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Acacia farnesiana

Acacia farnesiana
huisache; sweet acacia
Acacia farnesiana
Golden puffball

Synonym(s) Vachellia farnesiana
Common name huisache; sweet acacia
Family fabaceae
Life cycle tree (Z9-11)
Flowers yellow
Size 15-20'
Light sun
Cultural notes well drained soil, heat and drought tolerant

Open spreading tree or large shrub with deciduous fine-textured light green foliage and fragrant yellow flowers (actually, puffballs of yellow stamens) in winter and early spring. Branches are covered in sharp thorns. Its natural habit is multi-trunked, growing about as wide as it is tall. This species is native to central and southern Texas, through the U.S. southwest, Mexico, and Central America. I've learned that it is considered a nuisance tree by those who manage natural areas, because its saplings already possess a lot of ability to puncture shoe soles. We'll be pruning ours up as it reaches for the sky, to keep those spines away from tender skin. Our tree has grown very fast, and after producing just a few flowers in its first spring, it lit up the garden with a golden display the following year.

huisache; sweet acacia
Puffball precursor...
Acacia farnesiana
...about to pop
huisache; sweet acacia
Newly planted tree, October 2017
Acacia farnesiana
A year later – it's done a lot of growing!
huisache; sweet acacia
Seed pods in late June – unlike the pods on most pea-family trees, these don't droop down but are held stiffly in whichever direction they emerged
Acacia farnesiana
Buds developing in December

In our garden, this plant grows in the following area: left fence border

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