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NARGS 2023extra

The list below presents all the offerings from the current NARGS seed exchange. The default format shows three columns. For larger font size, you can try the two-column or single-column formats. Click on each species that you may be interested in to send it to your shortlist (you'll be able to whittle things down further from there). A new window will open to keep track of your shortlist (this uses a cookie on your computer). When you're ready for the next step, click on the 'Narrow it down' link in that window (or click here) for help with your shortlist.
Abies fraseri (moist packed) North Carolina: Mitchell Co 25 W
Abronia nana white 4-10cm 46 G
Acaena myriophylla greenish 10cm 159 G
Acaena saccaticupula 'Blue Haze' cream flr/dark red frt/blue-grey lvs 5-10cm 89 G
Acantholimon halophilum white flr/blue-green lvs 10-15cm 62 156 G
Acantholimon sp mixed 156 G
Acer circinatum white/green 2-3m Oregon: Butte Falls_ Jackson Co 61 W
Acer tataricum ssp ginnala 3-10m 19 G
Achillea kellereri (x) white flr/silver-grey lvs 15-20cm 156 G
Achillea millefolium white 6-65cm 86 G
Achlys triphylla white 30cm Oregon: Santiam Pass 1128m 115 W
Achnatherum pekinense 60-150cm 156 G
Acis autumnalis white/pinkish base 7-15cm > G
Aconitum carmichaelii blue-purple 60-150cm 53 G
Aconitum krylovii cream-yellow 30-130cm 92 G
Actaea dahurica cream-white 1-2m 107 G
Actaea japonica white 60-80cm 2 G
Actaea pachypoda f rubrocarpa white flr/red-pink frt 60-90cm 3 132 G
Actaea pachypoda white flr/white frt 45-60cm 2 159 G
Actaea pachypoda x rubra white flr/pink frt 45-60cm 2 G
Actaea rubra (moist packed) white flr/red frt 40-80cm 79 G
Actaea simplex Atropurpurea Group white-pale pink flr/dark purple lvs 120-180cm 2 G
Adlumia fungosa white/pale pink-purple 0.5-4m > G
Aethionema capitatum pink-pale lilac flr/blue-green lvs 5-15cm 159 G
Aethionema grandiflorum pink flr/blue-grey lvs 15-30cm > G
Aethionema saxatile pink-white flr/blue-green lvs 5-20cm 5 159 G
Aethionema subulatum pink 5-10cm 46 130 159 G
Agastache cana rose pink flr/grey-green lvs 45-90cm 110 G
Agastache cana x rupestris orange/pink 100cm 110 G
Agastache foeniculum lavender-purple 60-120cm 24 152 G
Agastache rugosa 'Golden Jubilee' lavender-blue flr/yellow-green lvs 60-90cm 52 159 G
Agastache rupestris orange 120cm 110 G
Agastache rupestris salmon orange-pink flr/grey-green lvs 60-90cm 159 G
Agastache urticifolia violet 70cm Oregon: Strawberry Mtns 2195m 115 W
Agave loferox (x) (lophantha x pseudoferox) yellow 90cm lvs/6m flr 169 G
Agave ocahui v longifolia yellow 76cm/3m flr scape 169 G
Agave ovatifolia greenish-yellow flr/blue-grey lvs to 90cm/3-4.5m flr 169 G
Agave parryantha (x) (ex Yavapai Co_ AZ) yellow flr/blue-grey lvs to 39cm 169 G
Agave toumeyana v bella 'Gila' pale greenish-yellow 15cm/120 cm scape 169 G
Agave victoriae-reginae cream flr/white-edged lvs 50cm lvs/to 4m flr 49 G
Agave virginica green flr 40cm lvs/140cm flr 22 109 G
Ageratina altissima white 30-120cm 155 G
Agoseris glauca yellow 15cm Oregon: Strawberry Mtns 2134m 115 W
Agoseris glauca yellow 30cm Oregon: Strawberry Mtns 1768m 115 W
Agoseris grandiflora yellow 25cm Oregon: Santiam Pass 1341m 115 W
Akebia quinata (PI) dark purple-brownish flr/purplish frt to 12m 159 G
Albuca humilis white/green stripe to 10cm 30 39 130 G
Albuca shawii yellow to 30cm 15 30 94 G
Albuca spiralis pale yellow-green 20-40cm 13 154 G
Alcea rosea magenta 2m 64 G
Alcea rugosa pale yellow to 1.8m 53 G
Allium acuminatum rose purple 20-30cm Washington: Grant Co 400m 10 W
Allium altaicum 'Bone Head' white flr/blue lvs 45cm 169 G
Allium altaicum white tinged yellow 40-100cm 45 G
Allium angulosum (aff) pink 65 G
Allium callimischon white/purple-brown mid-vein 10-35cm 160 G
Allium carinatum ssp pulchellum rose-purple 30-50cm 94 167 G
Allium carinatum ssp pulchellum white 30-50cm 94 96 G
Allium cernuum 'Falling Stars' white 30-45cm 121 G
Allium cernuum mix 10-50cm 130 G
Allium cernuum pink 10-50cm 20 G
Allium cernuum pink/white 10-50cm 45 G
Allium cernuum purple 10-50cm 133 G
Allium cristophii purple-lavender to 50cm 160 168 G
Allium cupuliferum pink-purple flr/grey-green lvs 30-50cm 59 G
Allium decipiens ssp quercetorum rose 40-80cm 94 G
Allium falcifolium reddish purple 5-25cm 139 G
Allium flavum yellow 6-30cm 159 G
Allium forrestii dark red purple 15-30cm 30 G
Allium galanthum (ex Berkutenko) white 60-80cm 146 G
Allium karataviense whitish 25-30cm 27 119 G
Allium komarowii dark purple 30-50cm 59 G
Allium kwakense pinkish-purple 50-80cm 139 G
Allium macropetalum pink/dark midvein 5-20cm 74 G
Allium neapolitanum white 15-50cm 16 G
Allium nevskianum deep pink-red flr/blue-grey lvs 10-30cm 77 G
Allium nutans pink-pale purple 30-60cm 159 G
Allium obliquum (ex Ruksans) bright green to 1m 21 G
Allium obliquum pale yellow-greenish 60-100cm 34 125 167 G
Allium ochotense whitish-green 20-30cm 27 G
Allium pskemense white 40-100cm 34 G
Allium rotundum burgundy-purple 25-90cm 59 G
Allium schubertii pink-purple 30-60cm 160 167 G
Allium senescens 'Mini Milli' deep pink-purple 30-45cm 159 G
Allium senescens pink-lilac 10-40cm 20 94 159 G
Allium sibthorpianum mauvish-pink/purple 4.5-12cm 35 G
Allium siculum reddish/greenish-cream 50-120cm 160 G
Allium siculum ssp dioscoridis creamy green/pink-purplish 60-90cm 2 G
Allium sp purple 30cm 27 G
Allium sphaerocephalon reddish-purple to 50cm 45 G
Allium stellatum deep pink 20-50cm 156 159 G
Allium stellatum ex Kandiyohi Co MN lavender 30-50cm 109 G
Allium stellatum light pink 20-50cm 44 G
Allium tauricola purplish-pink/violet/dark midvein 5-25cm 75 G
Allium togashii pale pink-lavender 10-20cm 159 G
Allium tolmiei white 10cm Oregon: Baker Co 1200m 66 W
Allium tripedale pink-purplish/white 50-90cm 137 G
Aloe cooperi salmon pink/green tip to 1m 133 G
Aloinopsis/Nananthus hybrids mix/various colors 4cm 46 G
Alstroemeria sp candy pink 50-60cm 94 G
Alyssoides utriculata yellow 20-50cm 1 30 G
Alyssum montanum bright yellow flr/hairy grey-green lvs 5-25cm 107 G
Amelanchier utahensis Nevada: Clark Co 1219m 156 W
Amorpha fruticosa (PI) dark purple-blue 1-3m 9 G
Amsonia hubrichtii pale blue 60-90cm 93 160 G
Amsonia illustris light blue 60-120cm 156 G
Amsonia tabernaemontana v salicifolia pale blue 60-90cm 103 160 G
Amsonia tabernaemontana v tabernaemontana light blue 60-90cm 144 160 169 G
Anacampseros rufescens pink-purple 5-8cm 46 G
Andropogon gerardi 1-3m 156 G
Androsace chaixii pink/white 5-20cm 17 G
Androsace lactea white 4-15cm 30 G
Androsace lactiflora milky white 7-20cm 47 G
Androsace septentrionalis white 1-25cm 82 G
Andryala agardhii yellow flr/silver woolly lvs 8-15cm 45 76 G
Anemone coronaria blue 20-40cm 35 G
Anemone lithophila white 10-25cm 5 6 11 G
Anemone multifida 'Rosea' pink to 30cm 20 G
Anemone multifida (cf) cream-white 20cm 159 G
Anemone multifida 20cm Chile: Llaima 1600m 164 W
Anemone multifida cream-yellow 10-40cm 20 G
Anemone multifida pink 10-40cm 118 G
Anemone multifida rose-red 10-40cm 120 G
Anemone multifida v multifida white/blue-purple reverse_ some red-violet 15-25cm Utah: Wasatch Plateau_ Sanpete Co 3005m 160 W
Anemone multifida watermelon pink 15-23cm 37 G
Anemone multifida white 10-40cm 40 G
Anemone rupicola white/pink-violet reverse 5-25cm 6 G
Anemone taipaiensis white 15-40cm 20 G
Anemone virginiana North Carolina: McDowell Co 25 W
Anemone virginiana white/greenish-white 30-80cm 27 G
Anemonoides sylvestris white 30-45cm 35 G
Anemonopsis macrophylla pale lavender-purple 40-80cm 145 G
Angelica gigas dark purple flr/purplish stems 1-2m > G
Angelica sylvestris white 1.5-2m 159 G
Antennaria alpina whitish 3-18cm 102 G
Antennaria parvifolia white-pink flr/grey woolly lvs 2-8cm 47 G
Anthemis cretica ssp carpatica white flr/silver lvs 10-30cm 159 G
Anthemis cretica white flr/grey lvs 10-30cm 37 G
Anthericum baeticum white to 35cm 130 G
Anthericum liliago white 60-90cm 77 158 G
Anthericum ramosum white 30-70cm 77 G
Anthriscus sylvestris 'Ravenswing' white flr/dark purple-bronze lvs 30-90cm 22 107 159 G
Anthyllis montana 'Rubra' red flr/silky grey lvs to 30cm 64 G
Anthyllis vulneraria v coccinea red 15-30cm 28 160 G
Antirrhinum cirrhigerum (ex Portugal) 65 G
Aquilegia 'McKana's Giant' mix to 80cm 36 G
Aquilegia 'Melba Higgins' dark blue-violet 45-60cm 122 G
Aquilegia atrata dark red-purple/nearly black 30-60cm 56 81 G
Aquilegia barnebyi pink-yellow flr/blue-green lvs 30-80cm 45 156 G
Aquilegia bertolonii (aff) blue-purple/white 20-30cm 6 G
Aquilegia bertolonii blue-violet 20-30cm 61 148 159 G
Aquilegia buergeriana 'Calimero' wine-purple/yellow 15-20cm 20 22 38 G
Aquilegia buergeriana (dwarf form) yellow/wine-purple 10-30cm 23 159 G
Aquilegia buergeriana yellow/brown-purple 30-80cm 113 G
Aquilegia canadensis (dwarf form) red/yellow 20-30cm 23 G
Aquilegia canadensis orangish-red/yellow 30-45cm 132 G
Aquilegia canadensis orangish-red/yellow 30-45cm Massachusetts: Granby 132 W
Aquilegia canadensis red/yellow 15-90cm 59 84 103 G
Aquilegia chrysantha yellow 30-120cm 59 G
Aquilegia coerulea v ochroleuca white petals/pale violet spurs 50-75cm Utah: Wasatch Plateau_ Sanpete Co 160 W
Aquilegia desertorum red/yellow 15-60cm 46 G
Aquilegia discolor blue/white 10-20cm 118 159 G
Aquilegia ecalcarata purplish pink to 40cm 160 G
Aquilegia flabellata 'Verna Alba' white 20-45cm 20 G
Aquilegia flabellata blue/white 20-30cm 60 130 G
Aquilegia flabellata semi-double white 20cm 33 G
Aquilegia flabellata v pumila 'Kurilensis' rose-pink/white 10-20cm 159 G
Aquilegia flabellata v pumila blue 15-20cm 33 G
Aquilegia flabellata v pumila blue/white 15-20cm > G
Aquilegia flabellata v pumila pink 15-20cm 33 G
Aquilegia flabellata v pumila white 15-25cm 141 G
Aquilegia flabellata white 20-30cm 33 G
Aquilegia formosa Washington: Central Cascade Mtns 89 W
Aquilegia formosa red/yellow 30-100cm 69 G
Aquilegia fragrans pale yellow-cream/white w/blue-tinge 30-80cm 128 G
Aquilegia glandulosa blue/white 20-40cm 33 128 G
Aquilegia hinckleyana yellow 50-70cm 159 G
Aquilegia hybrid pink/white 15-20cm 61 G
Aquilegia micrantha v grahamii red/yellow 20-50cm 7 45 G
Aquilegia rockii dark purple 45-60cm 73 G
Aquilegia rockii hybrid maroon/white 30cm 81 G
Aquilegia saximontana blue/cream 5-25cm 47 G
Aquilegia saximontana x jonesii blue 10cm 147 G
Aquilegia scopulorum (ex Roger Barlow) blue/white 10cm 148 G
Aquilegia shockleyi red/yellow flr/blue-green lvs 40-100cm 128 G
Aquilegia sibirica (aff) pale lavender/white 20-30cm 6 G
Aquilegia viridiflora dark purplish brown/greenish 15-50cm 156 G
Aquilegia vulgaris 'Black Barlow' double dark purple-black spurless to 90cm 168 G
Aquilegia vulgaris 'Clementine Salmon Rose' double salmon-pink/spurless to 45cm 159 G
Aquilegia vulgaris 'Green Apples' double white spurless/green reverse 50-75cm 107 G
Aquilegia vulgaris 'Leprechaun Gold' violet flr/gold marbled lvs to 60cm 20 G
Aquilegia vulgaris 'Nivea' pure white to 90cm 107 G
Aquilegia vulgaris 'Winky Blue and White' blue/white to 45cm 159 G
Aquilegia vulgaris double pink-white/short spurs 45-60cm 159 G
Aquilegia vulgaris double pink/spurless 45-60cm 159 G
Aquilegia vulgaris double white/spurless 45-60cm 159 G
Aquilegia vulgaris mix 30-90cm 86 G
Aquilegia vulgaris mix double red/double purple 60cm 21 G
Aquilegia vulgaris white 30-90cm 22 G
Arabis aubrietioides rose-purple 10-15cm 159 G
Arabis blepharophylla 'Fruhlingszauber' deep pink 10-20cm 159 G
Arabis sturii (x) (aff) white 7cm 93 G
Aralia racemosa white flr/purple frt 90-150cm 2 63 G
Archanthemis marschalliana ssp marschalliana yellow flr/silvery lvs 10-30cm 156 G
Arctostaphylos patula pink 1.5m Oregon: Santiam Pass 1341m 115 W
Arctostaphylos pungens Nevada: Clark Co 1219m 156 W
Arctostaphylos uva-ursi white-pink flr/red frt 5-30cm 87 G
Arctotis fastuosa orange to 60cm 99 G
Arctous alpina white 5-15cm Alaska: Mt Healy 28 W
Argemone albiflora ssp albiflora 'Coker' white 76cm 169 G
Argemone munita ssp rotundata white Nevada: Washoe Co 1372m 72 W
Argemone munita white 40-160cm 156 G
Argemone polyanthemos Nebraska: Frontier Co 144 W
Arisaema consanguineum green/purple-brown 90-180cm 60 121 G
Arisaema flavum yellow 30-75cm 9 32 60 G
Arisaema heterophyllum yellow green-purple tinged to 100cm 105 152 G
Arisaema tortuosum green/purple to 120cm 140 158 G
Arisaema triphyllum green/purple-brown w/white stripes 60-90cm 142 159 G
Aristida wrightii 45-100cm 128 G
Aristolochia californica pale green/brown-purple to 5m 69 G
Aristolochia fimbriata yellow-brown flr/silver-veined lvs 15-30cm 74 169 G
Aristolochia macrophylla yellow-green/red-brown to 20m 133 G
Aristolochia watsonii brown-orangish w/maroon spots flr/purple lvs to 50cm 169 G
Armeria 'Joystick' pink 25-30cm 73 G
Armeria alliacea pink 15-30cm 159 G
Armeria caespitosa pink-purple 2-5cm 20 G
Armeria canescens pink-rose 15-35cm 78 G
Armeria maritima 'Cotton Tail' white 10-15cm 83 G
Armeria maritima 'Dusseldorfer Stolz' dark pink 10-20cm 159 G
Armeria maritima 'Splendens' deep pink 15-30cm 159 G
Armeria maritima pale pink 20cm 83 G
Armeria maritima white 15-30cm 136 G
Armeria pseudarmeria carmine pink 30cm 37 G
Arnica angustifolia ssp alpina (ex NL_ Canada) yellow 20cm 20 G
Arnica mollis yellow 40cm Oregon: Strawberry Mtns 2499m 115 W
Arnica ovata yellow 30cm Oregon: Strawberry Mtns 2499m 115 W
Arnica sachalinensis yellow 45-90cm 20 G
Artemisia capitata yellow flr/grey woolly lvs 5-20cm 156 G
Artemisia frigida brown flr/silver-green finely dissected lvs 5-15cm Utah: Wasatch Plateau_ Sanpete Co 160 W
Artemisia ludoviciana ssp candicans green 80cm Oregon: Strawberry Mtns 1920m 115 W
Arum concinnatum pale green/purple edge 20-45cm 125 G
Arum cylindraceum pale green 15-30cm 112 G
Arum dioscoridis v syriacum pale green/maroon spots to 45cm 112 G
Arum italicum cream-light green flr/orange-red frt 30-45cm 152 159 G
Arum italicum ssp albispathum white to 40cm 78 G
Arum italicum ssp italicum 'Marmoratum' cream flr/orange-red frt/white vein lvs 30-45cm 103 112 121 G
Aruncus sylvester v sylvester (as aethusifolius) cream-white 30cm 2 93 G
Asarina procumbens cream/yellow 5-7cm 30 170 G
Asclepias angustifolia 'Sonoita' blush pink buds/white flr 60cm 138 151 G
Asclepias curassavica 'Silky Gold' golden yellow 90-120cm 107 G
Asclepias curassavica red/orange/yellow to 1m 136 G
Asclepias fascicularis greenish white/tinged purple 30-90cm 72 G
Asclepias fascicularis white/green/dusky rose 100-150cm Idaho: Bruneau Valley_ Owyhee Co 750m 160 W
Asclepias incarnata pink 100-150cm Michigan: Shiawassee Co 143 W
Asclepias incarnata pink-mauve 1-1.5m > G
Asclepias speciosa pale pink-pinkish purple to 120cm 53 94 137 G
Asclepias speciosa white/dark pink 75-100cm Idaho: Bruneau Valley_ Owyhee Co 750m 160 W
Asclepias syriaca pinkish purple/white to 180cm 103 G
Asclepias syriaca white 100cm Massachusetts: South Easton 126 W
Asclepias tuberosa orange 30-100cm > G
Asclepias tuberosa orange 60cm Minnesota: Minneapolis 123 W
Asclepias verticillata greenish-white to 90cm 96 G
Asclepias viridis pale green/purple to 60cm 96 G
Asperula arvensis blue-purple 10-50cm 149 G
Asphodeline damascena white flr/blue-green lvs 45-170cm 96 156 169 G
Asphodeline damascena white flr/silver lvs 90cm 96 G
Asphodeline liburnica yellow 60-100cm 94 G
Asphodeline lutea 'Italian Gold' yellow flr/grey-green lvs to 120cm 169 G
Asphodelus ramosus white/brown mid-veins 100-200cm 160 G
Aster alpinus mix 15-30cm 156 G
Aster alpinus pink 10-35cm 19 G
Aster alpinus purple/white mix 15-30cm 93 G
Aster himalaicus blue-purple/lavender 8-25cm > G
Aster souliei lavender 25-30cm 73 G
Astilbe simplicifolia (true species ex Japan) white 15cm 1 G
Astragalus asclepiadoides pink flr/broad waxy lvs 40cm Colorado: Mesa Co 74 W
Astragalus newberryi v castoreus purple Nevada: Washoe Co 1219m 72 W
Astragalus purshii v tinctus purple Nevada: Washoe Co 1542m 72 W
Astragalus reventiformis white 15cm Washington: E Cascade Range_ Yakima Co 1860m 160 W
Astragalus utahensis bright pink-purple flr/grey woolly lvs 5-10cm 46 47 G
Astragalus whitneyi v lenophyllus white Nevada: Washoe Co 2591m 72 W
Astrantia major 'Star of Treasure' reddish-pink 60cm 60 G
Astrantia maxima pinkish 60-90cm 26 G
Astrantia maxima white 60-90cm 26 G
Astrophytum myriostigma (not hardy) yellow flr/silvery-grey to 60cm 79 G
Athamanta turbith white 30-50cm 130 G
Aylostera pygmaea salmon-pink/golden-yellow/red 1-4cm 65 G
Azorina vidalii white-pale pink 30-90cm 41 G
Babiana angustifolia blue-purple 10-20cm 114 G
Babiana nervosa purple 10-20cm 51 G
Babiana tubulosa cream 7-15cm 51 G
Bahiopsis parishii yellow 50-130cm 156 G
Balsamorhiza hookeri yellow 20-30cm Washington: Grant Co 400m 10 W
Baptisia australis blue-violet flr/blue-black frt to 1.5m > G
Baptisia australis v minor purple-blue 45-60cm 133 G
Baptisia lactea v lactea white 90-180cm 87 G
Barbarea rupicola yellow 5-40cm 30 G
Beesia deltophylla white 14-34cm 106 G
Begonia grandis pink 28-60cm 159 G
Bellevalia paradoxa blackish-blue 12-20cm 103 G
Bellevalia romana creamy white to 30cm 65 G
Berberis thunbergii 'Aurea Nana' (PI) pale yellow flr/golden lvs/red frt 90-120cm 143 G
Bergenia purpurascens India: Above Yumthang_ Sikkim 4000m 165 W
Bergeranthus vespertinus orange-yellow 2-5cm 46 G
Berkheya purpurea pale-deep mauve to 1m 127 134 G
Berlandiera lyrata yellow/red-maroon center 10-60cm 60 G
Beta trigyna greenish-white to 100cm 156 G
Betonica macrantha 'Violacea' purple to 60cm 107 G
Betonica officinalis reddish-purple 30-60cm 159 G
Bistorta officinalis rose-pink 20-80cm 28 G
Blumenbachia insignis white 10-30cm 156 G
Boechera (Arabis) breweri (cf) lilac 40cm 94 G
Boechera (Arabis) koehleri deep purple-magenta 8-45cm 130 G
Boschniakia rossica brown 10-15cm Alaska: Mt Healy 28 W
Brachyelytrum erectum green 40cm Ohio: Vinton Co 8 W
Brimeura amethystina deep-pale blue 10-15cm 15 G
Briza maxima 20-60cm 170 G
Brodiaea elegans bluish purple-violet 10-50cm 29 G
Bukiniczia cabulica pink flr/white veined lvs to 30cm 48 156 159 G
Bulbinella hookeri yellow to 60cm 77 G
Bulbostylis capillaris to 30cm 60 G
Bupleurum longifolium yellow 50-90cm 94 G
Calamagrostis nutkaensis purple-tan 90-150cm 128 G
Calandrinia sp (G&K 4698) orange 15cm 46 65 G
Calceolaria 'John Innes' yellow/reddish-brown spots 10-25cm 107 G
Calceolaria biflora yellow 10-45cm 35 G
Calliandra eriophylla pink 30-90cm 128 G
Callicarpa americana (hardy form) white 50cm 8 G
Callirhoe digitata reddish purple 50-200cm 8 G
Callirhoe involucrata reddish-purple 15-30cm 52 G
Calochortus albus white 20-80cm 29 G
Calochortus amabilis yellow 10-50cm 67 G
Calochortus argillosus pale lavender 40-60cm 67 G
Calochortus bruneaunis white Nevada: Washoe Co 1981m 72 W
Calochortus leichtlinii white Nevada: Washoe Co 2438m 72 W
Calochortus nuttallii white/pink 60cm Colorado: Mesa Co 74 W
Calochortus splendens lavender pink 80cm 67 G
Calochortus venustus mix 10-60cm 31 G
Calochortus venustus white/yellow-red blotch 10-60cm 9 G
Calopogon tuberosus pink-magenta 10-60cm 122 G
Caltha biflora white 10-40cm 82 G
Caltha palustris yellow to 50cm 82 G
Caltha sagittata white-greenish 5-10cm Chile: Paso Pehuenche 2600m 164 W
Camassia leichtlinii 'Alba' white 60-90cm 1 G
Camassia leichtlinii blue 45cm Canada: Victoria_ BC 131 W
Camassia leichtlinii ssp leichtlinii creamy white 20-130cm 94 G
Camassia leichtlinii ssp suksdorfii blue-violet 20-130cm 65 G
Camassia quamash blue 30cm Canada: Langford_ BC 131 W
Campanula ajugifolia lavender blue 20-35cm 156 G
Campanula alliariifolia white 30-60cm 83 G
Campanula barbata pale blue 10-30cm 160 G
Campanula barbata pale-deep blue 10-30cm 39 141 G
Campanula betulifolia white/pink bud 10-20cm 35 G
Campanula carpatica 'Rapido Blue' violet-blue 15-20cm 94 G
Campanula carpatica blue-violet/purple 15-30cm 113 G
Campanula hofmannii creamy white 30-60cm 60 160 G
Campanula incurva pale blue-lilac to 30cm 59 G
Campanula latifolia violet blue 60-120cm 142 G
Campanula medium violet-blue 60-80cm 99 G
Campanula moesiaca pale lilac-blue 30-45cm 160 G
Campanula persicifolia violet-blue 30-90cm 21 G
Campanula primulifolia lavender blue to 90cm 94 G
Campanula punctata white-pink 60cm 52 G
Campanula rumeliana white/blue to 30cm 47 G
Campanula sarmatica lilac-blue flr/grey hairy lvs 30-50cm 30 G
Campanula saxifraga ssp aucheri violet-blue 5-15cm 35 G
Campanula scouleri pale blue-whitish 5-40cm 6 G
Campanula thyrsoides pale yellow-cream 20-40cm 20 77 G
Campanula topaliana blue-violet flr/grey lvs 20-40cm 46 G
Campanula zangezura lavender-violet to 30cm 77 G
Campanulastrum americanum light blue-violet 60-180cm 63 G
Canadanthus (Aster) modestus purple 40cm Oregon: Strawberry Mtns 1585m 115 W
Capnoides (Corydalis) sempervirens New York: Rhinebeck 136 W
Capnoides (Corydalis) sempervirens pink/yellow 40-60cm Massachusetts: Granby 132 W
Capnoides (Corydalis) sempervirens pink/yellow tip 5-80cm 8 44 159 G
Caputia tomentosa yellow flr/white-felted lvs to 30cm 49 G
Cardiocrinum cordatum (as v glehnii) greenish-white/red throat to 180cm 105 G
Cardiocrinum giganteum white/streaked purple 1-3m 38 75 160 G
Carex pendula 20-100cm 23 G
Carex phyllocephala green 20-60cm 1 G
Carex scaposa (ex DJHV 2304) pink to 30cm 169 G
Carlina acaulis ssp caulescens silvery white 15-50cm 78 G
Carnegiea gigantea (crested form) white-green Arizona: Tucson 123 W
Castilleja chromosa yellow-orange Nevada: Washoe Co 2438m 72 W
Castilleja flava yellow 100cm Colorado: Rio Blanco Co 74 W
Castilleja sp 10-15cm Alaska: Bison Gulch 28 W
Castilleja sp Nevada: Clark Co 1219m 156 W
Ceanothus americanus white 80-150cm 54 G
Ceanothus prostratus blue/lavender/purple 3-5cm 43 G
Ceanothus prostratus pink/purple Nevada: Washoe Co 2286m 72 W
Celtica gigantea 1-2.5m 38 G
Cenolophium denudatum white 50-150cm 2 G
Centaurea cyanus (PI) blue 40-90cm 126 G
Centaurea montana blue-purple 30-70cm 70 G
Centaurium scilloides bright pink 7.5cm 60 G
Cephalaria gigantea pale yellow 120-180cm 36 136 157 G
Cerastium alpinum v lanatum white flr/silvery woolly lvs 6-10cm 159 167 G
Cerastium alpinum white 10cm 109 G
Cercis occidentalis pink-purple 3-4m 61 G
Chaenorhinum origanifolium blue-lilac to 35cm 159 G
Chamaedaphne calyculata white 1m New York: Parishville 107 W
Chasmatophyllum musculinum bright yellow 5cm 46 G
Chelidonium majus yellow to 1m 156 G
Chelone glabra white/pink-tinged 60-90cm 92 G
Cherleria laricifolia white 10-20cm 30 G
Chiastophyllum oppositifolium yellow 15cm 167 G
Chimaphila umbellata pink 20cm Oregon: Strawberry Mtns 1951m 115 W
Chionanthus virginicus white 3-10m 54 G
Cirsium occidentale red Nevada: Washoe Co 2286m 72 W
Cistus parviflorus rose-pink flr/grey-green felted lvs to 90cm 65 G
Citrus trifoliata 'Flying Dragon' white flr/yellow frt/contorted to 3.5m 143 G
Clematis 'Lunar Lass' greenish-cream/white to 90cm 139 G
Clematis addisonii reddish-purple/cream tips 60-100cm 15 116 G
Clematis coactilis pale yellow/purple-tinged hairy flr 20-45cm 166 G
Clematis crispa violet-blue to 3m 122 G
Clematis fremontii pale blue-violet/purple 15-45cm > G
Clematis fusca purple-brown 35-200cm 15 160 G
Clematis glaucophylla deep rose red-purplish red to 5m 166 G
Clematis heracleifolia (v urticifolia) violet/lilac-blue 30-100cm 166 G
Clematis heracleifolia deep blue/purple 60-90cm 166 G
Clematis hexapetala 'Mongolian Snowflake' white 30-90cm 169 G
Clematis hexapetala white 30-100cm 156 G
Clematis hirsutissima 'Lone Pine Form' purple 15-45cm 120 G
Clematis hirsutissima v scottii dark violet-blue 15-65cm > G
Clematis integrifolia 'Lake Baikal' lavender-blue 15-60cm 116 G
Clematis integrifolia 'Mongolian Bells' blue/lavender/pink/white 25-35cm 156 G
Clematis integrifolia 'Mongolian Bells' white 25-35cm 24 G
Clematis integrifolia dark pink 60cm 81 G
Clematis integrifolia purple to 1m 72 90 148 G
Clematis ispahanica white/purple anthers to 2m (scarify seed) 166 G
Clematis macropetala blue-purple 2-3m 166 G
Clematis ochroleuca 'Bald Knob' creamy white fuzzy flr 38cm 169 G
Clematis ochroleuca pale yellow-pale purple 20-70cm 166 G
Clematis otophora yellow to 3m 166 G
Clematis pitcheri bluish-purple/reddish-purple to 4m 166 G
Clematis reticulata pale lavender-purple/greenish tip to 4m 166 G
Clematis stans pale purple-blue/white 50-100cm 166 G
Clematis terniflora v mandshurica white 90-150cm 156 166 G
Clematis viorna reddish purple-lavender/cream-yellow to 4m > G
Clematis viticella blue-violet/rose-violet 2-4m 166 G
Cleome dodecandra pink 10-60cm 52 G
Cleome houtteana pink/purple/white to 150cm 9 G
Cleomella lutea yellow 25-130cm 47 G
Cleomella serrulata magenta 30-80cm 153 G
Cleomella serrulata pink 30-80cm 72 104 G
Cleomella serrulata purple 30-80cm 47 G
Clethra acuminata North Carolina: McDowell Co 25 W
Clinopodium arkansanum white-pale purple 15-30cm 8 G
Clinopodium grandiflorum pink to 25cm 160 G
Clinopodium mimuloides salmon orange 30-200cm 70 G
Clintonia borealis greenish-yellow flr/dark blue frt 20-30cm Vermont: Killington 132 W
Codonopsis clematidea pale blue/dark veins/purple basal ring 50-100cm 160 G
Codonopsis lanceolata yellow green-cream/purple markings inside 1.5-3m 160 G
Codonopsis thalictrifolia ssp mollis violet blue to 1m 161 G
Colchicum autumnale purplish pink/rose lilac 14-35cm 35 60 G
Collinsia heterophylla red purple-violet/white 10-50cm 99 G
Collinsonia canadensis yellow 60-120cm 107 169 G
Collinsonia japonica white 60-90cm 169 G
Collomia grandiflora salmon-pink/pale orange-white 60-100cm 128 G
Conoclinium coelestinum blue-violet to 1m 156 G
Convallaria majalis 'Albostriata' white flr/cream-striped lvs 15-20cm 159 G
Convallaria majalis 'Rosea' pale mauve-pink flr 15-25cm 159 G
Convolvulus boissieri white-pink flr/silvery hairy lvs 2-10cm 46 G
Coreopsis lanceolata yellow 10-60cm 126 G
Corispermum welshii pink after a frost 10-35cm 74 G
Cornus florida white to 10m 25 G
Cornus kousa creamy white flr/pink-red frt 7.5-9m 159 G
Cornus sericea green/white 1.8-4m California: Mariposa Co 1524m 80 W
Corydalis angustifolia white flr/red seed pods 10-12cm 96 G
Corydalis nobilis cream-yellow/dark tip 30-50cm 17 96 159 G
Corydalis solida (moist packed) mix 10-25cm 159 G
Coryphantha kracikii yellow to 17cm 95 G
Cosmos sulphureus yellow-red orange 30-200cm 64 101 G
Cota tinctoria 'Alba' white to 60cm 136 G
Crambe cordifolia ssp kotschyana white 50-180cm 156 G
Crambe maritima white flr/blue-green lvs to 75cm 22 142 G
Cremanthodium decaisnei yellow 6-25cm 17 21 G
Crocosmia 'Lucifer' scarlet red 60-120cm 65 104 G
Crocosmia masoniorum orange 60-150cm 65 G
Crocosmia sp red 60cm 51 G
Crocus chrysanthus mix white/cream/yellow/purple 10cm 117 G
Crocus kotschyanus pale-mid lilac/darker veining 10-18cm 35 G
Crocus pulchellus pale to deep lilac-blue/darker veins 12-20cm 35 G
Crocus vernus ssp vernus lilac/purple 8-12cm 35 G
Curio herreanus white-cream 15-30cm 64 G
Cyclamen cilicium white-rose pink/magenta nose 6-12cm 65 G
Cyclamen confusum pink-rose flr/thick lvs 15cm 65 G
Cyclamen graecum pale pink-dark purplish pink 6-16cm 65 107 161 G
Cyclamen hederifolium (ex Taygetos Mtns_ Greece) primrose scent 65 G
Cyclamen hederifolium light pink 8-20cm 20 G
Cyclamen hederifolium pink 8-20cm 35 G
Cyclamen hederifolium reddish-pink 8-20cm 20 G
Cyclamen mirabile pale-deep pink 5-13cm 139 G
Cyclamen persicum (ex CSE 90441) 65 G
Cyclamen persicum mix 13-32cm 65 G
Cyclamen purpurascens rose-pink/purple 4-18cm 35 147 G
Cymbalaria muralis lilac/white 5-7cm 9 G
Cynoglossum montanum dull maroon-deep pink 30-50cm 146 G
Cypella herbertii golden yellow 30-50cm 169 G
Cypripedium parviflorum v pubescens yellow/red-brown striated sepals 12-80cm 145 G
Dactylicapnos (Dicentra) macrocapnos yellow 2-8m 1 94 G
Dactylicapnos (Dicentra) scandens yellow 2-5m 160 G
Dactylorhiza purpurella violet-purple to 45cm 60 G
Dahlia merckii lilac/pink/white to 2.5m 70 136 G
Dalea purpurea rose-purple 20-90cm 47 134 169 G
Daphne mezereum white flr/yellow-orange frt 60-120cm 32 35 G
Daphne oleoides cream-white/pink tinted to 60cm 49 G
Daphne tangutica white-pink/rosy-purple reverse/red frt 50-120cm 1 17 160 G
Dasylirion leiophyllum 'Guadalupe' brown-tan flr/blue-grey lvs 120cm 169 G
Dasylirion wheeleri 'Apache Junction' brown-tan flr/powder blue lvs 213cm 169 G
Datura wrightii (PI) white-tinted purple 30-150cm 43 61 150 G
Daucus carota 'Dara' (PI) white turns pink-burgundy to 90cm 89 158 159 G
Degenia velebitica yellow flr/silver-grey lvs 5-10cm > G
Delosperma hybrids mixed colors 7 G
Delphinium ajacis blue-purple 30-80cm 35 G
Delphinium barbeyi dark blue-purple 100-120cm Utah: Wasatch Plateau_ Sanpete Co 3110m 160 W
Delphinium consolida dark blue-purple 30-80cm 90 G
Delphinium nuttallianum blue/pink 30-75cm 6 G
Delphinium occidentale dark blue-purple 100-150cm Utah: Wasatch Range_ Wasatch Co 2350m 160 W
Delphinium requienii lavender-grey 90-150cm 16 35 64 G
Deschampsia cespitosa 35-150cm 136 G
Dianthus 'Dainty Dame' white/dark maroon eye to 25cm 7 G
Dianthus 'Kahori' rosy pink 15-20cm 83 G
Dianthus 'Rainbow Loveliness' mixed fringed flr/blue-green lvs 30-40cm 160 G
Dianthus alpinus 'Joan's Blood' deep red-pink flr/grey-green lvs 5-10cm 6 G
Dianthus alpinus rich pink 5-10cm 90 159 G
Dianthus armeria deep pink to 60cm 83 G
Dianthus barbatus mix 30-60cm 6 G
Dianthus callizonus pink-carmine 5-10cm 90 G
Dianthus carthusianorum deep pink-purple to 60cm > G
Dianthus caryophyllus mix white/pink/red/violet 20-30cm 160 G
Dianthus deltoides (wild form) bright rosy red 15-30cm 136 G
Dianthus deltoides bright pink 15-30cm 6 G
Dianthus deltoides fuchsia pink 15-30cm 22 G
Dianthus deltoides white 10-25cm 136 G
Dianthus giganteus red-pink to 1m 90 G
Dianthus gratianopolitanus (cf) 156 G
Dianthus haematocalyx purple-red/pink 5-25cm 6 G
Dianthus hybrid bright pink 10cm 61 G
Dianthus myrtinervius deep-bright pink 5-15cm 107 G
Dianthus nitidus deep pink 7-15cm 6 16 G
Dianthus petraeus ssp noeanus white 10-20cm 61 G
Dianthus pinifolius bright pink 25cm 90 G
Dianthus pinifolius ruby-red 10-20cm 37 57 85 G
Dianthus plumarius pink shades 30-45cm 83 G
Dianthus repens pink/pink-purple 5-17cm 6 39 G
Dianthus sp (mixed rock garden forms) pale pink/dark pink/white/dark ring 10-40cm 159 G
Dianthus sp pink mound 4cm 5 G
Dianthus subacaulis pale-carmine pink 3-20cm 6 G
Dianthus superbus pink 25-45cm 21 94 G
Dianthus tymphresteus pink/dark red-purple marks 5-10cm 6 29 G
Dianthus webbianus pinkish purple 5-10cm 130 G
Dicentra eximia (moist packed) rose-pink 30-45cm 159 G
Dicentra eximia rose-pink 30-45cm 23 G
Dichanthelium clandestinum green 45cm Ohio: Hocking Co 8 W
Dichelostemma volubile pink/white 40-150cm 9 31 G
Dictamnus albus 'Purpureus' pink w/dark veins 60-90cm 60 159 G
Dictamnus albus white 60-90cm 60 G
Dierama atrum dark maroon/purple-black 120-150cm 64 G
Dierama pulcherrimum dark red-violet 1m 160 G
Dierama pulcherrimum rosy-pink to 150cm 40 G
Dieteria (Aster) bigelovii blue-purple 30-90cm 156 G
Digitalis ferruginea yellow-rusty brown to 120cm 16 94 107 G
Digitalis grandiflora pale cream-yellow 60-90cm > G
Digitalis laevigata rusty yellow-brown/white lip 70-90cm 150 169 G
Digitalis lanata ssp trojana whitish/reddish-brown veins 30-80cm 76 G
Digitalis lutea pale yellow 60-90cm 35 156 157 G
Digitalis obscura 'Sunset' rusty orange/yellow 45cm 57 G
Digitalis obscura rusty dark orange/green-yellow 30-60cm 7 29 G
Digitalis parviflora 'Milk Chocolate' reddish-brown 60-90cm 40 89 G
Digitalis parviflora reddish brown 30-60cm 30 42 G
Digitalis purpurea mix white/purple 50-100cm 6 G
Digitalis purpurea purple-rose pink 60-150cm 23 157 G
Digitalis thapsi 'Spanish Peaks' rose-pink 45-60cm 169 G
Digitalis thapsi pink flr/woolly lvs 30-60cm > G
Digitalis viridiflora yellow-green 60-90cm 23 G
Dimorphotheca pluvialis whitish/bluish-purplish reverse 5-40cm 128 G
Dipcadi marlothii yellowish-green to 70cm 12 G
Diplacus puniceus dark red-orange/yellow 60cm 9 G
Diplarrena moraea white 50-100cm 160 G
Disanthus cercidifolius red-purple to 3m 2 G
Doellingeria (Aster) umbellata white 50-200cm 107 G
Douglasia nivalis pink-purple 6-8cm Washington: Wenatchee Mtns 1750m 10 W
Draba aizoides yellow 5 -10cm 30 107 130 G
Draba arabisans white 7-30cm 107 G
Draba bryoides yellow 3-5cm 159 G
Draba cretica yellow 1-5cm 130 G
Draba cusickii yellow 3-12cm 40 G
Draba cuspidata yellow flr/hairy lvs 5-10cm 159 G
Draba dedeana white 5-8cm 47 167 G
Draba densifolia pale yellow 2-10cm 159 G
Draba densifolia yellow 4-6cm Washington: Wenatchee Mtns 1750m 10 W
Draba hispanica yellow 2-10cm 30 108 156 G
Draba incerta yellow flr/hairy lvs 4-14cm 76 159 G
Draba kitadakensis white flr/grey-green lvs 10-15cm 20 G
Draba novolympica bright yellow to 4cm 159 G
Draba oligosperma yellow/cream white 2-10cm 35 47 G
Draba polytricha yellow flr/grey-green lvs 1-5cm 35 47 76 G
Draba rigida yellow 5-10cm 159 G
Draba sp yellow 3cm 60 G
Draba sphaeroides yellow 3-8cm 159 G
Dracocephalum argunense blue-purple 25-57cm 81 G
Dracocephalum austriacum mix 20-40cm 75 G
Dracocephalum austriacum white 20-40cm 75 G
Dracocephalum botryoides lavender-pink flr/woolly lvs 10-15cm 47 G
Dracocephalum renati creamy white 20-25cm 90 156 G
Dracunculus vulgaris maroon to 90cm 160 G
Dryas octopetala white 5cm Norway: Harstad 113 W
Dyckia 'Pale Ryder' yellow-orange flr/silver-white lvs 30-60cm 88 G
Dyckia 'Silver Superstar' orange flr/pale pink-silver lvs 15-20cm 49 G
Dyckia fosteriana red 49 G
Dystaenia takesimana white to 150cm 169 G
Eccremocarpus scaber dark red 3m 160 G
Echeandia chandleri 'Sierra Chiquita' golden yellow to 120cm 169 G
Echinacea purpurea pink-purple 50-120cm 84 86 G
Echinocactus parryi yellow 20-30cm 95 G
Echinocereus reichenbachii v reichenbachii pink-magenta/purple 7-30cm 111 G
Echinocereus rigidissimus ssp rubispinus pinkish-red/magenta flr/red-purple spines 25cm 95 G
Echinops ritro steel blue 90-120cm 79 152 G
Echium vulgare blue-purple 30-90cm 64 156 G
Edraianthus graminifolius blue-violet 5-10cm 30 G
Edraianthus serpyllifolius deep violet 2-5cm 30 G
Edraianthus tenuifolius blue-violet 5-20cm 62 G
Elmera racemosa white/cream 10-35cm 159 G
Elymus elymoides 8-65cm 128 G
Ennealophus euryandrus blue-lavender 30cm 132 169 G
Ephedra fedtschenkoae red cones to 10cm 90 G
Ephedra sinica red frt to 40cm 23 G
Epilobium canum ssp canum orange-red 20-60cm 6 160 G
Epilobium canum ssp garrettii pink 15-40cm 156 G
Epipactis gigantea greenish-rose/red-brown 30-100cm 94 G
Eranthis hyemalis 'Grunling' yellow/green stripes to 15cm 139 G
Eranthis hyemalis (moist packed) yellow 5-15cm 27 159 G
Eranthis hyemalis yellow to 15cm 19 94 G
Eremogone (Arenaria) capillaris white 15-20cm Washington: Chumstick Mtn 1800m 10 W
Eremogone (Arenaria) hookeri v hookeri white 1-15cm 47 G
Eremogone (Arenaria) pseudacantholimon white 15-30cm 34 130 156 G
Eremurus himalaicus white 120-180cm 145 G
Eremurus isabellinus (x) 'Cleopatra' peach-soft orange to 1.5m 160 G
Eremurus spectabilis white-yellowish/orange-red anthers 70-150cm 16 G
Ericameria bloomeri yellow 60cm Oregon: Strawberry Mtns 1524m 115 W
Ericameria greenei yellow 30cm Oregon: Strawberry Mtns 2286m 115 W
Erigeron aliceae (aff) rose-purple 45-60cm 6 G
Erigeron aureus yellow flr/woolly grey lvs 1-15cm 6 90 G
Erigeron compositus 'Railroad Ridge' lavender-pink flr/grey-green lvs 5cm 47 159 G
Erigeron compositus (dwarf form) white 3cm 47 G
Erigeron compositus mix 5-15cm 59 G
Erigeron flettii (aff) lavender/white 6cm 5 G
Erigeron glacialis blue-rose purple/pink/white-pale blue 5-55cm 6 G
Erigeron glacialis purple 40cm Oregon: Strawberry Mtns 2255m 115 W
Erigeron glaucus 'Olga' lavender to 30cm 156 G
Erigeron glaucus purple 5-30cm 82 G
Erigeron karvinskianus white/turns pink 10-60cm 117 G
Erigeron leiomerus lavender/violet 4-12cm 81 G
Erigeron leiomerus pink 4-12cm 6 148 G
Erigeron linearis bright yellow-cream flr/greenish-white lvs 5-20cm 130 G
Erigeron pinnatisectus light blue-purplish 4-11cm 41 45 167 G
Erigeron sp mixed 156 G
Erigeron speciosus 'Jewel Mix' purple/pink 45cm 20 G
Erigeron speciosus purple 30cm Oregon: Strawberry Mtns 2134m 115 W
Erigeron tener blue-purple flr/grey-green lvs 2-15cm 59 G
Erigeron ursinus pink-bluish purple 5-25cm 6 156 G
Erinus alpinus mix 10-15cm 6 G
Erinus alpinus pale purplish pink 10-15cm 35 65 G
Erinus alpinus white 10-15cm 65 G
Eriocapitella rivularis (ex Chris Chadwell) white to 60cm 55 G
Eriogonum compositum cream-white 20-40cm 72 G
Eriogonum corymbosum white-cream/pink/yellow 15-80cm 156 G
Eriogonum douglasii v meridionale yellow Nevada: Washoe Co 1372m 72 W
Eriogonum flavum v piperi pale-bright yellow 10-20cm 72 G
Eriogonum grande v rubescens pink-rose 20-50cm 130 G
Eriogonum heermannii v sulcatum yellowish white/turns rust 10-40cm 74 G
Eriogonum heracleoides cream-off white/white woolly lvs 35cm 72 G
Eriogonum hookeri coral-pink flr/silver hairy lvs 40cm 74 G
Eriogonum inflatum yellow 10-100cm 156 G
Eriogonum niveum cream-reddish flr/woolly lvs 20-60cm 156 G
Eriogonum ochrocephalum v ochrocephalum yellow Nevada: Washoe Co 1372m 72 W
Eriogonum pulchrum white-rose/greyish lvs 8-15cm 74 156 G
Eriogonum sphaerocephalum v sphaerocephalum yellow Nevada: Washoe Co 1372m 72 W
Eriogonum umbellatum Nevada: Clark Co 1219m 156 W
Eriogonum umbellatum v dichrocephalum pale yellow-cream/whitish 10-30cm 72 G
Eriogonum umbellatum v majus cream 15-30cm 43 G
Eriogonum umbellatum v nevadense yellow Nevada: Washoe Co 1372m 72 W
Eriogonum umbellatum v polyanthum yellow 10-20cm 72 G
Eriogonum umbellatum v subaridum bright yellow 10-30cm 72 G
Eriophyllum ambrosioides white to 60cm 128 G
Eriophyllum lanatum yellow flr/woolly grey lvs 10-60cm 7 G
Eryngium aquaticum v ravenelii 'Charleston Blues' blue to 75cm 169 G
Eryngium aquaticum white-purplish tinge to 120cm 133 G
Eryngium bourgatii 'Picos Blue' deep blue flr/white-veined lvs 45-50cm 38 G
Eryngium bourgatii silver-blue 15-45cm 156 G
Eryngium creticum blue 30-60cm 156 G
Eryngium giganteum bluish-silver 60-120cm 156 170 G
Eryngium maritimum blue flr/blue-grey lvs 20-60cm 107 G
Eryngium pandanifolium reddish purple flr/blue-green lvs to 2.5cm 169 G
Eryngium planum 'Blue Glitter' steel blue to 90cm 89 G
Eryngium yuccifolium greenish-white to 1.5m 53 G
Erysimum capitatum v purshii purple 16cm 120 G
Erysimum capitatum yellow 70cm Oregon: Santiam Pass 1219m 115 W
Erysimum franciscanum yellow-cream 6-50cm 128 G
Erysimum hybridum 'Canaries Yellow' yellow 20-30cm 50 G
Erysimum kotschyanum yellow flr/grey lvs 5-10cm 49 G
Erysimum marshallii (x) orange to 50cm 149 G
Erysimum pulchellum golden yellow 5-15cm 41 G
Erysimum pusillum yellow flr/grey lvs 20-40cm 47 G
Erysimum sp mixed small 156 G
Erysimum witmannii pale yellow 20-50cm 42 G
Erythranthe (Mimulus) cardinalis orange-red/scarlet 25-80cm 94 G
Erythranthe (Mimulus) lewisii Wyoming: Fremont Co 2896m 144 W
Erythranthe (Mimulus) lewisii x cardinalis pink 60cm 7 G
Erythranthe (Mimulus) primuloides yellow/orange-yellow 2-10cm 7 G
Erythranthe (Mimulus) sp (dwarf prostrate annual) dark orange 8cm 162 G
Erythronium 'Minnehaha' (E. oregonum x 'White Beauty') white/pale yellow 15-30cm 139 G
Erythronium californicum 'White Beauty' white 10-30cm 5 G
Erythronium oregonum (as ssp leucandrum) cream-pale yellow/pale anthers 15-40cm 6 G
Erythronium oregonum creamy white 30cm Canada: Victoria_ BC 131 W
Erythronium oregonum white/yellow 30cm Oregon: Trail_ Jackson Co 61 W
Erythronium oregonum white/yellow base/mottled lvs 15-40cm 6 G
Erythronium revolutum violet-pink 15-40cm > G
Eschscholzia caespitosa yellow/orange base 5-30cm 50 G
Eschscholzia californica yellow-orange 5-60cm 77 G
Euonymus cornutus reddish-purple flr/red frt 2-3m 1 34 G
Eupatorium cannabinum (garden escapee) mauve 90cm Massachusetts: Westport 126 W
Euphorbia marginata greenish-yellow flr/white-edged lvs 30-85cm 156 G
Eurybia (Aster) conspicua purple 50cm Oregon: Strawberry Mtns 2164m 115 W
Eurybia (Aster) divaricata white 28-90cm 159 G
Eurybia (Aster) macrophylla deep lavender/violet 15-110cm 56 G
Eurybia (Aster) sibirica white/purple/pale violet 5-60cm 6 G
Eustoma russellianum (ex Hays Co_ Texas) blue-purple/pink/white flr/blue-green waxy lvs 15-60cm 169 G
Euthamia (Solidago) graminifolia yellow 80cm Massachusetts: Wellfleet 126 W
Eutrochium (Eupatorium) steelei Virginia: Wise Co 151 W
Fagus grandifolia to 20m 54 G
Ferocactus uncinatus SB338 brown 7cm 95 G
Ferocactus uncinatus SB404 brown 10cm 95 G
Ferocactus uncinatus VZD1052 brown 10cm 95 G
Ferula sp (ex Peter Korn) 156 G
Festuca californica greenish grey lvs 30-150cm 128 G
Festuca idahoensis blue-grey lvs 25-85cm 128 G
Fibigia clypeata v eriocarpa yellow flr/grey-green lvs 30-45cm 156 G
Fibigia clypeata yellow flr/silver-grey felted lvs 15-40cm 34 40 136 G
Fibigia sp yellow flr/short furry shields 35cm 104 G
Filipendula vulgaris creamy white 30-90cm 2 G
Frangula californica green/white 1.8-4m California: Mariposa Co 1524m 80 W
Frangula californica white 2m California: Plumas Co 1707m 115 W
Frasera speciosa white/green w/violet spots 100-150cm Utah: Wasatch Range_ Wasatch Co 2250m 160 W
Frasera speciosa white/green w/violet spots 100-150cm Washington: E Cascade Range_ Yakima Co 1860m 160 W
Fraxinus velutina to 10m 156 G
Freesia laxa 'Joan Evans' white/red eye to 30cm 169 G
Freesia laxa red/white 20-35cm 41 G
Freesia leichtlinii ssp alba (ex Kirstenbosch BG) white/yellow-lavender flush 10-20cm 117 G
Fritillaria acmopetala yellowish green-purplish brown 30-70cm 130 156 G
Fritillaria affinis (ex Wahkiakum Co_ WA) brown 30cm 35 G
Fritillaria affinis brown 45cm Canada: Victoria_ BC 131 W
Fritillaria affinis brown-purple/pale yellow-green 10-120cm 6 14 15 G
Fritillaria camschatcensis greenish-brown/brownish-purple 20-60cm 21 28 G
Fritillaria kotschyana purple-brown/green 8-25cm 35 G
Fritillaria meleagris mix 15-40cm 28 G
Fritillaria meleagris purple checkered 15-40cm > G
Fritillaria pallidiflora pale yellow 15-45cm 14 113 G
Fritillaria persica plum purple-grey green 30-90cm 15 159 G
Fritillaria raddeana pale yellow-green 50-80cm 35 G
Gaillardia pinnatifida yellow 15-35cm 155 G
Galax urceolata North Carolina: Burke Co 25 W
Garrya flavescens grey-green flr & lvs 1.5-3m 156 G
Gaultheria procumbens 'Cherry Berries' white flr/large red frt to 20cm 159 G
Gazania linearis yellow/orange 10-30cm 47 G
Gelasine coerulea blue-lavender 30-50cm 169 G
Gelasine elongata dark blue-violet flr/grey-green lvs 47-80cm 169 G
Gentiana affinis blue 10-35cm 148 G
Gentiana alba cream-white 30-90cm 91 G
Gentiana andrewsii rich deep blue 30-60cm 119 169 G
Gentiana angustifolia deep sky blue to 10cm 145 148 G
Gentiana asclepiadea deep blue 60-90cm > G
Gentiana asclepiadea pink 60-90cm 73 G
Gentiana asclepiadea white 60-90cm 20 160 G
Gentiana clausa blue-purple 30-60cm 2 124 169 G
Gentiana clausa white 30-60cm 124 G
Gentiana cruciata 'Blue Cross' dark blue to 30cm 83 G
Gentiana cruciata violet-blue 20-40cm 76 100 G
Gentiana dahurica dark blue-purple 10-25cm 76 G
Gentiana kirilowii pale blue 15-25cm 156 G
Gentiana lagodechiana blue to 10cm 60 G
Gentiana linearis blue-purple 30-60cm 135 G
Gentiana lutea yellow 1-2m 20 77 170 G
Gentiana macrophylla blue-purple 30-60cm 20 G
Gentiana paradoxa blue 15-25cm 170 G
Gentiana prostrata blue 5-15cm Alaska: Mt Healy 28 W
Gentiana pumila ssp delphinensis deep blue 5-10cm 148 G
Gentiana sceptrum blue 30cm Canada: Jordan Ridge_ Vancouver Island_ BC 131 W
Gentiana septemfida deep blue 15-30cm 40 141 156 G
Gentiana sp (summer bloom_ upright habit) light blue 30cm 62 G
Gentiana tibetica pale yellow-green/cream 40-50cm 30 G
Gentiana verna (cf) blue 7.5cm 148 G
Gentianopsis crinita blue 30-60cm 135 G
Geranium brevicaule 'Nigricans' white flr/dark brown lvs 2.5-15cm 159 G
Geranium petri-davisii pink 20-25cm 147 G
Geranium platypetalum (ex Turkey) purple 147 G
Geranium sanguineum magenta-pink to 40cm 159 G
Geranium sp (ex Chris Chadwell) rose-pink 15-25cm 73 G
Geum 'Mrs. J. Bradshaw' semi-double orange-scarlet 45-60cm 2 G
Geum montanum bright yellow 10-35cm 30 G
Geum reptans yellow 5-20cm 39 G
Geum rivale pink 25-70cm 23 G
Gilia capitata blue-bluish violet 10-90cm 114 G
Gillenia trifoliata white 35cm Ohio: Vinton Co 8 W
Gillenia trifoliata white 40-100cm 2 22 145 G
Gladiolus carneus pink 25-60cm 51 G
Gladiolus communis reddish purple 50-100cm 94 G
Gladiolus saundersii salmon-scarlet/white speckles 40-90cm 158 G
Gladiolus tristis cream/brown shading 40-100cm 11 117 G
Glaucidium palmatum pink-pale purple 45-60cm > G
Glaucium acutidentatum hybrids orange/red/yellow 156 G
Glaucium flavum orange to 80cm 72 G
Gleditsia triacanthos v inermis (thornless) 9-21m 143 G
Globularia bisnagarica blue 5-30cm 30 G
Globularia incanescens pale blue 5-10cm 130 G
Globularia linifolia violet-blue 7-30cm 76 G
Globularia meridionalis lavender-blue 10-15cm 62 G
Globularia nudicaulis violet-blue 20-30cm 82 85 159 G
Globularia punctata blue 10-30cm 156 G
Globularia trichosantha violet-blue 15-20cm 138 159 G
Gloriosa modesta bright yellow/orange to 2m 70 G
Goniolimon tataricum white 30-45cm 104 G
Gymnocalycium baldianum red/pink/orange 4-10cm 88 G
Gypsophila petraea white/pale purple to 20cm 156 G
Hakonechloa macra 30-45cm 25 G
Haplopappus prunelloides yellow 3-10cm 11 G
Hastingsia alba white-yellowish 40-90cm 1 G
Haworthiopsis attenuata white banded/spotted lvs 6-13cm 100 G
Hedeoma nana pink-purple 10-25cm 46 G
Hedysarum boreale ssp mackenziei pink-purple 15-40cm 28 G
Hedysarum sp (ex NE Utah) 156 G
Hedysarum sp pink 30-50cm Alaska: Mt Healy 28 W
Helianthella uniflora yellow 70cm Oregon: Strawberry Mtns 2408m 115 W
Helianthus annuus yellow 1m Oregon: Aldrich Mtns 792m 115 W
Helianthus maximiliani yellow 50-300cm 53 G
Heliophila coronopifolia bright blue to 60cm 114 G
Helleborus foetidus 'Leather and Lace' light green flr/dark black-green lvs 50-90cm 169 G
Helleborus foetidus 'Red Silver' green/burgundy edged flr/pewter lvs 30-60cm 169 G
Helleborus foetidus 'Sienna' (moist packed) pale green flr/dark greenish-black lvs 30-60cm 159 G
Helleborus foetidus Krenitsky Strain light green flr/dark green lvs 50-60cm 169 G
Helleborus hybridus (x) 'Eco Dragon's Blood' (moist packed) pink-green w/dark spots to 45cm 159 G
Helleborus hybridus (x) 'Sunshine Strain' (moist packed) mix 30-45cm 159 G
Helleborus hybridus (x) (moist packed) black-slate to 45cm 159 G
Helleborus hybridus (x) (moist packed) mix pink-white/no spots to 45cm 159 G
Helleborus hybridus (x) (moist packed) mixed to 45cm 159 G
Helleborus hybridus (x) (moist packed) pale pink w/spots to 45cm 159 G
Helleborus hybridus (x) (moist packed) pink-purple/dark veins to 45cm 159 G
Helleborus hybridus (x) (moist packed) pink/no spots to 45cm 159 G
Helleborus hybridus (x) (moist packed) pink/red veins to 45cm 159 G
Helleborus hybridus (x) (moist packed) pure white to 45cm 159 G
Helleborus hybridus (x) (moist packed) white/red spots & veins to 45cm 159 G
Helleborus hybridus (x) (moist packed) white/red spots/thicker lvs & flr to 45cm 159 G
Helleborus niger (moist packed) white 23-30cm 159 G
Helonias bullata (cannot send outside USA) purplish pink 10-60cm 135 G
Helonias umbellata white/tinged pink 4-20cm 94 G
Hemerocallis citrina v citrina lemon yellow/fragrant 100-130cm 87 G
Hepatica nobilis (moist packed) deep pink/reddish 10-15cm 82 G
Herbertia lahue bluish purple-violet 8-15cm 70 139 G
Hesperaloe engelmannii pink-salmon flr/blue-green lvs 60-90cm/to 120cm flr 169 G
Hesperantha baurii bright pink to 20cm 106 G
Hesperostipa spartea 45-90cm 109 G
Heterotheca villosa yellow 16-40cm 68 G
Heuchera americana 'Green Spice' white flr/silver lvs red veins 25-70cm 22 G
Heuchera americana greenish white/pink/purple 40-145cm 93 G
Heuchera hybrids white-pink flr/many-colored lvs 30-60cm 102 G
Heuchera pulchella reddish rose/pink 7-15cm 85 156 G
Heuchera richardsonii green/greenish-white 20-95cm 23 G
Hibiscus coccineus bright red to 3m 97 G
Hibiscus moscheutos white/red eye to 2.5m 84 G
Hibiscus phoeniceus pale pink/red eye to 210cm 9 G
Hieracium bombycinum yellow flr/woolly lvs 5-20cm 109 G
Hieracium maculatum 'Leopard' yellow flr/maroon mottled lvs 15-25cm 2 G
Hieracium tomentosum yellow flr/white woolly lvs 10-40cm 45 109 156 G
Hieracium villosum yellow flr/silver-grey woolly lvs 30-45cm > G
Horkelia marinensis white flr/grey-green lvs 10-35cm 128 G
Horkelia yadonii (cf) white 6-40cm 117 G
Hormathophylla spinosa white flr/grey-green lvs 15-30cm 62 130 159 G
Hornungia alpina white 5-10cm 50 G
Hosta capitata pale purple-violet 25-70cm 1 G
Hosta venusta purple violet 8-24cm 93 G
Hovea lanceolata blue-purple to 3m 9 G
Hunnemannia fumariifolia yellow flr/grey-green lvs to 60cm 154 G
Hyacinthoides reverchonii blue 10-25cm 35 G
Hydrangea arborescens white 70cm Ohio: Hocking Co 8 W
Hydrastis canadensis (moist packed) white flr/red frt 15-50cm 159 G
Hylotelephium tatarinowii white-pinkish 8-15cm 156 G
Hymenoxys grandiflora yellow 8-30cm 21 G
Hypericum boreale yellow 70cm Massachusetts: South Easton 126 W
Hypericum buckleyi golden yellow 5-45cm 96 G
Hypericum coris yellow 10-40cm 3 30 G
Hypericum graveolens (aff) North Carolina: Yancey Co 25 W
Hypericum hypericoides Virginia: Scott Co 151 W
Hypericum olympicum yellow flr/grey-green lvs to 25cm 5 30 94 G
Iberis oschtenica white 10-15cm 160 G
Iberis saxatilis white 7-15cm 76 G
Iberis simplex white-lilac 10-20cm 156 G
Iberodes linifolia white/very pale blue 30-40cm 114 144 G
Iliamna remota pale rose-purple/white 1-2.5m 157 G
Iliamna rivularis pale lavender-pink 75-100cm Washington: E Cascade Range_ Yakima Co 1600m 160 W
Iliamna rivularis rose-violet 40cm Oregon: Strawberry Mtns 2103m 115 W
Impatiens bicolor pink/yellow 26-75cm 60 156 G
Impatiens pallida yellow 60cm New York: Seneca Co 137 W
Incarvillea delavayi rose-purple/pink 30-60cm 73 77 G
Inula helenium yellow 50-150cm 160 G
Inula magnifica yellow to 1.8m 160 G
Inula racemosa yellow-orange 60-200cm 73 G
Inula rhizocephala yellow 5-10cm 11 G
Ionactis (Aster) linariifolia violet blue/lavender 10-50cm 134 G
Ipheion uniflorum 'Tessa' pink 10cm 65 G
Ipomoea tricolor purple 2-4m 150 G
Ipomopsis aggregata (ex Fremont Co_ CO 1900m) orange-red 30-75cm 62 G
Ipomopsis macrosiphon pale lavender-lavender pink 20-30cm Utah: Wasatch Plateau_ Sanpete Co 3005m 160 W
Ipomopsis rubra scarlet red 60-180cm > G
Iris Pacific Coast hybrid 'Crandall's White' white/yellow signal patch 30-40cm 160 G
Iris Pacific Coast hybrid ('Like Clockwork' x unknown) blue 145 G
Iris bulleyana pale lilac/blue violet 10-70cm 77 G
Iris clarkei blue-violet 30-60cm 167 G
Iris cristata blue/lilac-purple 4-8cm 149 G
Iris dichotoma violet-pale blue/purple 40-60cm 109 140 169 G
Iris domestica 'Freckle Face' orange/heavy red spots 45-60cm 159 G
Iris domestica 'Hello Yellow' yellow 25-60cm 50 54 G
Iris domestica orange-red/red spots 60-90cm 54 143 168 G
Iris domestica yellow 45-60cm 158 G
Iris douglasiana (ex Ragged Pt x ex Pigeon Pt) (hp) purple 30cm 67 G
Iris douglasiana lavender-blue 30cm 117 G
Iris douglasiana mix 15-70cm 128 G
Iris ensata (species type) maroon 120cm 87 G
Iris graminea purple/violet-blue 10-60cm 4 33 G
Iris hookeri (ex Cape Spear_ NL) blue 20cm 20 G
Iris hookeri deep-pale blue/blue-violet 5-60cm 4 161 167 G
Iris humilis yellow 5-25cm 41 G
Iris lactea 'Redundant' (repeat bloomer) lavender-blue/white to 50cm 149 G
Iris lactea pale violet/milky white-yellow 14-70cm 34 G
Iris lactea v lactea (ex Almaty_ Kazakhstan) lavender blue 50cm 4 67 G
Iris latifolia blue-deep violet to 60cm 77 94 G
Iris magnifica 'Agalik' (hp) white 40cm 4 G
Iris magnifica 'Agalik' x 'Aman-Kutan' (hp) white/blue veins 50cm 4 G
Iris magnifica ex NARGS '97 x 'Aman-Kutan' (hp) 4 G
Iris magnifica white 30-60cm 67 G
Iris milesii pale reddish purple 60-90cm 128 G
Iris missouriensis blue North Dakota: Emmons Co 549m 72 W
Iris prismatica 'Exeter' blue/white 69cm 4 G
Iris prismatica lavender/pale blue-violet 30-80cm 4 G
Iris prismatica medium blue-violet 50cm 149 G
Iris ruthenica violet to 20cm 34 G
Iris setosa 'Tourist' blue-violet 60cm 149 G
Iris setosa dark blue-violet/purple 15-90cm 20 77 G
Iris setosa lavender-blue 15-30cm 60 G
Iris sibirica 'Caesar's Brother' deep blue-purple 75-100cm 92 G
Iris sibirica 'Salamander Crossing' pale lavender/pale yellow to 100cm 27 G
Iris sibirica (ex Matra Mtns_ Hungary) (hp) purple 90cm 67 G
Iris sintenisii blue-violet 20-35cm 78 134 G
Iris speculatrix (hp) lavender 45-65cm 67 G
Iris tectorum (ex 2 white clones) white 60cm 4 149 G
Iris tectorum (giant form) 156 G
Iris tectorum (robust_ selfed) white 4 G
Iris tectorum bluish-violet 15-50cm 32 144 G
Iris tectorum purple 45-60cm 67 G
Iris tectorum white 15-50cm 4 32 G
Iris tridentata (ex Georgia_ USA) blue-violet 50cm 149 G
Iris tuberosa greenish-yellow/purplish brown-black 35-50cm 161 G
Iris unguicularis purple 45cm 67 G
Iris versicolor purple 90cm Massachusetts: Granby 132 W
Iris versicolor violet-blue/purple 20-60cm 87 94 G
Ivesia gordonii yellow/red 10-15cm Utah: Wasatch Plateau_ Sanpete Co 160 W
Ixiolirion tataricum light blue-dark violet 10-40cm 160 G
Jarava ichu 60-90cm 38 G
Jeffersonia diphylla white 40cm 139 G
Juncus ensifolius black 20cm Oregon: Strawberry Mtns 2408m 115 W
Kalmia latifolia North Carolina: McDowell Co 25 W
Keckiella ternata red 50-250cm 43 G
Kitagawia terebinthacea white 30-120cm 156 G
Kitaibelia vitifolia white-light pink 120-150cm 157 G
Kleinia stapeliiformis red-orange to 25cm 64 G
Knautia macedonica deep crimson red 45-75cm 70 G
Kniphofia caulescens red-yellow flr/blue-green lvs 60-120cm 51 127 G
Kniphofia sp yellow 60cm 51 G
Kniphofia uvaria 'Flamenco' red/orange/yellow/cream 60-90cm 159 G
Koeleria glauca 'Coolio' blue-green lvs 25-30cm 93 G
Koeleria macrantha 20-85cm 8 G
Kolkwitzia amabilis light pink to 3m 159 G
Kyhosia bolanderi yellow 70cm California: Plumas Co 1585m 115 W
Lallemantia canescens dark violet blue-lavender 20-50cm 156 G
Lamprocapnos (Dicentra) spectabilis 'Valentine' red/white flr/dark stems & new lvs 30-60cm 139 G
Laser trilobum white 60-120cm 23 G
Lathyrus aureus coppery-orange 30-60cm 106 G
Lathyrus vernus reddish-purple 20-40cm 159 167 G
Leibnitzia anandria pink 5-20cm 30 G
Leibnitzia anandria white 5-20cm 23 109 G
Leopoldia comosa violet-blue/brownish-green 20-60cm 94 G
Leptospermum scoparium 'Adrianne' double pink-red 2-3m 40 G
Lessertia frutescens red-orange flr/grey-green lvs 50-100cm 154 G
Lessingia leptoclada lavender to 1m California: Mariposa Co 1524m 80 W
Leucojum aestivum white/yellowish green tips 30-60cm 27 G
Lewisia cotyledon mix 10-30cm 47 65 141 G
Lewisia cotyledon pink 10-30cm 65 G
Lewisia cotyledon pink/white edge 10-15cm 107 G
Lewisia cotyledon yellow 10-30cm 65 G
Lewisia nevadensis white 5-12cm 43 82 G
Liatris aspera pink-purple 30-180cm 119 G
Liatris ligulistylis pinkish purple 20-100cm > G
Liatris microcephala lavender-purple 30-80cm 2 116 119 G
Liatris punctata Nebraska: Frontier Co 144 W
Liatris punctata lavender-purple 15-85cm 156 162 G
Liatris pycnostachya deep rose purple 60-120cm 2 G
Liatris spicata pink-purple 40-110cm 86 129 G
Libertia sessiliflora pale blue to 60cm 106 G
Ligularia subsagittata yellow 25-90cm 20 G
Ligusticum grayi white 60cm Oregon: Strawberry Mtns 2316m 115 W
Ligusticum porteri white 90-180cm 156 G
Lilium columbianum orange 90cm Canada: Port Renfrew_ BC 131 W
Lilium columbianum orange/tan spots 90cm 69 G
Lilium columbianum yellow/orange w/maroon spots to 1.7m 6 G
Lilium concolor 'Shikoku Yellow' yellow/red spots 30-60cm 139 G
Lilium formosanum white/maroon stripe outer 120-200cm 133 150 169 G
Lilium martagon 'Albiflorum' white/pink-red spots 1-2m 26 G
Lilium martagon 'Album' white/spotless 1-2m 26 112 G
Lilium martagon 'Black Prince' dark burgundy-red to 120cm 102 G
Lilium martagon 'Bronze Medallion' yellow-peach/brown spots 1-2m 26 G
Lilium martagon 'Pink Morning' mauve-pink/red-pink spots 90-120cm 26 G
Lilium martagon 'Rose Arch' rose pink/peach to 120cm 26 G
Lilium martagon 'Sunny Morning' golden yellow-orange 90-120cm 89 G
Lilium martagon dark maroon 1-2m 26 G
Lilium martagon hybrid 'Gaybird' pink-red/golden center/dark brown spots 100-150cm 26 G
Lilium martagon hybrid 'Peppard Gold' golden yellow/brown spots 100-150cm 26 G
Lilium martagon hybrid deep red 50cm 61 G
Lilium martagon hybrid light maroon/large spots 1-2m 26 G
Lilium martagon mix 1-2m 92 G
Lilium martagon pink 60cm 60 G
Lilium martagon pink-purple/spotted 1-2m 21 77 112 G
Lilium martagon white/pink mix 1-2m 160 G
Lilium michiganense spotted orange 120cm Michigan: Oakland Co 111 W
Lilium pardalinum ssp shastense orange-red to 2m 31 G
Lilium pensylvanicum orange-brick red 30-70cm 28 G
Lilium speciosum white-pink to 120cm 111 G
Limnanthes alba white/cream 8-40cm 44 G
Limnanthes douglasii white/yellow center 3-35cm 21 70 G
Limonium cosyrense lavender-blue 10-25cm 47 G
Limonium gougetianum pale violet 10-20cm 30 G
Limonium humile lavender-blue 20cm 74 G
Limonium minutum light violet 10-15cm 47 62 G
Linaria aeruginea purple/violet 10-20cm 30 G
Linaria hybrids mixed (similar to 'Neon Lights') mix 10-15cm 160 G
Linum dolomiticum yellow flr/grey-green lvs 10-15cm 160 G
Linum lewisii blue 60cm Oregon: Santiam Pass 1341m 115 W
Linum monogynum white to 40cm 7 G
Lobelia cardinalis red 100cm Massachusetts: Chilmark_ Dukes Co 105 W
Lobelia cardinalis red 60-120cm > G
Lobelia inflata white 30cm Massachusetts: South Easton 126 W
Lobelia puberula Virginia: Scott Co 151 W
Lobelia puberula blue-violet 40-120cm 36 G
Lobelia siphilitica blue 60-90cm 3 159 G
Lobelia spicata Virginia: Scott Co 151 W
Lobivia sp (as albiflora) (nv) white 65 G
Lomatium dissectum brown 90cm Canada: Victoria_ BC 131 W
Lomatium grayi yellow 15-50cm 46 156 G
Lomatium utriculatum yellow 15cm Canada: Victoria_ BC 131 W
Lomelosia caucasica 'Ultra Violet' deep purple blue 45-60cm 28 G
Lonicera ciliosa orange/red to 6m Washington: Pierce Co 94m 80 W
Lonicera sempervirens orange 2m 90 G
Luetkea pectinata white 10-15cm Washington: Icicle Ridge 2150m 10 W
Lunaria annua 'Alba Variegata' white flr/variegated lvs 60-90cm 103 144 G
Lunaria annua 'Corfu Blue' blue-purple flr/purple stems & pods 45-90cm 107 G
Lunaria annua mix 60-90cm 64 G
Lunaria annua purple-violet 60-90cm 23 G
Lupinus albicaulis white to 122cm California: Madera Co 80 W
Lupinus arbustus purple Nevada: Washoe Co 2134m 72 W
Lupinus argenteus white/lavender 30-45cm Colorado: Douglas Co 1890m 90 W
Lupinus bicolor blue/white 10-40cm 6 G
Lupinus microcarpus v microcarpus pink-purple 10-80cm 128 G
Lupinus nanus 'Pixie Delight' pink/purple/mauve 40cm 64 G
Lupinus nootkatensis blue-purple to 60cm 20 G
Lupinus pilosus purple to 90cm 70 G
Lupinus polyphyllus blue/pink mix to 1m 58 G
Lupinus polyphyllus mix 60cm 86 G
Lupinus regalis (x) 'Gallery White' white to 60cm 70 G
Lupinus regalis (x) 'Morello Cherry' deep cherry red 60-90cm 89 G
Lutzia cretica yellow flr/grey woolly lvs 15-20cm 156 G
Magnolia ashei creamy white to 10m 75 121 G
Magnolia loebneri (x) 'Leonard Messel' white/rosy purple to 4.5m 2 G
Maianthemum (Smilacina) racemosum white flr/red frt 75-125cm 2 108 159 G
Maihuenia poeppigii pale yellow 10-15cm 46 G
Malva cachemiriana reddish purple to 1m 144 G
Malva moschata 'Apple Blossom' pale pink 60-90cm 136 G
Marrubium supinum lavender-lilac flr/white woolly lvs 10-45cm 144 G
Marshallia caespitosa white-pale lavender 20-50cm 169 G
Massonia depressa green/cream/pink 5cm 70 G
Matthiola incana ssp incana white 25-60cm 125 G
Matthiola incana white flr/grey-felted lvs 25-60cm 77 G
Matthiola montana lilac-pink flr/grey-green hairy lvs to 17cm 159 G
Meconopsis 'Lingholm' (Fertile Blue Group) sky blue 1-1.2m 98 148 G
Meconopsis Fertile Blue Group blue 60-120cm 73 G
Meconopsis baileyi blue to 1m 21 G
Meconopsis grandis blue/purple/lilac-purple 40-120cm 77 G
Meconopsis paniculata India: Above Yumthang_ Sikkim 4000m 165 W
Meconopsis simplicifolia ssp grandiflora India: Yumesamdong_ Sikkim 4600m 165 W
Meconopsis zhongdianensis blue 50-70cm 77 G
Mentzelia laevicaulis Wyoming: Hot Springs Co 1433m 144 W
Mentzelia laevicaulis yellow 75cm Montana: Missoula Co 153 W
Mentzelia laevicaulis yellow 90cm Oregon: Aldrich Mtns 792m 115 W
Mentzelia nuda white-pale cream to 1m 35 68 G
Mertensia virginica blue flr-pink buds 45-60cm 58 G
Meum athamanticum white 30-60cm 78 G
Micranthes (Saxifraga) mertensiana white 15-40cm 130 G
Milium effusum 'Aureum' golden yellow lvs 30-60cm 156 G
Mimulus ringens lavender-purple 20-130cm 84 107 G
Mirabilis longiflora white 50-150cm 156 G
Mitella diphylla white 10-45cm 3 G
Monarda bradburiana pinkish-white w/purple spots 30-60cm 8 G
Monarda punctata 'BeeBop' yellow/pink bracts to 45cm 138 G
Monarda punctata yellow/purple-spotted/pinkish bracts 30-60cm 124 133 G
Monardella odoratissima ssp discolor rose-violet 15-20cm Washington: E Cascade Range_ Yakima Co 1860m 160 W
Monardella odoratissima ssp glauca pink Nevada: Washoe Co 1829m 72 W
Monardella odoratissima ssp glauca violet 10-15cm Utah: Wasatch Plateau_ Sanpete Co 160 W
Monardella odoratissima ssp pallida white Nevada: Washoe Co 2134m 72 W
Monardella villosa 'Russian River' pink-purple 30-45cm 7 G
Montiopsis umbellata deep pink-magenta flr/grey-green lvs 10-15cm 130 G
Moraea huttonii yellow 60-120cm 31 169 G
Moraea papilionacea brownish rose-pink 25-37cm 67 G
Moraea polystachya light blue-lavender 50-80cm 44 G
Moraea setifolia pale lilac-purple 4-20cm 46 G
Moraea tripetala pale-dark blue/purple 20-45cm 67 G
Morina longifolia white turns pink-deep red to 90cm 73 160 G
Muhlenbergia macroura 75-100cm 169 G
Munroa pulchella white woolly lvs 4-15cm 46 G
Muscari armeniacum dark-light blue/white tips 15-25cm 128 G
Muscari aucheri 'Ocean Magic' deep blue-pale blue-white 20cm 2 G
Muscari latifolium dark purple/pale violet 15-30cm 41 G
Muscari macrocarpum (ex Roderick's Form) yellow 30cm 35 G
Narcissus bulbocodium yellow 10-15cm 30 G
Nassella lepida 35-100cm 128 G
Nemophila maculata white/purple spots 15-30cm 99 G
Nemophila menziesii blue/white eye to 15cm 99 G
Nepeta teydea violet-purple flr/woolly grey lvs to 60cm 155 G
Nicotiana alata mix 90-150cm 89 G
Nicotiana suaveolens white-pale purple tube to 1.5m 150 G
Nicotiana sylvestris white to 1.5m 89 G
Noccaea densiflora white flr/blue-green lvs 5-10cm 159 G
Noccaea minima white 5-10cm 130 G
Noccaea vesicaria white 4-18cm 1 G
Noccaea zaffranii white-pale pink flr/grey-green lvs 3-5cm 159 G
Nolana paradoxa blue/white center 15cm 99 G
Nolina microcarpa white 30-150cm 158 G
Notholirion thomsonianum white/pink blush to 180cm 100 G
Oclemena (Aster) acuminata white 30-45cm New York: Parishville 107 W
Odontarrhena (Alyssum) argentea yellow flr/grey-green lvs 15-40cm 142 G
Oenothera acaulis 'Aurea' yellow 5-10cm 94 G
Oenothera biennis yellow-pale yellow 30-200cm 13 86 126 G
Oenothera cespitosa Nevada: Clark Co 1219m 156 W
Oenothera cespitosa white fades pink to 20cm 40 62 G
Oenothera flava pale yellow 7-10cm 3 72 G
Oenothera kunthiana pink 15-30cm 94 G
Oenothera lavandulifolia yellow fades pale pink-purple 4-20cm 46 G
Oenothera macrocarpa yellow 4-40cm 90 108 G
Oenothera odorata yellow turns red 60-90cm 16 G
Oenothera serrulata yellow fades dark yellow-orange 10-60cm 46 G
Olsynium douglasii purple 20cm Canada: Victoria_ BC 131 W
Onosma cinerea cream-yellow flr/grey-green hairy lvs 25-30cm 46 G
Onosma echioides pale yellow 15-30cm 156 G
Onosma montana yellow flr/grey-green hairy lvs 10-25cm 7 G
Onosma sp (ex Piatek) bright yellow 20cm 60 G
Ophiopogon planiscapus 'Nigrescens' lavender-white/purple-black lvs & frt 15-30cm 2 G
Opuntia cespitosa orange/yellow 30cm 97 G
Opuntia cespitosa yellow 20cm Michigan: Manistee Co 111 W
Orbexilum lupinellus blue-violet 15-30cm 169 G
Origanum rotundifolium lavender-pink/large pale green bracts/greyish lvs 10-20cm 160 G
Ornithogalum candicans white to 120cm 13 117 G
Ornithogalum exscapum white 5-15cm 2 G
Ornithogalum magnum white 30-60cm 137 G
Ornithogalum princeps pale green-cream 60-90cm 30 G
Ornithogalum umbellatum (PI) white/green stripe 20-30cm 40 G
Ornithogalum viridiflorum pale yellow-green to 1m 94 G
Orostachys chanetii white 10-30cm 156 G
Orostachys malacophylla v iwarenge pink-white flr/lavender-grey lvs to 13cm 159 G
Orostachys minuta reddish/purple spotted 2-6cm 156 G
Oxypetalum coeruleum sky blue 15-100cm 154 G
Oxytropis sp white Utah: Duchesne Co 156 W
Oxytropis splendens reddish purple-violet flr/silver hairy lvs 10-36cm 129 G
Pachystegia insignis white flr/white felting under lvs & stems to 90cm 128 G
Paeonia 'White Flower Farm Strain' single pink/yellow 90cm 27 G
Paeonia anomala pink to 1m 20 G
Paeonia anomala rose-red to 1m 21 G
Paeonia daurica pink 60-100cm 124 161 G
Paeonia daurica ssp coriifolia single pink 60-80cm 55 G
Paeonia daurica ssp mlokosewitschii magenta 60cm 124 G
Paeonia daurica ssp mlokosewitschii pinkish-yellow 60cm 124 G
Paeonia ludlowii yellow to 3.5m 160 G
Paeonia mascula deep purplish-pink to 90cm 60 160 G
Paeonia obovata mix 30-70cm 149 G
Paeonia obovata ssp japonica white 30-70cm > G
Paeonia officinalis ssp officinalis deep red 25-40cm 26 G
Paeonia rockii bright pink/burgundy basal blotch to 180cm 145 G
Paeonia rockii white/dark purple-maroon base to 1.8m > G
Paeonia suffruticosa (x) pink/purple to 1.5m 22 G
Paeonia suffruticosa (x) v papaveracea (ex Chen Yi) pale pink/dark blotched base to 1.5m 159 G
Paeonia veitchii rose-pink/red 30-90cm 160 161 G
Papaver alboroseum pink 5-10cm 28 G
Papaver alpinum coral 5-25cm 21 G
Papaver atlanticum 'Flore Pleno' semi-double orange 45-60cm 27 33 G
Papaver atlanticum mix single/semi-double soft orange to 45cm 159 G
Papaver atlanticum soft apricot orange to 45cm 19 142 G
Papaver cambricum 'Frances Perry' scarlet/red 30-45cm 23 G
Papaver cambricum mix 40-60cm 23 G
Papaver cambricum yellow 40-60cm 142 G
Papaver orientale 'Ridgewood Beauty' coral pink 90cm 107 G
Papaver orientale 'Royal Wedding' white/dark purple-black center to 75cm 2 G
Papaver persicum ssp tauricola red-orange 30-40cm 156 G
Papaver rhoeas red/black base to 70cm 99 G
Papaver rhoeas red/pink to 70cm 58 G
Papaver rupifragum orange-red to 50cm 156 G
Papaver somniferum 'Cherry Glow' cherry red to 120cm 107 G
Papaver somniferum 'Lauren's Grape' deep red-purple to 100cm > G
Papaver somniferum 'Sissinghurst White' pure white 60-90cm 107 G
Papaver somniferum double pink to 100cm 60 G
Papaver somniferum pink-purple to 100cm 21 G
Papaver sp semi-double orange-red 40-60cm 27 G
Paradisea liliastrum white 30-90cm 48 G
Paradisea lusitanica white 80-120cm 94 G
Parnassia palustris white 15cm Canada: foothills W of Calgary_ Alberta 129 W
Parnassia palustris white 8-35cm Alaska: Mt Healy 28 W
Parodia concinna bright yellow 3-10cm 88 G
Parodia crassigibba magenta/purple/yellow to 12cm 88 G
Parodia erubescens (x) lemon yellow 20cm 88 G
Pasithea caerulea blue 60cm 106 128 G
Passiflora incarnata (PI) North Carolina: Burke Co 25 W
Passiflora incarnata (PI) bluish-purple/white 1.8-2.4m 97 111 G
Patrinia monandra yellow 1.5-2m 2 G
Patrinia scabiosifolia yellow 30-100cm 107 G
Pavonia missionum red-orange 40-150cm 150 G
Pelargonium aridum white/cream 20-30cm 169 G
Pelargonium endlicherianum deep pink-maroon veins 20-35cm > G
Penstemon 'Kissin' Kuzins' (triflorus x cobaea) mauvy lavender-pink to 71cm 169 G
Penstemon ambiguus pink/white 30-40cm 46 G
Penstemon angustifolius blue-purple/pink/lavender 15-45cm 68 156 G
Penstemon azureus blue 30cm California: Plumas Co 1707m 115 W
Penstemon barbatus 'Rondo' deep purple 25-30cm 102 G
Penstemon barbatus red/scarlet 30-100cm 52 153 G
Penstemon barrettiae lilac/rose 30cm Oregon: Wasco Co 80m 66 W
Penstemon californicus purple-violet flr/grey lvs 8-30cm 147 G
Penstemon calycosus pale lavender-violet 60-120cm 107 G
Penstemon calycosus white/pink 90cm 84 G
Penstemon cardinalis red-crimson 32-100cm 62 153 G
Penstemon cardwellii purple 20cm Oregon: Santiam Pass 1463m 115 W
Penstemon cardwellii purple-violet 10-30cm 43 G
Penstemon cardwellii rose-purple 10-30cm 6 G
Penstemon clutei pink-rose pink flr/blue-green lvs 60-90cm 90 G
Penstemon cobaea white 25-65cm 62 G
Penstemon comarrhenus blue-lavender/pinkish blue 40-80cm 91 G
Penstemon confertus pale yellow/pink-lavender 4-40cm 30 G
Penstemon cyananthus v subglaber bright blue 25-30cm Idaho: Albion Mtns_ Cassia Co 160 W
Penstemon davidsonii purple 15cm Oregon: McKenzie Pass 1585m 115 W
Penstemon digitalis 'Onyx and Pearls' lavender-white flr/dark lvs 90-105cm 143 G
Penstemon digitalis white 25-90cm 23 G
Penstemon digitalis white-purple 90-150cm 133 G
Penstemon diphyllus blue lavender-violet/purple 20-80cm 153 G
Penstemon eatonii red-scarlet 40-100cm 72 G
Penstemon euglaucus violet-blue/purple 15-55cm 6 G
Penstemon fruticosus purple 20cm Canada: Begbie Summit_ BC 131 W
Penstemon fruticosus v fruticosus red/blue-violet 10-15cm Washington: E Cascade Range_ Yakima Co 1860m 160 W
Penstemon fruticosus v scouleri bluish lavender-purplish/violet 13-40cm 35 G
Penstemon fruticosus v serratus 'Holly' pink-purple 5-15cm 6 G
Penstemon glaber v brandegeei blue-violet 50-65cm 104 153 G
Penstemon glaber v brandegeei large blue 90cm 104 G
Penstemon gracilis pale lavender-violet 20-50cm 129 G
Penstemon grandiflorus (ex Isanti Co MN) pink/mauve to 90cm 109 G
Penstemon grandiflorus cerise 91cm 91 G
Penstemon grandiflorus lavender-blue 50-95cm 72 G
Penstemon grandiflorus white 50-100cm 3 91 G
Penstemon hallii blue-violet/purple 7-25cm 35 G
Penstemon hartwegii bright red/purple/crimson 30-70cm 70 128 G
Penstemon hirsutus 'Pygmaeus' lavender/white 15cm > G
Penstemon hirsutus 'Pygmaeus' white 15cm 138 149 G
Penstemon hirsutus lavender-violet/white 20-60cm 107 142 G
Penstemon hirsutus rose-pink 35-45cm 149 G
Penstemon humilis (cf) 156 G
Penstemon humilis Wyoming: Fremont Co 2286m 144 W
Penstemon humilis v humilis blue-violet 20-25cm Washington: E Cascade Range_ Yakima Co 1860m 160 W
Penstemon jamesii lavender-blue 10-45cm 62 G
Penstemon laetus blue-lavender/white to 70cm California: Mariposa Co 1524m 80 W
Penstemon laricifolius (ex Albany Co_ WY) white 15cm 120 G
Penstemon laricifolius mix pink/white 10-30cm 147 G
Penstemon leiophyllus v leiophyllus blue-purple 25-30cm Utah: Markagunt Plateau_ Iron Co 160 W
Penstemon linarioides blue/lavender 8-50cm 156 G
Penstemon linarioides v sileri blue/lavender 8-40cm 156 G
Penstemon mensarum dark blue/purple-violet 25-90cm 104 G
Penstemon mexicali (x) 'Pike's Peak Purple' purple 30-45cm 116 G
Penstemon mexicali (x) 'Red Rocks' bright rose-red to 45cm 159 G
Penstemon mexicali (x) violet-pink 30-40cm 160 G
Penstemon murrayanus red 50-150cm 110 G
Penstemon nitidus blue-violet flr/blue-grey lvs 5-40cm 120 129 G
Penstemon ovatus violet-blue/purple 30-100cm 43 140 G
Penstemon palmeri Nevada: Clark Co 1219m 156 W
Penstemon palmeri pale pink-white/pinkish lavender 43-140cm 72 91 G
Penstemon palmeri v eglandulosus white/pink tints 75-100cm Utah: Tushar Mtns_ Beaver Co 160 W
Penstemon parryi rose-pink/magenta 30-120cm 70 G
Penstemon pinifolius orange 10-50cm 90 G
Penstemon pinifolius scarlet 10-50cm 160 G
Penstemon procerus v tolmiei purple 15-20cm Washington: Icicle Ridge 2150m 10 W
Penstemon procerus violet-blue/purple 3-55cm 156 G
Penstemon pseudospectabilis fuchsia 60-100cm 72 G
Penstemon rattanii v rattanii (aff) violet/blue 15-20cm 5 G
Penstemon richardsonii magenta 60cm 153 G
Penstemon richardsonii purple-pink 30cm Oregon: Aldrich Mtns 792m 115 W
Penstemon rostriflorus orangish red-scarlet 30-100cm 72 G
Penstemon rydbergii v aggregatus blue-purple 20-25cm Utah: Markagunt Plateau_ Iron Co 160 W
Penstemon rydbergii v rydbergii blue-purple 15-20cm Washington: E Cascade Range_ Yakima Co 1852m 160 W
Penstemon scariosus v scariosus lavender-blue 30cm Utah: Wasatch Plateau_ Sanpete Co 3095m 160 W
Penstemon secundiflorus blue-violet/lavender 20-45cm 62 G
Penstemon secundiflorus pink-lavender 20-45cm 120 G
Penstemon sepalulus purple 30cm Utah: Wasatch Range_ Utah Co 2150m 160 W
Penstemon serrulatus blue-violet/purple 13-80cm 59 94 G
Penstemon serrulatus pink-purple 13-80cm 35 G
Penstemon smallii lavender-violet/purple 35-80cm 93 107 G
Penstemon spatulatus light blue-light purple 6-26cm 156 G
Penstemon spatulatus purple 40cm Oregon: Strawberry Mtns 2408m 115 W
Penstemon speciosus blue Nevada: Washoe Co 2438m 72 W
Penstemon speciosus blue/lavender to 70cm California: Mono Co 2400m 80 W
Penstemon strictus 'Bandera' dark purple-blue 60cm 156 G
Penstemon strictus purple-violet/blue 35-70cm 6 35 155 G
Penstemon subglaber bright blue 30-50cm Utah: Wasatch Plateau_ Sanpete Co 160 W
Penstemon venustus lavender-purple/violet 18-80cm 72 120 G
Penstemon virens blue-light purple/violet 10-40cm > G
Penstemon virgatus v asa-grayi violet-pink lavender/purple 20-65cm 5 G
Penstemon virgatus violet-pink lavender/purple 20-65cm 144 G
Penstemon whippleanus dark brownish purple 20-65cm 93 G
Penstemon wrightii red-pink 40-70cm 34 G
Persea liebmannii to 15m 133 G
Persicaria orientalis (PI) rose red 60-250cm 60 G
Petrocoptis pyrenaica pink 8-15cm 159 G
Petrophytum caespitosum pale pink/coral/white 60cm Colorado: Eagle Co 74 W
Petrophytum caespitosum white to 10cm 41 47 116 G
Petrosedum ochroleucum yellow 15-40cm 62 G
Phacelia procera white 90cm Oregon: Strawberry Mtns 2164m 115 W
Phacelia sericea ssp sericea blue-purple 15-20cm Washington: Wenatchee Mtns 1750m 10 W
Phalocallis coelestis blue-lavender 30-90cm 48 97 158 G
Phaseolus polystachios pinkish-purple to 3-4m 1 G
Phedimus (Sedum) hybridus yellow 5-30cm 90 G
Phedimus (Sedum) litoralis yellow to 30cm 156 G
Phemeranthus brevifolius rose/lavender/white 6cm 46 47 G
Phemeranthus calycinus pink/red-purple 25-40cm > G
Phemeranthus rugospermus pink-magenta 25cm 169 G
Philadelphus lewisii white 3-5m Oregon: Hells Canyon_ Baker Co 510m 160 W
Phlomoides oreophila purple 30-80cm 156 G
Phlomoides tuberosa purple-pink 40-150cm 146 G
Phoenicaulis cheiranthoides purple/lavender 12-25cm 47 G
Physaria alpina deep yellow flr/grey lvs 3-8cm 47 G
Physaria arizonica yellowish flr/grey-green lvs 2-10cm 47 G
Physaria bellii yellow flr/silvery hairy lvs 5-13cm 62 G
Physaria fendleri orange-yellow 5-25cm 50 G
Physaria ovalifolia yellow flr/grey-green lvs 5-25cm 156 G
Physaria reediana (cf) yellow 15-30cm 159 G
Physaria reediana pale green-yellow 20-40cm 3 G
Physostegia virginiana 'Pink Manners' pale pink-lavender 90cm 144 G
Phyteuma charmelii blue-violet 10-20cm 7 G
Phyteuma orbiculare deep blue-purple 20-50cm 19 G
Phyteuma scheuchzeri deep blue to 40cm > G
Phyteuma sieberi (cf) 156 G
Phyteuma sieberi blue-violet 5-30cm 141 G
Phytolacca americana 'Silberstein' white flr/cream-speckled variegated lvs 1-1.8m 125 160 G
Pilosella tardans yellow flr/hairy lvs 10-15cm 109 G
Pityopsis falcata yellow 20-30cm 149 G
Plantago patagonica white woolly flr/woolly lvs 4-24cm 8 75 G
Plantago sempervirens greenish-brown 10-40cm 76 G
Platanus occidentalis North Carolina: Guilford Co 25 W
Platycodon grandiflorus 'Astra Blue' blue 20-25cm 20 G
Platycodon grandiflorus 'Astra White' white 15-30cm 35 G
Platycodon grandiflorus (dwarf form) blue 10-30cm 160 156 G
Platycodon grandiflorus (dwarf form) pink 10-30cm 156 G
Platycodon grandiflorus (dwarf form) white 10-30cm 33 156 G
Platycodon grandiflorus blue/purple 30-90cm 41 104 167 G
Platycodon grandiflorus white 20-90cm 130 G
Podophyllum cymosum white flr/blue frt to 120cm 106 G
Podophyllum hexandrum pale pink flr/dark mottled lvs 15-60cm 104 G
Podophyllum hexandrum pink 15-60cm 92 132 145 G
Polemonium foliosissimum v alpinum white 75-100cm Utah: Wasatch Range_ Wasatch Co 160 W
Pollia japonica white flr/blue frt 30-90m 75 121 G
Polygonatum biflorum Michigan: Kent Co 63 W
Polygonatum biflorum white-greenish yellow 50-200cm 33 G
Polygonella polygama white 15-70cm 169 G
Pontechium maculatum crimson red flr/grey-green hairy lvs 40-70cm 109 159 G
Potentilla crantzii (ex Cape Norman_ NL Canada) yellow 10cm 20 G
Potentilla crantzii yellow 15-25cm 46 G
Potentilla erecta yellow 10-30cm 81 G
Potentilla gracilis v flabelliformis yellow 25cm Oregon: Strawberry Mtns 2134m 115 W
Potentilla megalantha yellow 10-20cm 20 G
Potentilla nepalensis 'Helen Jane' pink-salmon/red eye 30cm 24 G
Potentilla nepalensis rose red 50cm 160 G
Potentilla porphyrantha pink flr/silver felted lvs 5-15m 46 159 G
Potentilla pulvinaris yellow flr/grey hairy lvs 5-10cm 46 G
Potentilla speciosa white-pale yellow flr/silver lvs 5-30cm 156 G
Potentilla villosa yellow flr/woolly lvs 5-25cm 20 G
Primula alpicola mix 15-60cm 77 G
Primula auricula yellow to 20cm 35 G
Primula beesiana rose pink 20-50cm 77 G
Primula bulleyana orange-yellow 20-70cm 20 77 G
Primula capitata India: Above Yumthang_ Sikkim 4000m 165 W
Primula clevelandii pink 10-40cm 35 G
Primula cockburniana 'Kevock Sunshine' yellow 20-30cm 21 G
Primula elatior light yellow to 30cm 35 55 144 G
Primula florindae yellow 30-120cm 20 77 G
Primula hendersonii pink 30cm Canada: Victoria_ BC 131 W
Primula japonica 'Miller's Crimson' crimson red 45-60cm 168 G
Primula japonica 'Postford White' white/yellow eye 45-60cm 15 160 168 G
Primula japonica coral-pink 45-60cm 92 G
Primula japonica crimson/purple-red 45-60cm 160 G
Primula japonica dark crimson 45-60cm 79 G
Primula japonica dark pink/magenta 45-60cm 98 G
Primula japonica mix 45-60cm 20 55 G
Primula japonica pink shades 45-60cm 31 168 G
Primula japonica red-pink 45-60cm 122 G
Primula japonica white 45-60cm 92 G
Primula jeffreyi magenta-lavender/cream 10-60cm 26 G
Primula latiloba white 15-40cm 26 G
Primula matthioli pink 20-25cm 35 G
Primula matthioli pink-purple 20-25cm 15 20 26 G
Primula matthioli white 20-25cm 35 G
Primula meadia pink 10-50cm 35 G
Primula meadia white 10-50cm 54 92 168 G
Primula pauciflora magenta-lavender 10-45cm 21 94 98 G
Primula poissonii deep purplish crimson/rose-purple 20-45cm 162 G
Primula polyantha (x) mix yellow/rust-red/copper-bronze 15-20cm 160 G
Primula pubescens (x) mix 15-20cm 47 G
Primula pulverulenta magenta 25-100cm 20 G
Primula pulverulenta rose-purple 25-100cm 77 G
Primula scotica violet/red-purple to 10cm 6 77 G
Primula secundiflora rose-purple/deep rose 10-60cm 77 G
Primula sieboldii (from Japanese Sakurasou forms) mix 12-25cm 71 G
Primula sieboldii mix 12-25cm 2 G
Primula sieboldii pink shades 12-25cm 107 G
Primula veris 'Sunset Shades' mix yellow/orange/red 15-25cm 22 92 G
Primula veris ssp macrocalyx yellow 12-35cm 46 98 G
Primula veris yellow 8-30cm 103 107 G
Primula vulgaris (hp) yellow 15cm 92 G
Primula wilsonii very dark red 30-90cm 77 G
Prometheum pilosum bright pink to 10cm 5 30 G
Prospero autumnale lilac/pink/bluish purple to 15cm 152 G
Pseudofumaria (Corydalis) alba white/yellow tip to 40cm 23 G
Psilostrophe cooperi Nevada: Clark Co 1219m 156 W
Pterocephalus hookeri cream 10-50cm 73 G
Pulsatilla alpina ssp apiifolia yellow 10-50cm > G
Pulsatilla ambigua dark violet 16-22cm 20 39 G
Pulsatilla dahurica pale lilac-pale bluish violet 25-40cm 50 G
Pulsatilla halleri violet-lavender 5-25cm 21 G
Pulsatilla patens purple 5-40cm Alaska: Bison Gulch 28 W
Pulsatilla vulgaris (fringed) deep purple 15-40cm 81 G
Pulsatilla vulgaris mix 15-40cm 41 141 G
Pulsatilla vulgaris purple 15-40cm > G
Pulsatilla vulgaris white 15-40cm 81 G
Puschkinia scilloides white/pale blue stripe 10-15cm 35 G
Pycnanthemum tenuifolium white 60-90cm 79 G
Pycnosorus globosus yellow flr/grey woolly lvs to 120cm 99 G
Rabiea albipuncta yellow to 22cm 46 G
Ramonda myconi deep violet 6-12cm 41 65 G
Ramonda serbica lilac to 8cm 20 65 G
Ranunculus amplexicaulis white flr/grey-green lvs to 30cm 17 G
Ranunculus calandrinioides white/tinged pink to 20cm 35 G
Ranunculus gramineus yellow 30-45cm > G
Ranunculus platanifolius white 30-100cm 17 G
Ratibida pinnata yellow to 125cm 101 G
Rebutia sp. nov. WK 843 65 G
Rhexia mariana pink-lavender/white 20-80cm 3 G
Rhexia virginica magenta 25cm New York: Oswego Co 124 W
Rhexia virginica rose-lavender 20-60cm 60 G
Rhodiola rosea pale green-yellow/red tip flr/blue-green lvs 5-40cm 82 G
Rhododendron arborescens white 3m Pennsylvania: Somerset Co 111 W
Rhododendron atlanticum white/flush pink-rose .5-1m 94 G
Rhododendron catawbiense Tennessee: Carver's Gap_ Carter Co 25 W
Rhododendron ciliatum India: Above Lachung_ Sikkim 3200m 165 W
Rhododendron dauricum 'Album white to 2m 20 G
Rhododendron ferrugineum pink to 60cm 20 G
Rhododendron niveum India: Above Lachung_ Sikkim 3200m 165 W
Rhus typhina North Carolina: Burke Co 25 W
Richea pandanifolia deep pink-red 2-12m 38 G
Romulea bulbocodium violet-lilac/yellow/white 10-15cm 130 G
Rosa glauca pink flr/glaucous-purple lvs 1.5-3m 150 G
Rosa moyesii red 1-4m 150 G
Rosa sicula rose-pink 60-150cm 150 G
Rosa spinosissima cream-white/pale pink 20-140cm 94 G
Rubus parviflorus white flr/red frt to 2.5m 128 G
Rudbeckia occidentalis black 80cm Oregon: Strawberry Mtns 2103m 115 W
Ruellia humilis lavender-lilac 30-60cm 107 G
Ruschia pulvinaris deep magenta flr/blue-green lvs 7-12cm 91 G
Ruta graveolens yellow flr/blue-green lvs 60-90cm 104 G
Sabatia foliosa 'White Rose' white 20cm 169 G
Salpingostylis coelestina blue-violet 15-30cm 44 G
Salvia argentea white flr/silver-grey woolly lvs 30-60cm 90 156 G
Salvia chrysophylla lilac/yellow lip 20-60cm 156 G
Salvia coccinea scarlet/orange-red to 1m 153 G
Salvia cyanescens purple-violet flr/velvety grey-green lvs 30-90cm 90 156 G
Salvia darcyi coral-red to 1m 89 156 G
Salvia deserta blue-purple to 70cm 146 G
Salvia dorrii blue-purple flr/grey-green lvs 10-70cm 47 59 G
Salvia dumetorum blue-purple to 90cm 146 G
Salvia eigii purple/pale pink-white 30-100cm 155 G
Salvia forsskaolei violet blue/white 60cm 64 117 160 G
Salvia glutinosa pale yellow/maroon speckled 40-60cm 63 G
Salvia greggii creamy yellow 50cm 64 G
Salvia jurisicii violet-lavender flr/grey-green lvs to 30cm 62 90 156 G
Salvia lyrata lavender blue 30-60cm 84 G
Salvia lyrata pink flr/purple lvs 30-60cm 2 G
Salvia microphylla magenta/red/pink/rose 100-130cm 70 G
Salvia muelleri royal purple 45-75cm 128 G
Salvia nutans violet-blue 50-120cm 37 42 G
Salvia pachyphylla blue-violet/mauve-purple 30-60cm 72 89 G
Salvia recognita pale pink flr/grey hairy lvs 60-90cm 42 156 G
Salvia reflexa (PI) pale-dark blue 10-70cm 156 G
Salvia roemeriana scarlet to 30cm 110 G
Salvia sclarea pale mauve-lilac/white-pink 90-120cm 70 G
Salvia transsylvanica 'Blue Cloud' deep blue 60-90cm 144 G
Salvia transsylvanica lavender blue 60-90cm 156 G
Salvia viscosa burgundy red 60cm 156 G
Sambucus cerulea white 6-9m California: Mariposa Co 1524m 80 W
Sanguinaria canadensis (moist packed) white to 40cm 159 G
Sanguisorba 'Cangshan Cranberry' burgundy-red 1.5-2m 2 G
Sanguisorba menziesii maroon-purple 30-100cm 136 G
Sanguisorba officinalis 'Little Angel' ruby red flr/white-edged lvs 10-18cm 50 G
Sanguisorba tenuifolia 'Rubra' red-purple to 1.5m 107 G
Saponaria boissieri (x) pink 5-15cm 45 G
Saponaria caespitosa purplish-pink 5-15cm 17 47 159 G
Saponaria cypria pink to 15cm 156 G
Saponaria pumilio pink-purple 1-5cm 47 159 G
Sarracenia rubra ssp gulfensis 'AC Free' green pitcher/flr 40cm 169 G
Saruma henryi (moist packed) soft yellow 40-60cm 159 G
Saruma henryi soft yellow 45-60cm 107 G
Saxifraga 'Primuloides' (aff) white 2.5-10cm 117 G
Saxifraga paniculata 'Minutifolia' white 5cm 47 G
Saxifraga paniculata (aff) white 2-20cm 117 G
Saxifraga paniculata white-cream to 30cm 35 G
Scabiosa columbaria 'Nana' blue-lilac 10-15cm 20 32 G
Scabiosa columbaria 'Nana' lavender-blue 10-15cm 160 G
Scabiosa columbaria 'Pink Mist' lilac-pink 30-45cm 159 G
Scabiosa ochroleuca cream-yellow 60-90cm 52 G
Scabrethia scabra yellow 20-60cm 62 G
Schizachyrium scoparium 7-210cm 156 G
Schizachyrium scoparium bluish-wine red 45cm Michigan: Kent Co 63 W
Scilla amoena blue 10-30cm 78 G
Scilla cilicica blue 15-25cm 35 G
Scilla lilio-hyacinthus blue/lilac-purple 10-30cm 125 G
Scilla litardierei blue-violet 15-20cm 41 78 G
Scilla mischtschenkoana white/blue mid-vein 10-15cm 58 G
Scilla monophyllos deep blue 5-15cm 35 G
Scilla peruviana violet-blue 15-40cm 161 G
Scrophularia lanceolata brown-red/green 80-150cm 8 G
Scrophularia vernalis yellowish green 20-80cm 64 G
Scutellaria albida white 20-35cm 155 G
Scutellaria alpina 'Romana' purple 72 G
Scutellaria baicalensis blue-purple 30-40cm 24 72 90 G
Scutellaria incana blue-purple 60-90cm 2 79 96 G
Scutellaria lateriflora blue 60-80cm 8 G
Scutellaria orientalis yellow flr/grey woolly lvs to 30cm 7 G
Scutellaria parvula v leonardi blue-violet 10-20cm 109 G
Scutellaria sapphirina dark blue 5-10cm 72 G
Scutellaria suffrutescens 'Texas Rose' rose-red 10-20cm 160 G
Sedum lanceolatum yellow 3-18cm 156 G
Senecio flaccidus v flaccidus yellow flr/grey-green woolly lvs 40-120cm 156 G
Senecio macrocephalus pink-purple to 40cm 20 G
Senecio pulcher fuchsia 50cm 97 G
Senecio serra yellow 50cm Oregon: Strawberry Mtns 2408m 115 W
Senecio sp (ex S. Africa_ hardy Z6/7) blue 60-100cm 127 G
Senecio sp yellow 10-40cm Alaska: Bison Gulch 28 W
Sesamum trilobum white 1.5-2m 103 G
Sesbania grandiflora red 4-16m 9 G
Seseli gummiferum white-pink tinged flr/silver-grey lvs to 90cm 60 104 153 G
Sibbaldia tridentata white to 25cm 7 G
Sidalcea glaucescens pink 40cm California: Plumas Co 1585m 115 W
Sideritis oroteneriffae pale yellow flr/silver-white velvety lvs 90-150cm 132 G
Silene armeria pink 20-40cm 83 G
Silene chalcedonica 'Carnea' salmon-pink to 1m 160 G
Silene chalcedonica scarlet 35-100cm 94 113 G
Silene coronaria magenta-pink flr/grey-felted lvs 40-100cm 107 133 156 G
Silene coronaria white flr/grey-felted lvs 40-100cm 136 G
Silene coronaria white/some pink eyes 90cm 137 G
Silene douglasii white 40cm Oregon: Santiam Pass 1341m 115 W
Silene drummondii white 15cm Utah: Wasatch Plateau_ Sanpete Co 3005m 160 W
Silene flos-cuculi pink 20-90cm 35 144 G
Silene flos-jovis bright pink flr/hairy grey-green lvs 30-45cm > G
Silene ovata white 30-150cm 169 G
Silene regia pink/red mix 50-160cm 140 G
Silene regia scarlet 50-160cm > G
Silene samojedorum pink 25-30cm 41 G
Silene saxifraga white 10-20cm 81 G
Silene saxifraga white/pink 10-20cm 156 167 G
Silene schafta rose-pink to 25cm 49 62 G
Silene stellata white 30-80cm 8 G
Silene subciliata scarlet 20-100cm 169 G
Silene suecica bright pink 5-35cm 2 90 G
Silene uniflora 'Compacta' white-light pink flr/grey-green lvs 5-10cm 3 122 G
Silene viscaria rose pink/purple 30-60cm 20 83 144 G
Silene yunnanensis pink 20-80cm 20 G
Silene zawadzkii white 15-30cm 17 G
Silphium integrifolium yellow 40-200cm 156 G
Silphium laciniatum yellow 1-3m 155 G
Silphium perfoliatum yellow 75-300cm 87 121 G
Sinningia sellovii peach 118 G
Sisyrinchium angustifolium pale-deep blue to 45cm > G
Sisyrinchium bellum light blue-dark violet to 38cm 107 G
Sisyrinchium californicum yellow 5-40cm 6 128 G
Sisyrinchium idahoense blue 15cm Oregon: Baker Co 1200m 66 W
Sisyrinchium idahoense v macounii 'Moody Blues' blue-violet to 15cm 159 G
Sisyrinchium macrocarpum yellow/brown ring to 20cm 47 59 G
Sisyrinchium patagonicum yellow/brown throat 10-30cm 94 G
Smallanthus uvedalia Tennessee: Unicoi Co 144 W
Smyrnium perfoliatum yellow to 90cm 35 107 G
Soehrensia huascha ssp huascha hybrids red/white 88 G
Solidago nemoralis Virginia: Scott Co 151 W
Solidago ptarmicoides white 10-40cm 121 G
Solidago rigida (northern form) yellow 40-70cm 162 G
Solidago rugosa 'Fireworks' yellow 90-120cm 126 G
Sophora koreensis yellow 75-100cm 1 G
Sorbus americana North Carolina: Avery Co 25 W
Sparaxis elegans salmon-orange/purple center 9-20cm 114 G
Sparaxis metelerkampiae violet-purple 15-30cm 70 G
Sphaeralcea caespitosa red-orange flr/grey-green lvs 20-25cm 46 G
Spiraea morrisonicola white/dark pink to 50cm 130 G
Spiraea stevenii white 25-50cm Alaska: Mt Healy 28 W
Sporobolus airoides 35-120cm 128 G
Stachys citrina lemon-yellow flr/white woolly lvs 12-35cm 156 G
Stachys lavandulifolia mauve-purple woolly flr/grey-green lvs 15-25cm 47 G
Stachys nivea white flr/white woolly lvs 20-30cm 90 G
Stenanthium gramineum white-greenish yellow 50-200cm 140 G
Stenotus acaulis yellow 3-21cm 46 47 G
Stewartia pseudocamellia white 10-15m 2 144 G
Stokesia laevis blue-purple/lilac-white 20-50cm 70 97 111 G
Stylophorum diphyllum yellow to 50cm 20 23 G
Stylophorum lasiocarpum yellow 30-50cm 20 G
Styrax obassia white 10-14m 54 G
Symphoricarpos albus pale pink to 1.5m Washington: Pierce Co 122m 80 W
Symphyotrichum (Aster) dumosum 'Heinz Richard' pink 30cm 138 G
Symphyotrichum (Aster) oblongifolium rose/lavender/deep purple 10-80cm 2 G
Syneilesis palmata 'Hovov' white 70-120cm 163 G
Syneilesis palmata (ex BSWJ 103) white 70-120cm 163 G
Syneilesis palmata white 45-120cm 2 163 G
Syneilesis tiawanensis (nv) white 70-120cm 163 G
Syringa komarowii ssp reflexa dark pink/pendulous flr 3-5m 160 G
Taenidia integerrima yellow 40-80cm 8 G
Tagetes minuta pale yellow 20-180cm 2 G
Talinum paniculatum 'Kingwood Gold' pink flr/chartreuse lvs 45-60cm 75 121 G
Tanacetum niveum white flr/silver-grey lvs 45-90cm 44 G
Tanacetum praeteritum ssp massicyticum white flr/grey-white downy lvs 15-30cm 156 G
Taraxacum albidum white to 40cm 8 109 G
Taraxacum faeroense yellow flr/dark red-black lvs to 15cm 169 G
Taraxacum pseudoroseum pink/yellow center 10-20cm 47 130 G
Tellima grandiflora 'Forest Frost' greenish white-pink flr/silver-green lvs turn red 20-70cm 42 G
Tellima grandiflora Odorata Group cream-green flr/fragrant 45-60cm 43 G
Tephrosia virginiana pale yellow/pink 30-60cm 60 169 G
Tetraneuris acaulis yellow 2-30cm 47 G
Tetraneuris herbacea yellow 6-35cm 156 G
Tetraneuris ivesiana yellow 10-26cm 46 G
Teucrium botrys pink-purple 10-30cm 156 G
Teucrium flavum pale yellow 25cm 160 G
Teucrium hircanicum deep reddish-purple 45-60cm 89 G
Teucrium orientale lilac-blue 20-50cm 24 G
Thalictrum actaeifolium mauve-lilac/white 45-90cm 107 G
Thalictrum aquilegiifolium lilac-purple to 90cm 159 G
Thalictrum aquilegiifolium white/pink/lavender mix 100cm 160 G
Thalictrum baicalense white flr/slight bronze new lvs 40-80cm 159 G
Thalictrum dasycarpum white 40-150cm 63 G
Thalictrum delavayi 'Album' white 60-150cm 38 G
Thalictrum delavayi purplish-lilac 60-150cm 77 G
Thalictrum isopyroides greenish flr/blue-grey lvs 15-50cm 94 G
Thalictrum minus yellowish green 30-90cm 124 G
Thalictrum pubescens white-purplish 50-300cm 79 G
Thalictrum rochebruneanum lavender-purple 120-180cm > G
Thalictrum uchiyamae white-lavender to 60cm 94 G
Thelesperma filifolium yellow/red-brown 10-40cm 99 G
Thelocactus rinconensis (ssp nidulans) white 10cm 95 G
Thermopsis lanceolata yellow to 100cm 109 G
Thermopsis villosa yellow 90-150cm 144 G
Thymophylla pentachaeta v pentachaeta 'Laredo Gold' golden yellow 25cm 169 G
Thymophylla pentachaeta yellow/orange-yellow flr/grey-green lvs 15-25cm 149 G
Thymus nitens pink 10-30cm 128 G
Tigridia pavonia red-orange 45-60cm 70 G
Tigridia pavonia white 45-60cm 94 G
Tigridia pavonia white/dark red center 50-75cm 160 G
Tofieldia coccinea pinkish cream-deep crimson 2-20cm 148 G
Tolmiea menziesii rust 35cm Oregon: Santiam Pass 1280m 115 W
Townsendia incana white-pinkish flr/hairy lvs 2-12cm 47 G
Townsendia leptotes 'Jeannie's Purple' lavender-purple 2.5cm 47 G
Townsendia montana pink-violet 4-6cm 6 G
Townsendia parryi blue-purplish 5-12cm 6 47 G
Townsendia parryi lavender 5-12cm 82 G
Townsendia rothrockii blue-purplish 1-3cm 47 130 170 G
Townsendia spathulata white-pinkish 1-2cm 47 G
Toxicoscordion fremontii cream 10-80cm 128 G
Toxicoscordion venenosum white Nevada: Washoe Co 2286m 72 W
Trachymene coerulea violet-blue 60-90cm 99 G
Tradescantia subaspera North Carolina: Watauga Co 25 W
Trichophorum alpinum white 10-40cm 42 G
Trichostema brachiatum Virginia: Scott Co 151 W
Trichostema dichotomum Tennessee: Sullivan Co 151 W
Trichostema parishii blue 60-90cm 72 G
Tricyrtis 'Angel's Halo' white/golden center/purple halo 60cm 2 G
Tricyrtis latifolia yellow/reddish spots 40-100cm 92 167 G
Tricyrtis macropoda white/purple-red spots 60-75cm 158 G
Tricyrtis puberula yellowish-green/purplish-brown spots to 70cm 42 G
Trillium cuneatum (moist packed) maroon-purple flr/silver-mottled lvs to 45cm 159 G
Trillium flexipes hybrid (moist packed) reddish-brown over cream/white ovary to 50cm 159 G
Trillium flexipes x sulcatum (moist packed) white-cream w/red edges 40cm 160 G
Trillium grandiflorum (moist packed) white 15-30cm 159 G
Trillium kurabayashii (moist packed) red-purple flr/mottled lvs 25-55cm 9 160 G
Trillium luteum (moist packed) greenish-lemon yellow 15-40cm 2 G
Trillium sessile (moist packed) maroon-brown flr/mottled lvs 8-25cm 159 G
Trillium sulcatum maroon 30-70cm 92 G
Triosteum pinnatifidum (moist packed) white flr/white frt to 60cm 109 G
Triosteum pinnatifidum (non-pinnate form) white frt 30cm 77 G
Triosteum pinnatifidum yellow-green flr/white frt to 60cm 1 G
Triteleia laxa pale blue/deep purple 10-70cm 7 29 G
Trollius chinensis 'Golden Queen' golden orange 60-90cm 23 G
Trollius cultorum (x) 'New Moon' double creamy-yellow 60cm 26 G
Trollius europaeus yellow 40-60cm 35 G
Trollius kytmanovii orange-yellow 20-50cm 94 G
Trollius ledebourii yellow-orange 40-100cm 20 G
Tulipa clusiana white/red-pink outer 15-30cm 128 G
Tulipa greigii scarlet-orange red flr/spotted-striped lvs 20-30cm 139 G
Tulipa sprengeri bright red/scarlet 20-40cm 1 41 137 G
Tulipa sylvestris yellow to 45cm 35 94 G
Tulipa tschimganica (x) yellow/red reverse 20cm 139 G
Tulipa zenaidae yellow/orange/red 15cm 139 G
Uvularia grandiflora (moist packed) yellow 20-75cm 159 G
Vaccinium uliginosum pink 10-50cm Alaska: Mt Healy 28 W
Vaccinium uliginosum white-pink flr/blue frt 10-75cm 9 G
Veltheimia bracteata pink 20-40cm 9 G
Veratrum formosanum white-green 30-60cm 158 G
Veratrum nigrum black-purple to 1m 103 156 G
Verbascum 'Governor George Aiken' white flr/grey lvs 150-180cm 156 G
Verbascum atroviolaceum dark violet-purple 30-45cm 159 G
Verbascum blattaria f albiflorum (PI) white/purple stamen 60-100cm 136 G
Verbascum phoeniceum mix 60-120cm 2 G
Verbascum pyramidatum x (bombyciferum?) yellow flr/narrow branching/grey-green lvs 2m 160 G
Verbascum pyramidatum yellow flr/purple-red anthers/candelabra-like 2-2.5m 160 G
Verbascum roripifolium yellow to 1.2m 156 G
Verbascum rupicola yellow 20-30cm 130 G
Verbascum virgatum yellow/purple center 1-2m 156 G
Verbena aristigera purple/violet 10-60cm 9 G
Verbena bonariensis (PI) lavender-rose purple to 180cm 53 G
Verbena hastata blue-violet 100cm Idaho: Bruneau Valley_ Owyhee Co 750m 160 W
Verbena stricta Nebraska: Frontier Co 144 W
Verbesina encelioides yellow 10-120cm 54 G
Vernonia glauca purplish-pink 60-100cm 140 G
Vernonia lettermannii purplish-pink 50-60cm 156 G
Veronica sp (formerly Synthyris) blue to 33cm 82 G
Veronica spicata 'Nana' blue-purple 5-15cm 82 90 G
Veronicastrum virginicum (northern form) white 50cm 162 G
Veronicastrum virginicum white 80-200cm 52 G
Viburnum acerifolium white flr/purple-black frt 1-2m 63 G
Viola portalesia blue 30cm 16 G
Wyethia amplexicaulis yellow 25-50cm Washington: E Cascade Foothills_ Yakima Co 1155m 160 W
Wyethia angustifolia yellow 15-60cm 69 G
Wyethia mollis yellow to 80cm California: Madera Co 1220m 80 W
Xanthisma (Aster) coloradoense pink-purple 2.5-14cm 7 46 G
Xeronema callistemon red 45-100cm 128 G
Yucca baccata cream to 2m 156 G
Yucca hybrid white 200cm 105 G
Yucca pallida greenish white 20-50cm/70-120cm flr 156 G
Yucca rostrata white flr/blue-grey lvs 2.5-3.6m 169 G
Zantedeschia albomaculata white/unspotted lvs form to 70cm 158 G
Zephyranthes brachyandra pink/dark purple throat to 30cm 51 G
Zephyranthes drummondii white 16-45cm 44 134 G
Zephyranthes katheriniae yellow/red 20-35cm 44 G
Zephyranthes lindleyana pale pink/yellow 5-15cm 44 G
Zephyranthes macrosiphon Hidalgo Form deep pink 25cm 27 G
Zephyranthes morrisclintii pink 25cm 44 G
Zephyranthes robusta lavender-pale pink 15-40cm 133 G
Zephyranthes sp pink 49 G
Zephyranthes tubispatha (texana form) yellow 15-30cm 132 G
Zephyranthes tubispatha yellow/copper reverse 10-20cm 13 44 G
Zinnia elegans double lime-green 90cm 36 G
Zinnia grandiflora yellow 8-22cm 62 90 G
Zizia aptera yellow 30-90cm 3 G
Zizia aurea yellow 40-75cm 79 G