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Digitalis parviflora

Digitalis parviflora
Digitalis parviflora
When grampa was a little boy...

Common name foxglove
Family scrophulariaceae
Life cycle perennial (Z5)
Flowers reddish brown (early summer)
Size 24"
Light sun-shade
Cultural notes not fussy
From seed germinate at room temperature
detailed seed-starting info below

Many of the perennial foxgloves have brown as part of their coloring, often in streaks through yellow or white flower parts � but this one takes the chocolaty look to the extreme! The entire tubular part of the flower is brown, with just a bit of the yellow internals showing for contrast. The flowers are white-hairy, which is most evident up close. Like most foxgloves, it's a very upright, stalky plant. I don't recall if it came back for a third year, so it may be one that prefers to be a biennial - although deadheading may coax it into a more perennial behavior.

We left this plant behind in our Pennsylvania garden (and wish it well); we don't grow it in Houston.

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Seed-starting details for this plant

  1. Seed from '01 trade. Sowed in pot outside early Feb, good germination by mid-April. Seedlings were small, and many perished after transplanting to garden
  2. Same seed as above. Baggy 70F (90%G, 7-11d)
  3. Seed from '05 garden. Baggy 70F with light (48%G, 4-9d)
  4. Seed from '09 garden. Baggy 70F with light (86%G, 6-11d)
  5. Same seed as above. Baggy 70F with light (89%G, 6-8d)
  6. Same seed as above. Baggy 70F with light (55%G, 6-8d)
  7. Same seed as above. Baggy 70F with light (no G, 19d)

Long-viable seed, easy to germinate.

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