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Plant family: lamiaceae


The mint family, formerly known as labiateae, harbors an amazing number of plants that grow in our gardens, including many aromatic herbs (mint, sage, oregano), groundcovers (lamium), and upright perennials (skullcaps, dragonheads). Many members of the family have made themselves a bad name as thugs in the garden, spreading rampantly by roots or seed, but the thugs have plenty of well-behaved cousins that remain welcome in our gardens.

I use the GRIN online query system to determine plant families. The list below shows the plants in my database listed as members of the lamiaceae family. Click on the botanical name of any plant to go to the plant portrait. For a list of all the plant families represented in our garden, see my families page.

Botanical name Common name Category FlowersSize
Acinos alpinus rock thyme; alpine calamintperennial (Z4) purple (late spring-early summer)6"
Agastache 'Peachie Keen' anise hyssopperennial (Z6-9) apricot orange20-24"
Agastache aurantiaca 'Kiowa Sunset' hummingbird mintperennial (zones?) orange30"
Agastache cana giant hyssopperennial (Z5-9) rose-pink (June-Sept)2-3 ft
Agastache hybrids hyssopperennial lavender (summer)2-3'
Agastache mearnsii San Luis Mountain giant hyssopperennial magenta (summer)24"
Agastache mexicana Mexican hyssopperennial (Z7-10) purple-pink (summer-fall)3'
Agastache nepetoides yellow giant hyssopperennial (Z3-8) greenish yellow (summer)4-6'
Agastache pallida var. pallida giant hummingbird's mintperennial (Z6-10) pink-purple (summer)3-4'
Agastache pallidiflora var. neomexicana anise hyssoptender perennial (Z8) pink
Agastache rugosa purple giant hyssopperennial (Z5-8) violet (summer)24-36"
Agastache rupestris sunset hyssopperennial (Z5-8) soft orange (summer)3'
Agastache scrophulariifolia purple giant hyssopperennial (Z4-9) purple spikes throughout summer2-4' tall
Ajuga reptans bugleweedperennial blue4"
Ballota hispanica
Calamintha grandiflora 'Variegata' variegated calamint, wild basilperennial (Z4-9) pink (summer)12-18"
Calamintha nepeta nepitellaperennial lavender (summer-fall)2'
Callicarpa americana beautyberryflowering shrub pink (late spring)4-6 ft
Callicarpa bodinieri var. giraldii Bodinier's beautyberryshrub (Z6-8) small pink (summer)10'
Callicarpa dichotoma purple beautyberryshrub
Callicarpa japonica Japanese beautyberryshrub (Z5-8) white/pink (early summer)4-6'
Callicarpa mollis fuzzy beautyberryshrub (Z7?-10) purple (summer)to 8'
Caryopteris x clandonensis bluebeard, blue mist spireashrub blue (Aug-Sep)4 ft
Clerodendrum incisum 'Musical Notes' perennial (Z9-10) white (summer-fall)3-5'
Clerodendrum x speciosum 'Red Wine' bleeding heart vine; glory bowerperennial (Z10-11) red
Clinopodium coccineum scarlet calamint, red savoryperennial (Z7b-10) red24-36"
Clinopodium multicaule var. yakusimense perennial white (summer)4-6"
Collinsonia sp. horse balm; stonerootperennial yellow (summer)5'
Conradina canescens wild rosemary; scrub mintshrub (Z7b-10) pale pink (early spring)3-6'
Cunila origanoides dittanyperennial (Z5-8) lavender (summer)9-18"
Dracocephalum argunense dragonheadperennial (Z5-9) blue (late spring-summer)12"
Dracocephalum botryoides dragonheadperennial (Z4-7) purple (spring)3"
Dracocephalum canescens dragonheadperennial (Z7-8?) blue6-12"
Dracocephalum discolor perennial blue (summer)2-4"
Dracocephalum forrestii dragonheadperennial blue-purple6-12"
Dracocephalum grandiflorum dragonheadperennial (Z4) blue (summer)8"
Dracocephalum imberbe dragonheadperennial blue-purple (summer)6-10"
Dracocephalum isabellae dragonheadperennial blue-purple (summer)12-16"
Dracocephalum moldavica Moldavian dragonheadhardy annual blue2'
Dracocephalum nutans nodding dragonheadperennial (Z3-8) blue (spring-summer)12-16"
Dracocephalum ruyschiana dragonheadperennial (Z5-8) blue (spring-summer)12"
Elsholtzia stauntonii mint bushperennial/shrub (Z4-8) lilac (late summer-fall)3-5'
Horminum pyrenaicum dragon's mouthperennial (Z5) violet (summer)8-12"
Hyssopus officinalis hyssopperennial lavender-pink (summer)24"
Isodon excisus perennial blue
Keiskeia japonica var. hondoensis perennial (Z5) white (late summer-fall)24-36"
Lamium amplexicaule henbit dead nettleannual pink (spring)12"
Lamium galeobdolon yellow archangelperennial (Z2-9) yellow (late spring)12"
Lamium galeobdolon 'Herman's Pride' yellow archangelperennial (Z2-9) yellow (May)1'
Lamium maculatum deadnettleperennial blue (spring)4"
Lamium purpureum purple deadnettleannual purple6"
Lavandula species lavendershrubby perennial lavender (summer)3'
Lavandula stoechas ssp. pedunculata butterfly lavender; French lavendertender perennial (Z8-10) lilac (summer)2'
Leonotis nepetifolia annual lion's tailannual orange4-6'
Leonurus cardiaca motherwortperennial white (summer)5-6 ft
Lepechinia floribunda perennial pink (summer)
Lepechinia hastata pitcher sageperennial (Z7-10?) magenta4'
Leucosceptrum japonicum 'Mountain Madness' Japanese shrub mintperennial (Z5-8) pale yellow or lavender2-3'
Leucosceptrum stellipilum shrub mintperennial (Z5-8) purple (fall)30"
Marrubium supinum scallop shellperennial (Z7-10) pink18-24"
Melissa officinalis lemon balmperennial herb white (summer)4 ft
Melittis melissophyllum 'Royal Velvet Distinction' perennial (Z5-9) purple/white (May)16"
Mentha spicata chocolate mintperennial herb 6"
Micromeria dalmatica perennial (Z4) white/purple8-16"
Moluccella laevis bells of Irelandannual greenish white (summer)2-3 ft
Monarda austromontana lemon beebalmperennial pale pink-white
Monarda bradburiana eastern beebalmperennial (Z5-8) soft pink (spring)12-24"
Monarda punctata spotted horsemint; bee balmperennial (Z4-10) creamy white (late spring-summer)18-24"
Monarda sp. bee balmperennial various3'
Nepeta grandiflora 'Dawn to Dusk' catmintperennial (Z5-8) pink (summer)2-3'
Nepeta racemosa catmintperennial lavender6"
Nepeta sibirica Siberian catmintperennial
Nepeta subsessilis 'Sweet Dreams' catmintperennial (Z4-8) pink/white (summer)12-18"
Ocimum basilicum 'Osmin' basiltender perennial purplish blue (summer)18"
Origanum vulgare 'Heiderose' ornamental oreganoperennial pink/purple (summer)18"
Orthosiphon aristatus cat's whiskers, java teaperennial (Z9-11) white to lavenderto 36"
Perilla frutescens shiso, beafsteak mintannual lavender (summer)2'
Perovskia atriplicifolia Russian sageperennial (Z4-9) light blue (late summer)2-3'
Phlomis bovei Jerusalem sageperennial (Z7-10) soft pink30-36"
Phlomis cashmeriana Kashmir sageperennial (Z8-9?) lilac3'
Phlomis fruticosa Jerusalem sageperennial (Z6-10) yellow (summer)2-4'
Phlomis russeliana Jerusalem sageperennial yellow (May-June)3 ft
Phlomis samia perennial tan/purple (late spring)3'
Phlomis tuberosa Jerusalem sageperennial (Z6) lilac (May-June)4'
Physostegia virginiana obedient plantperennial pink (summer-fall)4 ft
Pogostemon cablin patchoulitender perennial (Z9-11) purple-pink1-4'
Prunella grandiflora self-healperennial (Z3-8) violet-blue (late spring)to 1 ft
Prunella hyssopifolia ? purple (late spring-summer)4-16"
Prunella laciniata cutleaf self-healperennial (Z6-9) pink (spring-summer)12"
Pycnanthemum incanum hoary mountain mint; white horse-mintperennial purple-speckled white (summer)2'
Pycnanthemum pilosum hairy mountain mint; American mountain mintperennial (Z4-8) white1-3'
Pycnanthemum tenuifolium slender mountain mintperennial (Z4-10) white clusters (summer)2-3'
Pycnanthemum virginianum Virginia mountain mintperennial (Z3-7) mostly white (summer)2-3'
Rabdosia longituba trumpet spurflowerperennial (Z6-8) blue (autumn)36"
Rotheca myricoides blue butterflytender shrub (Z9-11) blue10'
Salvia 'Love and Wishes' ornamental sagetender perennial (Z9-11) purple (spring-fall)3-4'
Salvia 'Nuevo Leon' ornamental sageperennial (Z8-11) violet (late spring-fall)12-24"
Salvia 'Wendy's Wish' ornamental sagetender perennial (Z9-11) magenta (summer-fall)3-4'
Salvia algeriensis Algerian sageannual blue-violet18-24"
Salvia argentea silver sagebiennial/perennial (Z5-9) white (June)2'
Salvia azurea azure sageperennial (Z5-9) blue (late summer-fall)3-4'
Salvia blepharophylla eyelash-leaved sageperennial (Z9-11) scarlet (summer-fall)24"
Salvia buchananii Buchanan's sage, purple autumn sagetender perennial (Z9-11) magenta (spring-fall)3-4'
Salvia canariensis perennial (Z9-10) magenta (summer-fall)5'
Salvia coccinea scarlet sageannual or perennial (Z10-11) red (spring-summer)36"
Salvia dumetorum Siberian sageperennial purple-blue
Salvia elegans pineapple sagetender perennial (Z8-11) red3-5'
Salvia farinacea mealycup sagetender perennial blue/white2'
Salvia flava var. megalantha perennial yellow (early summer)
Salvia forsskaolei Indigo sageperennial (Z6-9) violet/white (summer)2' by 2'
Salvia glutinosa Jupiter's distaffperennial yellow3 ft
Salvia greggii autumn sageperennial (Z7-10) red (summer)24-36"
Salvia guaranitica ornamental sageperennial violet-blue2-3'
Salvia hians perennial violet24"
Salvia indica perennial violet (spring-summer)2'
Salvia involucrata rosebud salviaperennial (Z8-10) magenta (summer-fall)4-6'
Salvia jurisicii perennial (Z6-9) blue12-24"
Salvia koyamae Japanese yellow sageperennial (Z5-10) yellow (fall)18"
Salvia leucantha tender perennial (Z8-11) purple3-4'
Salvia longispicata x farinacea 'Mystic Spires Blue' ornamental sageperennial (Z7-10) blue (spring-summer)18-24"
Salvia lyrata lyre-leaf sageperennial light blue (May)1 ft
Salvia macrophylla bigleaf sageperennial (Z8-10) blue4-5'
Salvia merjamie ? pale blue3'
Salvia microphylla 'Hot Lips' ornamental sageperennial (Z8-10) red/white (summer-fall)16-18"
Salvia microphylla x sagittata ornamental sageperennial blue3'
Salvia moorcroftiana x indica 'Shangri-La' perennial (Z7b) blue/purple (May-June)24-36"
Salvia napifolia perennial (Z6-10) lavender (spring)12-24"
Salvia nemorosa meadow sageperennial (Z4-9) blue (May-June)2'
Salvia nutans nodding sageperennial blue (May-June)24-36"
Salvia pachyphylla desert mountain sageshrub (Z5-10) purple-blue18-36"
Salvia pentstemonoides big red sageperennial (Z6-10) purple-red (late spring-summer)3-5'
Salvia pratensis Haematodes meadow sageperennial (Z3-10) blue-purple3'
Salvia reptans slenderleaf sage; cobalt sageperennial (Z6/7) blue (late summer-fall)15"
Salvia roemeriana cedar sagetender perennial (Z7-10) red (summer-fall)12"
Salvia rosmarinus rosemaryperennial
Salvia sclarea clary sagebiennial /perennial (Z5-9) lilac (spring-summer)2-3'
Salvia stenophylla pinkish blue12-15"
Salvia subrotunda hummingbird sageannual red (summer-fall)3-5'
Salvia taraxacifolia dandelion sagetender perennial (Z8) pink24"
Salvia texana Texas sageperennial purple-blue (spring)18"
Salvia tiliifolia lindenleaf sage; tarahumara chiaannual violet (summer)40"
Salvia transsilvanica perennial (Z4-7) purple-blue (summer)24"
Salvia uliginosa bog sageperennial (Z6-10) light blue (summer-fall)6'
Salvia vanhouttei tender perennial (Z9-11) purple (summer)2-4'
Salvia verticillata lilac sageperennial purple (June)24-30"
Salvia verticillata subsp. verticillata hardy ornamental sageperennial purple (summer)2-3'
Salvia viridis painted sageannual various colors2-3'
Satureja montana winter savoryperennial (Z6-8) white to lilac (summer)6-12"
Satureja spicigera creeping savoryperennial (Z7) usually white
Scutellaria albida skullcapperennial white (summer)16"
Scutellaria alpina alpine skullcapperennial (Z5-10) purple/white (summer)10"
Scutellaria alpina ssp. supina perennial
Scutellaria altissima tall skullcapperennial (Z4-10) purple2-4'
Scutellaria antirrhinoides snapdragon skullcapperennial purple-blue (summer)
Scutellaria baicalensis Chinese skullcapperennial blue (summer)8"
Scutellaria dependens perennial pale purple/white (summer)to 20"
Scutellaria diffusa annual lavender (summer)6"
Scutellaria galericulata marsh skullcap; common skullcapperennial blue (summer)1-2'
Scutellaria hypericifolia perennial violet
Scutellaria incana downy skullcapperennial (Z5) blue/white (summer)2-3'
Scutellaria integrifolia hyssop skullcap; large skullcapperennial (Z6-9)
Scutellaria lateriflora mad-dog skullcap light blue
Scutellaria longifolia skullcapperennial (Z9-11) blue or magenta (spring-summer)8-12"
Scutellaria orientalis Oriental skullcapperennial (Z5-8) soft yellow (summer)6" (spreads)
Scutellaria orientalis ssp. oreophila skullcapperennial cream (early summer)4"
Scutellaria ovata heart-leaf skullcapperennial (Z4-8) blue (summer)24"
Scutellaria pontica skullcapperennial lavender (June)4"
Scutellaria resinosa sticky skullcap; prairie skullcapperennial (Z4-8) purple-blue (late spring-summer)6-12"
Scutellaria salviifolia skullcapperennial yellow (summer)2-4"
Scutellaria scordiifolia Mongolian skullcapperennial (Z4) purple (summer)8"
Scutellaria serrata skullcapperennial
Scutellaria sevanensis perennial yellow (late spring)6"
Scutellaria sp. ex. Yucatan skullcap? pale purple16"
Scutellaria suffrutescens pink skullcapperennial purple (summer-fall)8"
Scutellaria tournefortii skullcapperennial (Z4-8) white/violet (summer)24"
Scutellaria woronowii skullcapperennial blue18"
Scutellaria wrightii purple skullcap, Wright's skullcapperennial violet (spring-summer)6-10"
Sideritis perfoliata ssp. athoa white
Sideritis taurica perennial (Z7-10?) yellow16"
Solenostemon scutellarioides coleustender perennial blue (summer)2'
Stachys byzantina lamb's earperennial purple6" (18" in flower)
Stachys coccinea 'Hot Spot Coral' Texas betony; scarlet hedge nettleperennial (Z7-10) red (spring-summer)18-24"
Stachys densiflora 'Hummelo' alpine betonyperennial rose-pink (late spring)24"
Stachys macrantha perennial pink (summer)24-30"
Stachys minima perennial
Stachys minor little betonyperennial pink-purple10"
Stachys sylvatica hedge woundwortperennial (Z4-9) purple18-36"
Teucrium aroanium germanderperennial (Z7-10) light purple (late spring-early summer)3"
Teucrium botrys cut-leaved germanderannual pink (summer-fall)6-12"
Teucrium chamaedrys prostrate and upright germanderperennial purple (late spring)8"
Teucrium halacsyanum
Teucrium hyrcanicum Caucasian germanderperennial (Z6-9) bungundy (summer)24"
Teucrium laciniatum lacy or cutleaf germanderperennial white (summer)4"
Teucrium orientale perennial lavender (summer)8-20"
Thymus creeping thymeperennial purple (summer)4"
Thymus pseudolanuginosus woolly thymeperennial (Z6-10) purple (early summer)2"
Thymus x citriodorus variegated lemon thymeperennial lavender-pink (June)2"
Trichostema dichotomum blue curlsperennial blue (summer-fall)24-36"
Tripora divaricata bluebeardperennial (Z6-9) blue-purple (late summer-fall)4-6'
Vitex agnus-castus chaste treeshrub (Z6-10) blue (spring-summer)10-20'
Vitex negundo chastetreeshrub (Z6-10) blue (summer)see comments

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