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April 04, 2020. I think if I looked real carefully, I could see my citrus-scented eucalyptus tree grow. However, to do so I'd need a rather long ladder, as our tree has zoomed up by leaps and bounds since we planted it a couple years ago, and is now by far the tallest tree in our garden – easily outgrowing its much older live oak neighbor, and even the also-fast-growing huisache tree on the other end of our backyard. Amy thinks it's the tallest tree in our young neighborhood, and it may very well be (although there are some ugly palm trees contending for that title). It was just a mere whisp when we planted it, and I had no idea of its rapid growth, so just stuck it in a garden border. At this point, I'm curious to see where it will top out. It's certainly been an interesting tree to watch and witness, with its rough-textured, lemon-scented leaves, its geometric progression of twigs emerging from the trunk and dying off in favor of higher-up growth, and recently, its exfoliating bark. Hopefully, our HOA won't deem it an eyesore and demand its removal – our garden's interior location in the back of a cul-de-sac may protect it from that fate. However, if that does happen, we may engage in some paper-making – I understand that eucalypt wood is popular for pulping in tropical countries, because of the trees' rapid growth. Yeah, you can say that again.

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