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November 22, 2009. My gardening slipped into a lull over the past month or two - even on the nicer weekend days (and those were rare for a while there) I didn't venture out into the garden as much as I would have in other years. Too bad, because there's always lots to look at in the garden in autumn - and what's more, lots to do, too! In the last few days, I finally took some time to haul chippy out of the shed and comminute some freeze-killed debris. I don't take down all the stalks at this time - the Nepeta subsessilis shown here, for example, still looks better in upright form with its raggedy seedheads than it would as cut-off stubble. But many other dead stalks have now been reduced to shreds. There's lots more, so I'm hoping for more pleasant days like today!

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Last modified: September 09, 2009
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