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Globba schomburgkii

Globba schomburgkii
dancing ladies ginger

Common name dancing ladies ginger
Family zingiberaceae
Life cycle perennial (Z8-11)
Flowers various colors
Size 24"
Light shade
Cultural notes moist, well-drained soil
From seed self-seeds in our garden

Shade plant for warm climates, native to southeast Asia. Forms a medium-height clump of lance-shaped leaves, with chains of flowers appearing in late summer. The flowers dangle down daintily, each one held a little away from the main chain. Our original plant was just a tiny thing grown from a cutting, and was slow to come back after it went dormant in winter. Once its growth got underway, it filled out a little (still rather smaller than the size it should eventually attain), and started to flower in early September. It's planted on the north side of our house, which means it gets shade most of the day, until the sun comes around the house in late afternoon. Even during periods of drought the soil in that area doesn't get too dry, which likely accounts for it staying fairly happy through the heat of summer. Happy enough, in fact, that it produced seedlings the year after it flowered. Since then, the seedlings have grown strongly, resulting in the colony of dancing ladies in the photo at top.

Globba schomburgkii
Interesting bumpy fruits in October
dancing ladies ginger
Very late to return even in Houston's warm climate, but by mid-May it's shooting up again...
Globba schomburgkii
....and doesn't take long to start blooming (by second half of June)
dancing ladies ginger
Seedlings the summer after it first bloomed in our garden

In our garden, this plant grows in the following areas: foundation border, right-fence nursery area

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