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Dichondra carolinensis

Dichondra carolinensis

Common name Carolina ponyfoot
Family convolvulaceae
Life cycle perennial
Flowers green/white (spring-summer)
Size 2"

Perennial native weed, spreading by creeping stolons, with inconspicuous green-and-white flowers appearing from spring through summer. It started growing underneath our azalea, and appeared to like the mostly shady conditions there, because it quickly expanded into a mat of tidy kidney-shaped leaves. I left it alone, since it didn't seem to be doing any harm and looks kind of neat. The next spring, I noticed it popping up in many more places (far from the original patch), so given its tendency to spread rapidly, I've become more vigilant about removing it – although I'm still allowing the azalea "groundcover" to persist.

This is a weed in our garden

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