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Agave nickelsiae

Agave nickelsiae
Just planted

Synonym(s) Agave ferdinandi-regis
Common name King Ferdinand century plant
Family asparagaceae
Life cycle perennial (Z7-10)
Size 10"
Light sun-part shade
Cultural notes well-drained soil, drought-tolerant

Species from Mexico over which botanists are arguing about nomenclature. This may be synonymous with A. victoriae-reginae, which I am currently trying to grow from seed, but this page is for a specimen I purchased at the John Fairey Garden nursery, most likely originally grown by Plant Delights Nursery. I was there for an exhibition of Mexican folk art, and was struck by how the patterning on the leaves reminded me of some of the sharp zig-zag lines in those art pieces. The small plant is so sturdy (not succulent at all – no give to finger pressure), if you told me it was made of plastic I might just believe you. Ours is still small, but can reportedly grow to 10" tall and 18" wide, and perhaps even flower (but we'll have to wait over a decade to witness that).

In our garden, this plant grows in the following area: rock garden zone

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