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Potentilla argyrophylla

Potentilla argyrophylla
Bedewed in early morning
Potentilla argyrophylla

Family rosaceae
Life cycle perennial
Flowers yellow/red (early summer)
From seed germinate at room temperature
detailed seed-starting info below

Typical herbaceous cinquefoil, with strawberry leaves and five-petaled flowers with red markings. Grows a deep taproot, which makes it somewhat challenging to transplant. The species name suggests silver leaves, and indeed they look decidedly silvery and spry when they emerge in the early-spring garden. Later in the season, the silver fades, giving way to plain green pleated foliage, which is still an asset. That's also when the plant starts to do a bit of sprawling, with lax stems venturing a ways away from the main rosette. Flowers appear in late June; they are okay, but fairly short-lived. In my limited experience, the flowers are not the primary reason for growing this plant.

Potentilla argyrophylla
Second-year plant in early spring
Potentilla argyrophylla
By the time the plants flower, they get sprawly, the central tussock is no longer a tight mass of leaves, and the foliage has turned plain green. A haircut may not be a bad idea...

We left this plant behind in our Pennsylvania garden (and wish it well); we don't grow it in Houston.

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Seed-starting details for this plant

  1. Seed from '12 trade. Baggy 70F (43%G, 6-9d)
  2. Seed from '12 trade. Baggy 70F (36%G, 6d)
  3. Seed from '14 garden, cold-stored. Baggy 70F (75%G, 6-11d)

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