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April 26, 2006. For years, I'd been eyeing up tree peonies in magazines. Several times, I'd tried to grow them from seed - with no luck whatsoever. Since I hardly ever purchase plants by mail order, and I had never seen them offered for sale locally, our garden was still without this Asian marvel. Imagine my surprise to see them for sale at our localest of local plant venues - the farmer's market down the road! A friendly customer at my plant sale last Saturday alerted me to the opportunity, and sure enough, they still had some when I swung by yesterday - so of course I bought one. Although they are supposed to bloom in May-June, these had already done their thing (forced indoors, no doubt), so I'll have to wait till next year to see the blooms. But I'm already enjoying the oddly lobed leaves and the funky gnarled trunk.

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