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July 06, 2014. Our driveway bed is a long narrow strip of plants that can tolerate heavy snow loads in winter and scorching reflected heat in summer (without much supplemental watering). Of the scores of species I've attempted to establish, only the toughest ones have survived – but they make quite a show of themselves in summer. In this picture, the liatris have just started to bloom with their purple spikes, Shasta daisies sidle up against purple coneflowers and perennial sunflower, some meadow cranesbill is nearing the end of its bloom, and evening primrose peeks out with its pink cup flowers in various places. Baptisia is done, but the hardy hibiscus is still some weeks away from displaying its in-your-face flowers. It's not the tidiest part of our garden (I say euphemistically – our garden really doesn't have any tidy areas), but I enjoy it quite a bit.

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