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Habranthus tubispathus

Habranthus tubispathus
copper lily
Synonym(s) Habranthus texanus; Zephyranthes texana
Common name copper lily
Family amaryllidaceae
Life cycle perennial (Z7-10)
Flowers yellow (late summer-fall)
Size 6-12"
Light sun
Cultural notes moist soil
From seed germinates readily at room temperature
detailed seed-starting info below

Each plant sends up a solitary flower, golden-yellow with a darker center, following summer and autumn rain; leaves appear when the bloom is over. Best planted in groups. Native to Texas, where it grows in moist low-lying areas, as well as other areas surrounding the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea. Ours bloomed first as second-year plants, in late June after some thunderstorms broke a period of hot dry weather.

In our garden, this plant grows in the following areas: left fence border, back fence border, rock garden zone, left fence nursery area

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Seed-starting details for this plant

  1. Seed from NARGS '17/'18 exchange. Baggy 70F (82%G, 4-7d)
  2. Same seed as above. Baggy 70F (37%G, 8-21d)
  3. Same seed as above. Baggy 70F (5%G, 9d)
  4. Seed from '20 garden. Baggy 70F (90%G, 6-18d)
  5. Seed from '21 garden. Baggy 70F (91%G, 6-9d)
  6. Seed from '20 garden. Baggy 70F (58%G, 8-14d)

Even when stored in cold conditions, seed loses viability over a few years.

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