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Calystegia sepium

Calystegia sepium
hedge bindweed
Calystegia sepium

Common name hedge bindweed
Family convolvulaceae
Life cycle perennial
Flowers white/pink (summer)
Size climbs or rambles, to 6 ft
Light sun

One of the noxious weeds of the US. A relative of the morning glory, with similar flowers that are actually quite pretty, but with designs to take over whatever space they set root in. It makes for a good bit of work in our garden, since it's difficult to dig up the plants with all the roots (and if you don't, it will be back!).
This species can be distinguished from the similar field bindweed (Convolvulus arvensis) by the leaf shape (pointy rather than rounded tip, and a break/angle in the base of the arrowhead) and the flower (bracts are right at the base of the flowers, instead of further down the flowerstalk). Another similar weed, wild buckwheat, doesn't have the break in the leaf base, and does not have showy flowers.

This is a weed in our garden

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