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Codonopsis species

Codonopsis species
Codonopsis species
Codonopsis species

Family campanulaceae
Life cycle perennial
Flowers purple (but ours are white)
From seed germinate at room temperature
detailed seed-starting info below

This entry was originally for Codonopsis bhutanica, a non-vining species suitable for rock gardens. I attempted to grow it several times from seed obtained through the NARGS exchange. From a first attempt, no seedlings survived the winter; in a second attempt, I got a few to survive, which proceeded to bloom in June of their second year. They look different from online photos of C. bhutanica though (with white instead of purple flowers, for one) so I obviously had a different species on my hands. The markings on the interiors of the flower are somewhat similar to those of C. clematidea, but the flowers and leaves are both larger, and the flowers are held at the same level as the foliage, rather than on stems rising above. So I'm still not sure what I was growing, but in any case, they're all gone now.

This plant used to grow in our garden, but it slipped away...

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Seed-starting details for this plant

  1. Seed from NARGS '08/'09 exchange. Baggy 70F with light (90%G, 6d)
  2. Same seed as above, cold-stored through summer. Baggy 70F (94%G, 6-8d)

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