfenia carinthiaca deep violet-blue 20-30cm 146 G
Wyethia angustifolia yellow 15-60cm 57 G
Wyethia helenioides yellow 25-40cm 92 G
Xanthisma (Aster) coloradoense pink-purple 2.5-14cm > G
Xanthoceras sorbifolium white/yellow-maroon eye to 8m 80 G
Xerochrysum bracteatum mix to 1m 156 G
Yucca filamentosa x arkansana 127 G
Yucca glauca Wyoming: Hot Springs Co 185 W
Zabelia tyaihyonii pinkish-white to 2m 1 G
Zephyranthes citrina yellow 10-15cm 180 G
Zephyranthes dichromantha yellow/rusty-red flushed reverse 20-30cm 32 180 G
Zephyranthes drummondii white 16-45cm 32 180 G
Zephyranthes katheriniae red 20cm 32 180 G
Zephyranthes macrosiphon Hidalgo Form deep pink 25cm 17 G
Zephyranthes minima white/pink flush reverse 20cm 69 G
Zephyranthes morrisclintii pale pink 25cm 32 G
Zephyranthes morrisclintii white 25cm 180 G
Zephyranthes robusta lavender-pale pink 15-40cm 154 180 G
Zephyranthes sp (ex Tamaulipas_ Mexico) white 30cm 180 G
Zephyranthes sp pink/pink-yellow center 10-12cm 43 G
Zephyranthes sp yellow/red 30cm 129 G
Zinnia grandiflora yellow 8-22cm 91 178 G
Zizia aptera yellow 30-90cm 3 1 178 G
Zizia aurea yellow 40-75cm > G