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Pinus densiflora

Pinus densiflora
Cutest purple balls in May
Japanese red pine; tanyosho pine
Positively perky in March
Pinus densiflora

Common name Japanese red pine; tanyosho pine
Family pinaceae
Life cycle coniferous tree (Z3-7)
Size 40-60'
Light sun
Cultural notes well-drained soil

Slow-growing pine with red bark and often an interesting, irregular growth pattern. Popular for use in bonsai. Hoping for an interesting mark on the front yard, I planted ours (grown from seed late in the last millennium) in our narrow driveway bed strip, close to the street, much to the bewilderment of Amy. In recent years I have lopped its main leader several times, hoping to encourage it to grow in a less stridently upward fashion. I think the tree is getting the message (see photo at right). Meanwhile, I enjoy watching the various phases of new growth in spring, and the cone development later in the season.
It produced its first cone in 2007, and has been reliably coniferous since then.

Japanese red pine; tanyosho pine
A cone!
Pinus densiflora
View of the reddish brown bark in early May
Japanese red pine; tanyosho pine
Portrait of the specimen as a young tree
Pinus densiflora
Interestingly arrayed male cones near an immature female cone
Japanese red pine; tanyosho pine

We left this plant behind in our Pennsylvania garden (and wish it well); we don't grow it in Houston.

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