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May 27, 2022. The extended area in front of the rock garden that I worked on last year, and wrote about in a few journal posts, has progressed nicely in its first spring. Most of its plants survived the winter (which saw some moderate freezes), and some seem decidedly happier than they were in their previous homes. For example, the Bergeranthus vespertinus bloomed for the first time in its new spot, as did two different manfredas. The whale's tongue agaves have room to strut their stuff, and various rain llies are adding color, as does a nice stand of snake herb. My choice to stick with mostly plants whose foliage stays lower (although some have flower spikes that reach up higher) has worked out nicely so far, allowing us to take in most of the plants just by walking along the front edge of the area. Of course, then I often spot something I'd like to view up close, and dive further in along the stepping stones. The rock garden proper, visible in the top left of the photo, has taken a bit of a back seat, as the two large nodding Texas yuccas have grown so big as to claim much of its area – but it still houses a variety of drought-tolerant plants that require good drainage.
Overall I'm quite pleased with the rock garden zone – which means, of course, that I'm considering enlarging it one of these days. But maybe I'll wait till the Texas heat subsides – it's already summer-time as far as temperatures go...

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