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Mikania scandens

Mikania scandens
climbing hempweed
Mikania scandens

Common name climbing hempweed
Family asteraceae
Life cycle perennial
Flowers white (late spring)
Size vine

Fast-growing, twining vine with angularly heart-shaped leaves reminiscent of climbing members of convolvulaceae (bindweeds and morning glories) – but this is a composite-flowered plant with flat-topped clusters of off-white flowers growing from the leaf axils.
In the wild, given good growing conditions, it can completely cover the plants it uses as supports, again like those bindweeds. Luckily, our volunteer uses a downspout instead. I'll let it grow for a while, but will likely remove it before it disperses its seed.

climbing hempweed
Mass of fluffy seeds

This is a weed in our garden

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