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Exbucklandia populnea

Exbucklandia populnea
Exbucklandia populnea
Exbucklandia populnea
Just as last year's leaves are starting to look tired, fresh new ones are pushed out in mid-March

Family hamamelidaceae
Life cycle tree (Z9)
Flowers red
Size to 50'
Light sun-part shade

Evergreen tree in the witch-hazel family from southeast Asia. New leaves unfurl with bronze tones from large flattened stipules. The reddish flowers are similar to those of other plants in the family, small and not particularly showy. We were attracted to the duck's foot look of some of the leaves on the small tree we bought at a local nursery. They don't really look like the leaves I've seen of this species in online photos, so I'm reserving judgment as to what exactly we have until it grows a bit more and I can see its true habit and leaf form. That's assuming the tree proves hardy enough to survive in our garden – so far so good, it survived our significant freeze in January 2018. By mid-March, shiny new leaves were pushing their way out, and within two weeks, our tree had shed nearly all of its older leaves, which had started to look rather tired. Unfortunately, those new leaves started looking rather weather-worn themselves before too long, and by mid-summer our little tree started dropping its leaves; it looked progressively worse until by mid-September it was barren, probably gone for good. Not sure what did it in – the regular Houston summer heat, the month or so of dry weather we had, or something else altogether. In any case, I won't try again in this climate zone.

Exbucklandia populnea
New leaves have replaced last years' foliage, late March
Exbucklandia populnea
Expired, mid-September

This plant used to grow in our garden, but it slipped away...

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