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Teucrium aroanium

Teucrium aroanium


Common name germander
Family lamiaceae
Life cycle perennial (Z7-10)
Flowers light purple (late spring-early summer)
Size 3"
Light sun
Cultural notes well-drained soil

Low-growing evergreen woody species native to Greece, most often grown as a gound cover. It spreads by rooting its trailing stems. Flowers appear in whorls. Looks like it won't be reliably hardy in our garden, so I planted one in a hypertufa trough that I can shelter during winter. By late June of its first year I was enjoying its frilly leaves and trailing habit. Then it sent up a flowering stem in September, so at least I can say I saw it do its thing, even if I don't manage to overwinter it.

This plant used to grow in our garden, but it slipped away...

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Seed-starting details for this plant

  1. Seed from NARGS '11/'12 exchange. Baggy 70F (47%G, 4-8d); about half of the sprouted seeds developed.
    Baggy 35F (5w; 7%G, 4w) - 70F (31%G, 3-6d).
  2. Same seed as above, cold-stored through summer. Baggy 70F (35%G, 5-7d). About 2/3 of sprouted seeds developed

Cold treatment apparently not helpful.

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