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Magnolia 'Jane'

Magnolia 'Jane'
Magnolia 'Jane'
Post-megafreeze blooms
Magnolia 'Jane'
Fully leafed out in mid-March

Family magnoliaceae
Life cycle tree (Z4-9)
Flowers pink (spring)
Size to 25'
Light sun-part shade

Like 'Ann' and 'Betty', which we grew in our Pennsylvania garden, 'Jane' is a member of the 'Little Girl' series of hybrid magnolias (M. stellata x liliiflora), bred to bloom later than their cousins to avoid freeze damage to the flowers and buds. 'Jane' has large elegant flowers that open to soft pink from reddish purple buds. Its growth habit is a large shrub or small multi-stemmed tree. We bought ours at a local nursery, so I hope that the upper zone designation I found on some reference sites (zone 8) is conservative, and that it will do well in our steamy climate. We bought this one as a replacement of sorts for the 'Elizabeth' magnolia (not in the little girl series), which we had designated as our daughter Lily's tree when she was born. We left that one behind when we moved to Texas, and Lily missed having a magnolia to call her own. Now she has one again.
In the few years since we planted it, Jane has held up OK. It was somewhat overshadowed by a couple of Euphorbia cinereas which (to my surprise) grew into tall trees right next to it, so that it always seemed a little cramped – but it produces some flowers every year, and doesn't seem overly bothered by the summer heat. In early 2021, a few flowers opened before the big freeze, which dropped temperatures into the low teens for several days straight. I thought for sure we'd lost any remaining flowers for the year, so I was pleasantly surprised when it started blooming again a few weeks later. Meanwhile, those big eucalyptus trees were done in by the freeze, so Jane will have some more room to spread out – but may miss the dappled shade provided by its erstwhile neighbors. Time will tell.

Magnolia 'Jane'
First-year flowers

In our garden, this plant grows in the following area: back fence border

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