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When I do look up, the view of back-lit variegated leaves still makes me smile
May 04, 2015. Gardens change over time – and even though the change is generally slow, the realization just how much change has occurred can take some time to set in. All of a sudden, you realize that something is quite different from the way it used to be: a sunny part of the garden is "suddenly" much shadier as nearby trees and shrubs grow up, or a once-tidy border with some pleasant ramblers "suddenly" becomes so overrun by those free-running plants that all the milder-mannered companions have given up. And so, it struck me this weekend how our variegated Japanese elm tree has matured. For years, this tree was a joy to watch as it spread out its early spring leaves, which would then change their color pattern to settle into their mature variegation. The tree still does all this, of course. But the action is now happening overhead, too far up to admire up close. It is still a handsome tree, but I must admit I miss its youthful days. Too often, I'm fixated on what's happening at ground level as I walk through my spring garden, and forget to look up to admire the developments above my head. It's hard to slow down and let the eyes wander when there's so much to do!

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