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May 03, 2009. Excuse my yawn - I'm rather tired. It's the end of a long weekend. Yesterday was my annual plant sale, an event that takes up most of my free time (and a few vacation days) each April, and once again it was a mad dash getting everything ready. Anticipating a crowd, Amy dusted off her cash register - and it was a good thing she did. Lots of people arrived to rush in right at 8am, and for the next two hours it was a bit of a madhouse. Next thing I knew, the plant tables looked kind of empty, and the crowds thinned out. Amazingly, some fellow gardeners had made treks from far-flung places (Rhode Island, would you believe it?) - I hope everybody left with new favorites. The afternoon, and all of today, were spent in the aftermath - dealing with the left-over plants, of course; but also tending to the back yard which had turned into a meadow with neglect, and all the tall weeds that were starting to take over the garden areas. It was lovely drizzly weather today - perfect for weeding, and just observing all the new growth in the garden. Like the rapidly unfurling new leaves of Rhus typhina 'Bailtiger'. Just a few days ago, I'd been more than a little concerned that it hadn't made it through winter. Now I'm looking forward to seeing it through its first full year in our garden. Ah, if only mid-spring could last a little longer...

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Last modified: September 09, 2009
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