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Prunus subhirtella 'Pendula plena rosea'

Prunus subhirtella 'Pendula plena rosea'

Common name weeping Higan cherry
Family rosaceae
Life cycle tree (Z5-8)
Flowers pink (early spring)
Size 25'
Light sun
Cultural notes ordinary garden soil (not too dry)

weeping Higan cherry
Prunus subhirtella 'Pendula plena rosea'

The tree we bought at a local nursery was grafted at about 6' height, and tagged Prunus double subhirtella. As weeping cherry trees go, this one grows tall and wide; from its habit and flower form, I gather it's probably the 'Pendula plena rosea' cultivar, but please tell me if I'm wrong. Lots of pink flowers during the first warmer flush in spring – in mid-late April most years, but as early as late March some years. It was the first tree we planted in our side garden. During the first few years, we made the mistake of trying to keep it small by pruning off upright branches. After I figured out that we were fighting its natural habit of rising up before weeping down, we allowed the tree to do its thing, only pruning off the branches that hang down far enough to obstruct the pathways through our side garden. In recent years, birds have nested in its center. Only one minor annoyance: whatever was used for its bottom end sends out superficial roots that sprout growth many feet away. We hack them down, which doesn't appear to hurt the mother tree a bit.

weeping Higan cherry
In mid-November, its naked structure makes a striking silhouette against the clear Autumn sky
Prunus subhirtella 'Pendula plena rosea'
Yellow fall foliage

We left this plant behind in our Pennsylvania garden (and wish it well); we don't grow it in Houston.

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