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no longer pretty in pink
July 28, 2013. Gardeners take vacation at their own peril. My late-July foray to Boy Scout camp (which only partly qualifies as vacation – keeping a bunch of scouts on the right path to earn their merit badges can be hard work at times) was during a time that not many new plants come into bloom in our garden, so I didn't miss too much. But the one event I did miss was the first bloom of our recently acquired lotus. We were supposed to get a couple of lotus plants as part of our plant package when we had the swimming pond put in years ago, but they didn't make it through their first winter. The sticker shock of lotuses had since kept me from giving them another try, until we decided earlier this year that it was time at last. So we bought a small, pink-flowering lotus variety at a local nursery, and unceremoniously plopped it into our swimming pond, in its nursery container (I really need to give it a proper place in the pond, unconstrained by black plastic, but that hasn't happened yet). Sure enough, it chose my week at camp to show off its first flowers. I may have to wait till next year to see it in its full glory, so for now I snapped a photo of this year's fading blossom. At least I'll be able to admire the uniquely holey seedheads.

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