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Gloriosa superba

Gloriosa superba
gloriosa lily; glory lily
Notice the hooked leaf tips
Gloriosa superba
Arising from its bulb, early April

Synonym(s) gloriosa rothschildiana
Common name gloriosa lily; glory lily
Family colchicaceae
Life cycle perennial (Z8b-10)
Flowers red/yellow
Size vine to 10'
Light sun-part shade
Cultural notes moist, well-drained soil

Climbing member of the lily tribe that uses tendrils extending from its leaf tips to cling to supports and scramble upward towards the light. Its flowers are striking in shape and color, with three-to-five-inch-long curvy petals, red with yellow bands, and prominent stamens emerging perpendicular to the flower stem. It dies back after flowering, to re-emerge from its bulb. May need some winter mulch protection in a typical Houston winter.

gloriosa lily; glory lily
Growing up into an Arizona cypress

In our garden, this plant grows in the following areas: back fence border, waterfall pondside

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