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Passiflora 'Victoria'

Passiflora 'Victoria'
Passiflora 'Victoria'
Climbing into neighbor plant Duranta erecta

Common name passionflower
Family passifloraceae
Life cycle perennial (Z9-11)
Flowers pink/purple (summer)
Size vine to 6+'
Light sun
Cultural notes well-drained soil

Popular evergreen hybrid producing two-tone flowers and, reportedly, edible fruit. From what I've read, it's quite tender, so I was afraid it might not survive our Houston winters if they're all but the mildest.Our plant came through its first two winters without any damage whatsoever, but those were quite mild. Which may explain its rampant spread: our plant sent it vines in all directions, conquering shrubs, perennials, and even neighboring vines without discrimination. I regularly remove long strands where they shade or weigh down their supports too much, but that doesn't set Victoria back the least. There are always lots of attractive buds on the vine, only a fraction of which burst into the intricate flowers at any one time, but with such a wide spread, that's enough to guarantee a floral display almost any time of year. At times, in late spring and summer, I notice that some fruit is developing (very few fruit compared to the number of flowers, though), but so far they haven't ripened, at least as far as I've seen – they seem to fall off before they change color. So it looks like we don't depend on this one for sustenance. Inevitably, a not-so-mild winter came along, in the form of the arctic blast delivered by winter storm Uri in February 2021. This time, our main plant didn't fare so well: it was killed outright by the week-long freeze. Luckily, a rooted offspring that I had given a temporary home in our nursery area a year earlier managed to survive, returning from its roots in April. I planted that one back in the place its mother had grown, and am expecting a floral display by sometime later in the year.

A few immature fruits developing, late May

In our garden, this plant grows in the following area: back fence border

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