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Seed-starting operation

Seed-starting is in full swing! As of today (February 25th), I've started (or attempted to start) over 250 varieties of seed, mostly in baggies, but also into pots set to winter outside. See the seed-starting page for more information on my germination methods.

This page showcases my (admittedly messy) seedstarting area, set in an unfinished corner of our basement. Not all the shoplights have been brought into service yet, but I think you'll get the picture:

The shoplights are all suspended from the overhead joists, using adjustable-length ropes that allow me to raise the lights as the plants grow.

In the center of all this light and greenery is the command center - my bright red seed-starting table, with all the necessary tools of the trade.

The baggies stuffed with coffee filters containing seed are arranged in the seven plastic bins - one for each day of the week. After inspecting a baggy, I decide when I next need to look at it (soon if there are signs of imminent germination, not so soon if it's been a month since I started the seeds and I'm giving up hope), and put the baggy in the corresponding bin.

Lighting comes courtesy of a low-hanging shoplight - essential to spot those small radicles when they're first emerging. All the other tools are in the jumble toward the back - pocket knife for handling small sprouted seeds, coffee filters, labels, and more.

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Last modified: November 16, 2006
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