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a katsura skeleton
April 30, 2011. Spent the whole day outside. I got up early to get a head start on all the things that needed doing (mostly getting the seedlings out to the nursery beds, right around now). We've reached the point where almost everything that is going to come up or leaf out has done so. A wonderful time of the year, when it's hard to walk around the garden without smiling about this or that and the whole kit & kaboodle. It's also when you notice the things that are conspicuously not springing back to life. This year, there are more of those, no doubt due to last summer's drought exerting its toll belatedly. Any year, an awful lot of the previous year's seedlings have gone AWOL. I've come to accept that as an unavoidable consequence of my attempts to grow plants that are marginally hardy, require better drainage than our garden can provide, or are otherwise a less than perfect fit for our climate and cultural conditions. But this year, some longer-term residents of the garden have left us. First off, the katsura tree shown in the photo here – it had graced our "lane" garden since we first built it, had played host to a bald hornet's nest one year, and was just generally a dependable, charming but not flashy contributor to the scene. No more...
Other woody characters that have departed include the 'New Dawn' rose and our 'Snow' false cypress. Many more herbaceous perennials have joined them, leaving holes in borders just about everywhere. Luckily, this time of year holes represent opportunities as much as challenges. I foresee a few visits to favorite nurseries in the near future!

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