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Campylotropis macrocarpa

Campylotropis macrocarpa

Common name false bush clover; Chinese pea shrub
Family fabaceae
Life cycle shrub (Z5)
Flowers purple-pink
Size 5'
Light sun
From seed germinates readily at room temperature after scarification
detailed seed-starting info below

Bushy shrub with rounded foliage that turns olive green and gold in fall. Purple pea flower appear in clusters bloom from late summer onward. Looks somewhat similar to the Lespedeza we grow – should be interesting to see how they compare. Online advice suggests a hard pruning in spring.
Our second-year plants were late to return in spring – so much that I thought I had lost them, only to find them during an inventory of our nursery area in June. They are still small, but are showing a rosy glow on some of their leaves.

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Seed-starting details for this plant

  1. Seed from HPS/MAG '13/'14 exchange. Dehusked, sandpapered, baggy 70F (100%G, 5-11d)
  2. Same seed as above. Dehusked, sandpapered, baggy 70F (100%G, 5-10d)

Interestingly, in both trials several seeds had their radicles break off just after they germinated. I left these in the baggy to see what would happen (since, like other fabaceae, they had a full set of seed leaves ready to go). It took a week or so, but they eventually grew new roots.

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