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Canna indica

Canna indica
Canna indica

Common name arrowroot
Family cannaceae
Life cycle perennial (Z8-11)
Flowers various colors (summer)
Light sun-part shade
Cultural notes moist soil

Grown both for dramatic foliage and flashy flowers. We grew them for a few years when we first started gardening in Pennsylvania, where cannas are not hardy. We'd lift them every fall – until I forgot one year. Years later, a colleague gave me a bunch of tubers when it was already fairly late in the season. I quickly planted them in a few places around the garden, and some started blooming in September.
Now that we're in Houston, cannas are perfectly hardy, having no problem with even the most severe winters we've seen in recent years – no more lifting tubers in fall! We picked a few varieties up at a local nursery, to plant around our pond: Wyoming (red), Orange Beauty, and King City Gold. That was in September, so I figured they were done for the year, but they surprised us by continuing to bloom well into November. Then they were back by early spring, clearly intent on conquering more territory as they expand their clumps with new shoots.

'Orange Beauty'
Canna indica
'King City Gold' in mid-November
'King City Gold' takes the prize for first bloom, mid-March

In our garden, this plant grows in the following area: waterfall pondside

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