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Melilotus albus

Melilotus albus
white sweet clover
Common name white sweet clover
Family fabaceae
Life cycle annual/biennial
Flowers creamy white (summer)
Size 4-6'
Light sun-part shade

Wildflower of Eurasia, now naturalized in North America where it is considered a noxious weed. It does have some uses, since its high protein content makes it suitable for forage. Compared to its yellow-flowered cousin M. officinalis, it blooms later, in early summer rather than spring.
I'm pretty sure I grew this on purpose from seed, although the seed was supposed to have been of a lespedeza species. I didn't notice the switch-up since both are in the pea family and share some superficial characteristics - but when this one bloomed, it was clearly wrong. I won't be keeping it.

This is a weed in our garden

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