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Dyckia sp.

Dyckia sp.
Dyckia sp.
Dyckia sp.

Family bromeliaceae
Life cycle perennial
Flowers yellow (spring)
Light sun-part shade
Cultural notes well drained soil

Spiny-leaved bromeliad. Both our specimens came from the sale table at Peckerwood Garden, unidentified as to species or variety, but quite nice. Our first one has narrow deep green leaves with a metallic sheen, arranged in near-perfect geometry; the second one has somewhat broader leaves, also metallic but more curvaceous with a purple cast. As far as I can tell, they probably have D. platyphylla parentage, but will likely remain unnamed. They live in our rock garden and adjacent areas, which should provide reasonable conditions. This species has survived at Peckerwood, a ways north of us, for years so it should be hardy in our garden. So far, it's survived the two severest Houston-area freezes in decade, in 2018 and 2021, although the latter did kill part of our plant. It's not a xeriscape plant like the agaves, but does tolerate a good bit of drought. More than two years after planting in our garden, in mid-March, it decided it was time to start blooming, and sent up odd twisty-wiry stems with attractive golden-yellow flowers. Can be painful to weed around, but it's worth it.

Dyckia sp.
The flowers appear along the far ends of lanky stems, which visually separates them from the mother plant, creating a bit of a disembodied look
Dyckia sp.
Only part of our plant survived the megafreeze of 2021 (green shows on the right side, while the left is brown)

In our garden, this plant grows in the following areas: Houston rock garden, rock garden zone

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Last modified: July 16, 2021
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